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A beautiful piece of art brings pleasure to the beholder and also pays tribute to an artist’s life and experiences

Claretta White’s life definitely prepared her for a career in the arts.  She was born into a family long active in architecture, music, stage, design and dance and her mother was a couture designer whose clothes were worn by movie stars of her day.  Claretta grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and studied dance dramatics, violin and piano, and as a child participated in theater and performing arts.  After high school she moved from Tulsa to Los Angeles and appeared in motion pictures where she met her husband – famous film director and producer, Sam White, and their amazing marriage gave them two children and lasted 63 years until her death in 2002.

Claretta’s painting began as a creative outlet while raising her family.  Her love of ballet became the subject of much of her work, and her personal experience with this expressive art adds such a sense of realism to her paintings.  She studied various painting techniques under the auspices of the late Ruby Usher, Leon Frank, Nicolai Fechin and Sergei Baumgarten.  This well-known California Impressionist won over twenty awards in competitive exhibitions around the country and her studies of flowers, landscape and clown portraits express not only her joy in life but the torment of inner sadness.
Claretta White’s work was featured in a series of educational books on painting by Walter T. Foster, himself a well-known artist, and she also wrote two books of her own; ‘How to Paint Dancers’ and ‘How to Paint Still Life’ and anyone purchasing one of her paintings from the website will receive a complimentary copy of the book the study was made from.  Claretta’s paintings have consistently held their value and appreciated over time yet still remain very affordable.  Their beauty would enhance any surroundings from hotels and restaurants to corporate art, personal collections, and galleries.

Please visit the website where the beautiful work of this extremely talented artist can be purchased at: .

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