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A Scholar’s Legacy Can Help Us Strengthen Our Faith

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A Scholar’s Legacy Can Help Us Strengthen Our Faith

Dr. Pieter Noomen studied the Bible and other religions throughout his life. He received his doctorate in theology and pastoral psychology, was a senior minister of three protestant churches and a psychotherapist and staff member of a Los Angeles metropolitan church.

This great scholar realized that faith is a wonderful thing but sometimes people have difficulty believing wholeheartedly in something they can’t actually ‘see.’ Taking years to create, he set up a website that would allow others to take advantage of his 88 years of experience and wisdom learned.

Sadly, Dr. Noomen passed away but he left a legacy for anyone interested in learning how simple it can be to connect with our Higher Power. Visit to get started on the journey of a lifetime!

An example from the insightful writings at

“What a trap to think that life can end. ‘Death’ is just a different configuration. All that is in existence can be changed. To be of use is why we all do have life. Usefulness is the only measure for behavior. Oneness, love, life, are all equal.”

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