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As The Accused Is Busy Denying Responsibility, One Courageous Woman Unites His Victims To Bring About Justice

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As The Accused Is Busy Denying Responsibility, One Courageous Woman Unites His Victims To Bring About Justice

While on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright recently said:
“There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help each other.”
Diane adds: “And there’s a special place in
Heaven for the women who do!”

Dallas, TX ─ While Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes and Philippe Padieu had vastly different lifestyles, their behavior was very similar. They could be described as sociopathic narcissists who have never taken responsibility for their actions or admitted any wrongdoing. Cosby used his fame to intimidate women, while Ailes used his position of power. Padieu knowingly infected women with HIV. Padieu and Cosby had long histories of criminal behavior – the only difference is that Padieu was found guilty and sentenced to 45-years in jail, while Cosby escaped being charged until recently and it was actually a male comedian who brought up Cosby’s history of sexual assaults in a comedy routine that went viral (see Wikipedia on Cosby). It’s a sad travesty in our society that it takes more than one woman to come forward in order to be believed. Diane Reeve, Andrea Constand and Gretchen Carlson are the courageous women who came forward and accused these sexual predators and, as these men were busy denying responsibility, these women were selflessly fighting for justice for themselves and other victims.

Padieu was Diane Reeve’s fiancé when he knowingly infected her (and many other women) with HIV. She tells the powerful story in her memoir, Standing Strong: The Inspiring Story of an Unlikely Sisterhood and the Court Case that Made History (HCI Books), of how she tracked down his other victims and this diverse group of women banded together in a landmark legal case against the man who deceived them all. It’s Dallas Buyers Club meets Erin Brockovich.

Her 7th Degree black belt in martial arts background connects the concentration, the punches to the gut, the restraint, the thrill, the power and the knowledge to any reader that dares to grasp on to this hard-to-put-down book. In her first chapter, Black Corvette, Diane Reeve accelerates into the moment her life takes a sharp turn. A day meant for sweet memories of her daughter’s wedding halts at a fork in the road of her life. Immediately, the reader has been captured to travel a hard-to-believe real life journey as Reeve unpacks the sick reality that Philippe Padieu, the love of her life, was deliberately infecting multiple women—women in their 20s through 60s, with little in common except their vulnerability and now… HIV.

Diagnosed with AIDs, Diane vowed to stop Philippe from victimizing anyone else despite her plummeting t-cell numbers and declining health. In a race against time, she tracked down as many of his conquests as possible. Against all odds, this unlikely group made legal history, successfully prosecuting Padieu and sending him to prison for assault with a deadly weapon.

It was a sisterhood none of them wanted to belong to, but it became their lifeline as they struggled with anger, the specter and stigma of an HIV diagnosis, and failing health. This fascinating case—won only through the help of new DNA science—is Diane’s story of victory and her mission to bring awareness and empowerment to others. As she explains, “Courage is doing what’s right, even when you’re afraid.”

Highlights from the book:

• “He made me feel strong yet protected, desired and cherished.”

• “I was never going to be able to forget this night, June 17, 2006; it would be forever linked with my daughter’s wedding.”

• “Even though we were all in the same boat, I guess I hoped to be better and prettier than the others.”

• “If there was anything in my life that I’d like to take back, it was the moment I hit “send” on that first e-mail.

• “I exhaled. Things were going to be different. This was a man I could trust.”

• “I was sure he could have just about any woman he wanted, and I was flattered that he chose me.”

• “I have to do the best I can every day to show people what it is to be a person living with HIV—a real person who is more than just a diagnosis.”

Receiving widespread recognition by the media in 2009, this historical case is exposed once more and even further into the psyche of Diane. Brilliantly written, the reader is able to feel the frustration, depression, hope and the many other inconceivable emotions that Reeve encountered as she fought the battle to bring down a pathological perpetrator, build a sisterhood, and manage her very own health all at the same time. The reader becomes a part of her team and sympathizes yet roots for her courage.


