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Flavor Flav: From Public Enemy to reality TV, the iconic star tells all in his no-holds-barred memoir

Ascot Media Group (Press Release) – Las Vegas, NV, May 29, 2011 – Born William Johnathan Drayton in Long Island, NY, Flavor Flav is now acknowledged as the greatest hype man ever – inventing the role as a member of the ground-breaking rap group Public Enemy.  Known for his unique persona and flamboyant style, Flav has created slangs, sayings and styles that make him one of the most-sampled voices in music, as well as one of the most well-known celebrities in America.  His television series have shattered records for viewers of reality television, especially Flavor of Love, a spinoff of The Bachelor.  While he spent most of the 1990’s addicted to crack cocaine, he has since cleaned up his life.  

Flav signed with publishing mogul Farrah Gray to promote Flavor Flav: The Icon The Memoir that takes readers on a journey into the truth behind his larger-than-life image – revealing all and sparing no one.  Flav exposes the tensions within Public Enemy, his bitterness over his treatment by Def Jam Records, his struggles with addiction and the many visits to both rehab and jail, before re-inventing himself in reality television as VH1’s most eligible – and most watched – bachelor. 

Flav holds back nothing in sharing his experiences with other hip hop royalty – from Jam Master J to LL Cool J to Run DMC, and lashes out at critics who lambast him as little more than a ‘clown.’ 

Told with the gritty, compassionate and often-hilarious style that has made him a legend, his memoir is a thrill ride from the heights of stardom to the depths of despair and back again.  Fans get to share not only Flav’s unique perspective on music and reality TV, but will learn more about the man himself; an accomplished musician proficient in fifteen instruments, an experienced chef, an avid bowler, and a deeply spiritual human being. 

This media magnet attracts fans from around the world in every age group– from his older Public Enemy following in the late 80’s to early 90’s, to his millions of younger fans who know him from his appearances on The Surreal Life, Strange Love and Flavor of Love.  In fact, the 2006 season two finale of Flavor of Love grossed 7.5 million viewers – the highest ever in the existence of the VH1 network! 

This father of seven openly admits ‘I’ve been down some pretty dark holes – but somehow I always found the strength to climb back out of them.’  In his book, Flav shares not only his struggles but the lessons he learned that changed his life and set him on a new path.  Adorned with his signature clock, glasses, hats, and gold-rimmed teeth, Flavor Flav is one of the most recognized faces in America today.


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For Any Woman Who Wants To Transform Her Life Get Your ‘Fix’ With One Week Of Magic

Ascot Media Group (Press Release) — New York, NY, May 28, 2011 – Part of the attraction and benefit of the IWWG is that it appeals to any woman who wishes to express herself through writing regardless of age, background or education.  Whether a first-time attendee or a conference veteran, women come away from the conference unanimously agreeing that the spirit of camaraderie is genuine and productive – and that one week of ‘magic’ carries a writer through her entire year! 

This international conference was founded in 1976 by Hannelore Hahn, a Holocaust survivor who found her voice in the writing of her memoir, and it grew out of three movements that came into being during the 70’s – the Human Potential Movement, The New Age, and the Women’s Movement. The IWWG is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It supports the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and offers ‘Writers Inside,’ where members can correspond with female inmates and/or teach writing workshops in prisons.

The IWWG celebrates the feeling of being alive in the company of kindred spirits and is a network for the personal and professional empowerment and growth of women through writing – establishing a remarkable record of achievement in the publishing world. There are forty separate workshops on the art of writing, marketing and publishing, transformation of self, and the arts, body and health, just to name a few, that are held each day and given by directors who come from various parts of the globe, bringing even more unique perspectives into each classroom.

For any woman wishing to grow through creative expression – this is THE place to be – whether she chooses the weekend conference or stays the whole seven days – she will never forget the magic of this time well spent.  Testimonials of past attendees say it all and some of these are listed below. For more information on this remarkable conference, please go to the website at: or for a full listing of the individual workshops being offered, please visit:


Additional Information:

Collette Williams, RI: “After my first New York “Magic Conference, each day that unfolds, I find that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and well along my spiritual/writing/creative journey. I plan to attend every subsequent IWWG meeting…”

Marianne Junger, Switzerland: “I have found such an inspiring, encouraging, empowering, nurturing, transformative, supportive spiritual community. This has allowed me to open up and to let myself fall into the darkest places of myself and of my past, to explore it and to share it with others. It has been a wonderfully liberating and energizing experience, a deep journey through tears, laughter, pain, and love. I have rediscovered what my true calling, my full potential and power truly are—which is quite unfamiliar and scary…feels so very good and right deep down. I have received more appreciation, recognition, support, and encouragement as a writer and a woman than anywhere ever before…“

Patricia Lapidus, CT: “Thank you for keeping this forum for all of us who write and grow so much better within the warmth of the Guild. Writing keeps me healthy and happy. With my work I make a contribution to other people, encouraging and appreciating them. I believe in the transformative power of cooperation and mutual effort, so well exemplified by the Guild, which I have seen at work during the summer conference. We are not exaggerating when we speak of magic…I found my first publisher through the Network journal!”

Brooke Guthrie, CT: “…so happy to announce that exactly one month to the day of the IWWG’s Big Apple Conference, I have an agent. The conference was instrumental in helping me refine my pitch, my proposal, and helped set a plan of action.”

Ruth Lerman, MI: “I credit the Guild for my writing and publishing successes…My IWWG Kitchen Table group has become my dearest friends, deepest confidantes and dedicated readers of my nascent writings…have truly found IWWG to be “a network for the personal and professional empowerment of women through writing.”

Christine Dietrich Cragg, CA: “Even with my very short involvement, I am able to feel what a powerful and amazing organization it is…my second “Voices” conference and first anniversary being a Guild member though, in some ways, I feel that I have been a part of the group forever. That is testament to the incredible love and unconditional support that is the backbone—the Voice of the Guild. Thank you for allowing so many women to join you on what began as your journey. I am proud to be an IWWG member, sad that I did not learn of it earlier in my life, and grateful that I am a part of it now. For me, attending this annual conference is now a given.”

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