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Can A Man Write A Chick-Lit Novel?

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Can a man write a chick-lit novel that will keep women turning the pages? Reviews for the just-released romance comedy, Dog Training the American Male, have women howling for several reasons – first, it’s hilarious, second because it is touching – but the biggest reason is because they assumed author L.A. Knight is a woman.


Somehow this married man, father, and grandfather (and best-selling author of 16 thrillers under his real name) has penned a romance novel that women love. Maybe it’s because he figured out (after a major fight with his wife) that men and dogs are both simple creatures that need to be trained… and the book tells the ladies how to do it.

L.A. Knight will have your audience in stitches over his rollicking “tail” of a relationship counselor’s attempt to domesticate men through dog training techniques. Please read the following press release and watch, and let me know if I may schedule an interview with L.A. Knight or forward a review copy of the book. Thank you.

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Can A Man Write A Chick-Lit Novel?
New release has the ladies howling for more

Boca Raton, FL – Twenty-five years of marriage and the experiences of working with both male and female dog trainers provided the inspiration for L.A. Knight’s laugh-out-loud new chick-lit romp, Dog Training the American Male, the story of a female relationship counselor who can’t seem to make her own relationships work… until she discovers that the techniques used to train her boyfriend’s dog can also be used to train her boyfriend.

At the heart of the romance is the inability of men and women to communicate. We may speak the same language but our brains are wired completely different. Conversely, the author is convinced that men and dogs are far more alike than men and women and that men, like dogs, can be trained in order to bridge the communication gap and improve a couple’s relationship.

How does this new chick-lit writer know how the male mind works? Maybe it’s because L.A. Knight is a man.

That revelation has shocked many female readers… and reviewers. KIRKUS REVIEWS stated, “…the central characters transcend their stock roles and grow into legitimately compelling subjects. Incident by unlikely incident, we are pulled deeper into their lives until it is their fates (not merely their quips) that keep us turning the pages. Knight is a naturally comic writer; what is more, she is a talented storyteller.”


Says the author, “I came up with the concept for the story after a bad argument with my wife. I couldn’t understand how my simple, innocent statement had become so misunderstood; it’s like I was speaking another language. Then, in the middle of our argument, the wife says something to the dog… and the dog obeys her command… zero communication problem. Later (while sleeping in the guest room), I thought about that. How is it that a dog understands a woman but as a man I’m completely befuddled? Then I realized the dog understood because it was trained how to please in order to earn its treat. Since men are also simple creatures that just want to be rubbed and left alone, I realized we’d be far happier if our women trained us.”

Knight is not surprised that women assumed ‘he’ was a ‘she.’ “In writing the voices of the characters, I injected 25 years of marriage, including all of my dumb-animal, ego-driven responses to my wife’s button-pushing attempts to get me to realize that she doesn’t want me to resolve the situation, she just wants me to shut-up and listen – even though I have no clue what she’s talking about… just like a dog.”

For information, please visit the website at: and see the book trailer at:

Available in bookstores and all online outlets
Dog Training the American Male
A&M Publishers
September 2016
ISBN-10: 1943957002
ISBN-13: 978-1943957002

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