Diane Reeve, “the new face of HIV,” has a B.S. Degree in nursing and a M.Ed. in adult education. Her true calling is teaching martial arts. She holds a 7th Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do plus black belts in three additional styles. She has been the sole owner of Vision Martial Arts Center in Plano, Texas, for over twenty years and she has promoted over 170 of her own students to black belt. In 2008, she was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Diane is also broadening her efforts to be of service to others by speaking out against stigma and victim blaming. She is a popular speaker on the topics of AIDS awareness and women’s empowerment, and has become an avid advocate and activist for women.

Jenna Glatzer is the author or ghostwriter of more than 25 books. Her recent work includes The Marilyn Monroe Treasures, a Barnes & Noble bestseller; The Pregnancy Project with Gaby Rodriguez, also made into a Lifetime movie, and the authorized biography, Celine Dion: For Keeps.

Standing Strong: The Inspiring Story of an Unlikely Sisterhood and the Court Case That Made History
By Diane Reeve with Jenna Glatzer
HCI Books / April 2016/Available wherever books are sold
Paperback / ISBN: 9780757319020
Publishers contact info for direct orders: (800) 441-5569 or

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13:24 – A Dark Thriller

1324: A Dark Thriller by [Hickmon, M]

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13:24 – A Dark Thriller

Leesburg, FL – M. Dolon Hickmon’s 13:24 – A Dark Thriller is a unique survivor-driven public outreach, intended to deepen public awareness of crimes against children and of the lingering impacts of PTSD. Published with the financial backing of nearly one hundred child abuse survivors and their allies, the project has been enormously successful to date: honored with a starred review in Publishers Weekly’s Best Books annual special issue, the book is now shelved in libraries from Helena, Montana to Zürich, Switzerland. The Kindle edition of 13:24 – A Dark Thriller is a current Top 25 Best Seller in Amazon’s “Child Abuse” and “Vigilante Justice Thrillers” categories.

“I have written and published essays and research on child abuse and excessive corporal punishment since 2006,” Hickmon says. “I eventually realized that although studies were being done and papers being written, the latest advances in our understanding of early trauma were not reaching the public. My solution was to create a fast-paced crime thriller that would combine elements of my own experiences with true crime headlines and cutting-edge research into the neurobiological basis of PTSD. With the help of a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, I assembled an amazing team of publishing veterans with hundreds of fiction best sellers between them.”

The result is a heart-pounding, ripped-from-the-headlines crime thriller that sensitively guides readers through the spiritual, physical, and emotional consequences of child abuse and the lifelong process of overcoming it.

Publishers Weekly raved: “Hickmon unleashes a shocking blitzkrieg of murder, conspiracy, and child abuse in this disturbing, breathlessly plotted murder mystery […] Eschewing easy answers for moral complexity, this thriller is unsettling entertainment that offers catharsis.”

The accuracy of the book’s complex portrayals have been attested to by child abuse survivors and trauma experts alike: “Mr. Hickmon writes with the clarity, power and passion of someone who really knows what he is writing about, and who understands the wide range of responses human beings experience when trying to deal with lives affected by ongoing trauma,” declared Bristol University trauma researcher and emeritus professor Dr. Kim Etherington, in her pre-publication review; “There are textbooks that explain the scientific mechanisms that underpin post traumatic stress disorder, but this book tells a story that reaches out to help us all understand.”

The book’s back cover effectively distills the plot: “Detective William Hursel has worked countless murder cases; staring down the cruelest deeds humanity has to offer. But nothing prepares him for what he’ll uncover while pursuing 14-year-old Christopher Pesner, a suspect in the brutal rage-killing of his own mother. While news reports focus on Chris’s odd obsession with the violent, blasphemous heavy metal band, Rehoboam, Hursel suspects a deeper motive — a hunch that is confirmed when Chris’s second victim is discovered. Racing to piece together the identity of Chris’s next target, Hursel unearths the shocking link between an embattled politician, a controversial celebrity evangelist, and a shadowy underworld where human traffickers ply the wealthy with unseemly indulgences.”

