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The Iguana Project: Riches, Murder And Utilizing Science To Incarcerate Mafia’s Bad Boys

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The Iguana Project: Riches, Murder And Utilizing Science To Incarcerate Mafia’s Bad Boys

Double Oak, TX – The Iguana Project by Dale Arden (Lulu Press) holds all the elements of a movie for the big screen – endless love, nonstop action, murder and a brilliant plan for revenge.

Meet the Brádaighs, a perfect socialite family who seemingly have it all, until they cross paths with the mafia. Patrick is a lawyer and his wife, Colleen, is feisty and beautiful. Patrick’s bad business dealings result in the fight to keep his family safe. Never-the-less, Colleen’s refusal to handover incriminating documents ends in her brutal murder.

Years later, Patrick still agonizes over his wife’s death and happens to meet a NASA scientist who is working on a project based on an iguana’s ability to stay underwater for extended periods of time. Similarly, NASA plans to place astronauts into cryogenic sleep during their journey to outer space. Using this same prose, Patrick develops a scheme to avenge his wife’s murder – by capturing the mafia and inducing them into hibernation, indefinitely.

Dale Arden is the retired president and CEO of an international consultant firm. He has published articles in trade publications and been a guest speaker at many international business conferences. The Arthur Young Entrepreneurial Services Organization nominated him as Entrepreneur of the Year. He holds a BS from Washington University in St. Louis.

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The Iguana Project
By Dale Arden
Lulu Publishers
ISBN-10: 1483432688
ISBN-13: 978-1483432687

Available at, Barnes & Noble, and all major online outlets

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