Author M. Dolon Hickmon is a writer, activist, and a survivor of religious child maltreatment. His writings can be found on news websites like AlterNet, OnFaith, and Salon, and his opinion pieces have appeared in newspapers such as the Scotsman, the South Lake Press, and the Bainbridge (GA) Post-Searchlight. Hickmon has been interviewed by local and nationally syndicated radio talk show hosts, including Washington DC based Sex, Politics and Religion with Jamila Bey, Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch, and the Los Angeles-based Jesse Lee Peterson show.

Hickmon’s original research continues to be cited by many and was included in a 2010 civil rights presentation to a committee of the US Congress. His hobbies include reading, songwriting, and playing acoustic and electric guitar. He lives with his wife and their daughter.

For more, please visit the website:

13:24 – A Story of Faith and Obsession
Rehoboam Press
Paperback available worldwide and on
E-book available exclusively through the Kindle store.
ISBN-13: 978-09911066-0-8 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-09911066-0-8 (Kindle)

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Illusions Of Wealth Brings Investors Common-Sense Answers To Difficult Questions About Investing


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Illusions Of Wealth Brings Investors Common-Sense Answers To Difficult Questions About Investing

San Diego, CA – An understanding of how money, economics and investing work in our country is essential for anyone concerned about their future. In Illusions of Wealth by Doug Eberhardt, he provides the framework for making better choices.

“I hope to give my readers the awareness and confidence they need to develop investment strategies on their own,” he says. “To keep your wealth from being an illusion, you must possess the ability to adjust your portfolio as the economic and investment climates change. I want to grant you control of your future and your wealth.”

Because an inadequate education system may have failed to teach us how to invest, we relinquish control to advisors who may or may not have our best interests at heart. This book is written to bring readers the awareness, confidence and insight necessary to overcome the future panics, crashes, and crises that will inevitably arise, and teach them how to profit whether the market is rising or falling.

Investors need to ask themselves these types of questions: What are the economic conditions on the horizon that can affect your wealth? Why do you invest the way you do? Who do you trust for investment advice, and why? How much do they make from their recommendations to you? Did they protect your portfolio during the last financial crisis? Is another financial crisis around the corner? How have you structured your portfolio differently to protect your wealth if we were to experience another economic downturn?

Doug Eberhardt is the author of the precious metals investment book Buy Gold and Silver Safely. Doug has been in the investment management business for over 30 years and is now sharing his years of research and discovery, accurately pinpointing economic and investment conditions for his readers.

For more information, please visit

Illusions of Wealth
Available online everywhere
ISBN: 978-0982586136

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Work And Wealth In Scripture: The Great Moral Issue Of Our Time Framed By Our Country’s Sacred Heritage

Trish Stevens
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Work And Wealth In Scripture: The Great Moral Issue Of Our Time Framed By Our Country’s Sacred Heritage

Tuscaloosa, AL – Like the Biblical prophets of old, Bernie Sanders just wouldn’t go away. In spite of overwhelming odds against his presidential bid, he still continued to draw huge crowds with his message that “the issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time.” Larry Clayton, author of Work and Wealth in Scripture: How to Grow, Prosper and Work as a Christian (Wipf & Stock, 2015), agrees.

“The nature of work and wealth is one of the core issues of this 2016 presidential election,” Clayton says. “If we get it wrong, we could be turning away from the traditions and culture that make this country exceptional.” The largest issues facing presidential candidates today are not going to be solved by charges and countercharges and simple-minded appeals to the people in typical populist styles, but by applying the truth in Scripture to the challenges facing America today.

Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Alabama, Clayton has published numerous, award-winning scholarly works. His first inspirational book, Cleared for Landing (ExLibris, 2008) is a primer for Christians, focusing on the practice of faith.
“I’m a pilot and to be a good and safe pilot one needs to practice and grow all the time, just like in your Christian walk,” he says.

“I have searched for answers in many places, from the most scholarly Christian writers like St. Augustine, to small, rural Pentecostal churches across the Americas,” he continues. “I have worshiped in many of the world’s great cathedrals, and I have seen the work of the Holy Spirit spilling out across believers united not by creeds and rituals, but moved by the power of the Spirit.

“I have written this Christian primer for those who want to grow in their faith. Join me on this walk for it is not only the road to salvation, but also an exhilarating one that will renew and revitalize you as a Christian.”

Clayton also writes a weekly column for the Tuscaloosa News. He graduated from Duke University in 1964, subsequently earning a master’s degree and a doctorate in Latin American history from Tulane University. He served as an officer in the U.S. Navy from 1964-1966. While on the faculty at the University of Alabama from 1972-2013, Clayton directed the Latin American Studies Program and was Chair of the Department of History.

For more information, please visit Clayton’s blog at:

Work and Wealth in Scripture: How to Grow, Prosper and Work as a Christian
Wipf & Stock, 2015
Available online everywhere and at the publisher’s website:
ISBN-13: 9781620322567

Cleared for Landing: On Living a Christian Life
Available online everywhere and at Amazon:
ISBN-13: 9781425719593

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What’s Your Anger Type? Revised Edition

Trish Stevens
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What’s Your Anger Type? Revised Edition

New York, NY – In a thoughtful new book, renowned author and psychologist Peter Sacco takes a good, hard look at anger and the reasons it might be disrupting our lives, and future generations. In What’s Your Anger Type? Revised Edition, he asks, can anger be addictive?

“After working with individuals one-on-one in counseling and in groups, I would definitely have to say yes,” he says. “There are people who get totally aroused, empowered and motivated by their anger.” People respond to adversity and emotions one of two ways. They either run from it, or they stand up to it. “If you keep standing up to conflict or seek it, you get aroused and release adrenaline. This hormone provides a rush almost like a stimulant or ‘upper.’ We are seeing more of this now in acts driven by political fanaticism and moral justification.

There are twelve types of anger identified in What’s Your Anger Type? Revised Edition. A series of self-inventory tests help to clarify the different anger types and provide tips on overcoming them through proven methods. The two most important facts to keep in mind about anger, Sacco says, are that anger is a normal and healthy emotion, and you are not nuts or insane when you get angry. “It is how you deal with your anger which is the most important factor,” he continues. “There’s no time like the present to modify your life and make optimal living your goal.” His new book examines how ‘anger’ is affecting today’s children in North America.

Peter Sacco is also the acclaimed author of Right Now Enough Is Enough, a self-help guide for overcoming addictions of all types by combining Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with the law of attraction. And in Why Keeping Resolutions Are So Ridiculously Difficult! The Handbook To Understanding And Overcoming Procrastination, Sacco explains that procrastination is a habit that can become an addiction, and how it is out of control in our culture – as are the bad habits and addictions which are its by-products.

In addition to being an author of many books and more than 800 magazine articles, Sacco is an award-winning lecturer at universities in both the USA and Canada, specializing in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions, and mental health. He is also a frequent resident expert on several television programs and appears regularly as a guest expert on many news talk radio shows in the USA (FOX, ABC, CBS, Iheart, Coast To Coast, etc.), as well as hosting the weekly radio show “Matters of the Mind: Managing Relationships and Mental Health.” He is also an award-winning executive producer and host of documentaries on relationships, psychological issues and child issues.

For more information, please visit

What’s Your Anger Type? Revised Edition
DoctorZed Publishing and Booklocker Publishing
Available in print and digital formats online everywhere
$17.95 Print
$1.00 Kindle
ISBN: 978-1634911610

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Solve The Number One Problem With Today’s Young Workforce – The Soft Skills Gap

Karen McMasters
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Solve The Number One Problem With Today’s Young Workforce – The Soft Skills Gap

New Haven, CT – The number one challenge with today’s young talent is a problem hiding in plain sight: the ever-widening “soft skills gap.” Today’s newest young workforce has so much to offer — new technical skills, new ideas, new perspective, new energy. Yet too many of them are held back—and driving the grown-ups crazy—because of their weak soft skills.

Here’s what managers say:

– “They just don’t know how to behave professionally.”
–  “They arrive late, leave early, dress inappropriately, and spend too much time on social media.”
– “They know how to text, but they don’t know how to write a memo.”
– “They don’t know what to say and what not to say or how to behave in meetings.”
– “They don’t know how to think, learn, or communicate without checking a device.”
– “They don’t have enough respect for authority and don’t know the first thing about good citizenship, service, or teamwork.”

Soft skills may be harder to define and measure than hard skills, but they are just as critical. People get hired because of their hard skills but often get fired because of their soft skills.

Managers ask: “Why should it be my problem to teach these soft skills? They should have learned these things from their parents or in school. How can I teach these soft skills when I don’t even remember how I learned them myself?”

Here’s the bad news: Setting a good example or simply telling young workers they need to improve their soft skills isn’t enough. Nor is scolding them or pointing out their failings in an annual review.

Here’s the good news: You can teach the missing basics to today’s young talent.

Now, based on more than twenty years of research, renowned expert on the Millennial workforce Bruce Tulgan offers concrete solutions to help managers teach the missing basics of professionalism, critical thinking, and followership — complete with 92 step-by-step lesson plans designed to be highly flexible and easy to use.

Tulgan’s research and proven approach has shown that the key to teaching young people the missing soft skills lies in breaking those skills down into their component parts and concentrating on one component at a time with the help of a teaching-style manager. Almost all of the exercises can be done in less than an hour within a team meeting or an extended one-on-one. The exercises are easily modified and customized and can be used in many different ways:

– As “take-home” exercises for any individual or group
– To guide one-on-one discussions with direct reports
– In the classroom as written exercises or in group discussions

Managers—and their young employees—will find themselves returning to their favorite exercises over and over again. Through one exercise at a time, managers will build up the most important soft skills of their new young talent. These critical soft skills can make the difference between mediocre and good, between good and great, and between great and “one of a kind.”

About the Author:

Bruce Tulgan is an adviser to business leaders all over the world and a sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader. He is the founder and CEO of RainmakerThinking, Inc., a management research and training firm, as well as RainmakerThinking.Training, an on-line training company. Bruce is the best-selling author of numerous books including The 27 Challenges Managers Face (2014), Not Everyone Gets a Trophy (2009), It’s Okay to be the Boss (2007), Winning the Talent Wars (2001), FAST Feedback (1999), and the classic Managing Generation X (1995). His work has been the subject of thousands of news stories around the world. He has written pieces for numerous publications, including the New York Times, USA Today, the Harvard Business Review, Training Magazine, and Human Resources. Bruce also holds a fifth-degree black belt in classical Okinawan Uechi Ryu Karate Do. He lectures periodically at the Yale University School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife Dr. Debby Applegate, author of the Pulitzer-Prize winning biography The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher (2006) as well as Madam: The Notorious Life and Times of Polly Adler (forthcoming 2016).

For more information, please go to:

About the Publisher:

Jossey-Bass is an imprint of WILEY. Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has been a valued source of information and understanding for 200 years, helping people around the world meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations. Wiley’s core business
includes scientific, technical, and medical journals; encyclopedias, books, and online products and services; professional and consumer books and subscription services, and educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students and lifelong learners. Wiley’s global headquarters are located in Hoboken, New Jersey, with operations in the US, Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia.

Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: Teaching the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent
By Bruce Tulgan
Publisher: Wiley/Jossey-Bass;
ISBN: 9781118725641
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in bulk at 800 CEO Read.

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Sex Addiction 101: A Basic Guide to Healing From Sex, Porn, and Love Addiction

Kim Weiss
Director of Communications
HCI Books, The Life Issues Publisher
3201 SW 15 Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
(800) 851-9100 ext. 212

(This press release may be reprinted in part or entirety)

Sex Addiction 101: A Basic Guide to Healing From Sex, Porn, and Love Addiction

By Robert Weiss

“Clearly, this work is intended to enlighten not only the clinical population, but actual sex addicts and those who love them. If you are a therapist, my sincere hope is that you will find something here that helps you to help others, and if you are a sex addict or the partner thereof, my hope is that you will come away with a better understanding of this complicated issue, and also with some useful ideas on how to overcome this very serious addiction.” – David Sack, MD

Deerfield Beach, FL – In Sex Addiction 101: A Basic Guide to Healing from Sex, Porn, and Love Addiction (HCI Books—$14.95) Robert Weiss acknowledges and defines the loosely used term “sex addiction.” With his exensive background in the mental health and addictions field, Robert is able to give his readers real life testimonials of people who have been diagnosed with having a sexual addiction, and people whose sexual addiction is ruining or has already ruined their family, career, or health. All of the material in Weiss’ book is presented tastefully, and suitable for professionals and the general reader, including sex addicts and their loved ones.

Many people believe an addiction to consist only of drugs and alcohol, but Robert acknowledges that addictions can arise in all things done excessively. People suffer from addictions to their cellphone, social sites, gambling/spending, and even love. A lot of people believe the above addictions to be attributed to having some sort of compulsive disorder, but Sex Addiction 101 recounts the importance of recognizing the difference between compulsions and addictions, seeing as many people confuse the two and try to use them interchangeably.

Sex Addiction 101 is broken down into 18 simple chapters, where Robert is detailed in providing clear and simple explanations of all aspects involving sex addiction. The chapters range from topics that address common questions about sex addiction like, What is Sex Addiction,Treating Sex Addiction, and Gay Men and Sex Addiction to subjects that may be harder to address like, Teens and Sex Addiction, Sexual addiction vs. paraphilia vs. sexual offending, and The fusion of stimulant abuse and sexual behavior. Sex addicts are individuals who have lost control over their sexual fantasies and behavior; this book is a primer for understanding this complicated disease.

Highlights from the book include:

Common Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Addiction:

⦁ Obsessive Sexual Fantasy and Preoccupation and Loss of Control
⦁ Related Adverse Consequences
⦁ Tolerance and Escalation
⦁ Withdrawal and Denial

The Cycle of Sexual Addiction

1. Triggers (Shame/Blame/Guilt/Other Strong Emotions)
2. Fantasy
3. Ritualization
4. Sexual Acting Out
5. Numbing
6. Despair (Shame/Anxiety/Depression)

The Downside of Sex Addiction:

⦁ Addiction Hopping/Related addictions
⦁ Significant directly related Negative Life Consequences
⦁ Physical and Mental Health Problems
⦁ Career and Legal Issues
⦁ Relationship Instability and Difficulty Rebuilding Familial Relations

About the Author:

Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Clinical Development, Robert Weiss is in charge of various treatment programs around the United States. Along with his already bountiful schedule, Robert provides sexual addiction treatment training internationally to psychology professors, addiction treatment centers, and the US military. In 1995 Robert founded the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, which became one of the first facilities anywhere in the world that offers treatment for sexual addiction and its related issues. The author of Robert’s foreword for Sex Addiction 101, David Sack, characterizes Robert as, “… the face of and driving force behind understanding and treating profound intimacy disorders like sexual addiction.” Robert Weiss is not just an author and Clinical expert, he is a humanitarian who cares about more than just the well being of himself. Readers and viewers interested in learning more about Robert can visit his website at:

Available wherever books are sold or to order directly from the publisher, contact: or (800) 441-5569
Sex Addiction101: A Basic Guide to Healing From Sex, Porn, and Love Addiction
Robert Weiss
ISBN: 9780757318436

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