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How To Use The Power of Story-Telling To Persuade Others And Win Them Over

Alpharetta, GA,  – The power of persuasion is something all really successful sales people seem to have in common. Their secret? Story-telling. Look at the late Steve Jobs; he was charismatic and people will never forget the stories he told. In Unique Sales Stories: How To Persuade Others Through the Power of Stories, Mark Satterfield teaches readers how to have this same powerful sales and marketing strategy that will make them stand out from the competition.

You might be thinking: ‘It can’t be that simple.’ But Mark has proved it is. There is a definite art to story-telling and when Mark is in front of an audience sharing his simple five-step process with them, they get to see that they too can create great stories that persuade and entertain. Audiences are amazed when they see how easily they can learn the art of persuasion and how it will make their clients remember them because they made it believable.

Mark Satterfield uses Super Bowl commercials as an example of the power of a story. Those ads run around $3 million for 60 seconds and people never forget them; in fact, the commercials are now almost as popular as the game itself. Anyone can now have that power at their fingertips – minus the $3 million tab!

Very few people are natural-born storytellers. Mark admits he wasn’t – but it’s a skill he learned and he now passes that skill on to readers and audiences. The power of persuasion is strong and audiences are thoroughly entertained when he shows them how easily they can learn to do it too. He’s proven it works – after all, we know that’s the one thing all successful professionals have in common – telling great stories. 

Unique Sales Stories is a practical guide for developing and delivering memorable stories. Divided into three main sections, it offers a collection of Mark’s essays on creating unique stories with step-by-step instructions on how to develop your own one-of-a-kind sales stories, and includes a variety of examples he has developed for clients to use.

Mark has a Masters Degree in Psychology and an undergraduate degree in English from Washington University. Prior to founding Gentle Rain Marketing, he held executive positions with PepsiCo and Kraft Foods in addition to having served as the Director of Career Services for the Graduate School of Business at Emory University. He has been mentioned in Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who in Higher Education, and is the recipient of the AMA Award for Excellence in Management Education.

Mark encourages readers to visit or for more information on his book and seminars.



Five-Star Amazon Reviews:

Larry Hart: “As a veteran of the business arena for many years, the value of stories continues to be the best way to convey a lesson, an idea or a benefit. Stories go back in history, for hundreds of years, as the only way to provide a legacy of lessons and actions… Mark does an excellent job of building the case for the use of stories, follows it with the framework of creating your own, and finishing with many clear examples of what has been created by others. A “well-worth-it” read if you plan on taking action.”

John Frisbie: “I loved this book. There is no question that if someone implements the basic ideas outlined, they will dramatically improve their sales results. The author taps into some of the timeless principles of memory, which recognize the basic truth that people don’t remember facts as well as they do remember well-developed, carefully-planned stories. The book shows you how to develop sales stories of your own, stories which focus on your customers’ needs and will make you stand out from your competition…Anyone who sells a product or service will find this book gives them the tools they need to re-calibrate and significantly improve their current marketing effort.”

Kerrin T: “The author really delivered on his promises for this book. I learnt the value of stories for my business and how to incorporate story telling into my sales and marketing team. Lots of great examples, and well worth the read. Great job Mark!”




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How Inner-City Kid Farrah Gray Became A Millionaire By Age 14

Las Vegas, NV,  – Acclaimed author, syndicated columnist, and entrepreneur Farrah Gray offers readers Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out (HCI) as a tool to help them get ahead – even in our current poor economy. Raised in the projects on the south side of Chicago, Gray defied the odds and became a self-made millionaire by the age of 14.

Gray began his entrepreneurial, personal and civic development as a stellar young citizen at six years old, selling homemade body lotion and his own hand-painted rocks as bookends door-to-door. At age seven, he was carrying business cards reading “21st Century CEO.” He went on to foster companies as diverse as a venture capital fund to food manufacturing.

His rise from poverty to international renown as an entrepreneurial icon and preeminent power speaker has inspired millions around the world and his story is now available to readers in Reallionaire; Get Real, Get Rich; and The Truth Shall Make You Rich. Gray’s books have been translated into Russian, German, Polish, French, Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, with book sales in Africa, Australia and Europe, and in Central and South American countries. Gray’s books have also become required reading in university classrooms at Harvard and Princeton, among others.

Gray has extensive experience advising readers about personal and professional matters. He is a syndicated columnist with the National Newspaper Publishers Association of 200 weekly newspapers reaching more than 15 million readers. As an AOL Money Coach, Gray gives daily leadership, personal and professional development, diversity, strategic planning, creativity, and financial management advice to millions of AOL subscribers.

His sense of social responsibility motivated him to create the non-profit organization The Farrah Gray Foundation, which focuses on inner city community-based entrepreneurship education and provides financial assistance for students from at-risk backgrounds to attend historically black colleges and universities. He donates his speaking engagement honorariums, which can be upwards of $15,000, and the proceeds of his book to his foundation.

At the age of 21, in recognition of his ingenious, economic mind and distinguished commitment to values such as leadership, integrity, and scholarship, Gray received an Honorary Doctorate degree of Humane Letters from Allen University. He holds a Key to the City from Dallas, Shreveport, and Cincinnati. He has also received Proclamations from the governors of Illinois and Nevada, the mayors of Louisville, Kentucky, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Wilmington, Delaware, and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Dr. Gray’s Awards include The National Urban League Whitney M. Young Jr. Entrepreneurship Award, The Alabama A & M Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Award, The Davidson College Love of Learning Lifetime Educational Achievement Award, Central State University Award of Appreciation for contributions made in the area of entrepreneurship, NV Magazine Vision Award, and the American Red Cross Award of Appreciation.

Reallionaire is available online and in bookstores everywhere.  Learn more about this inspiring figure at:



Bill Clinton, (Former) President of the United States of America: “I know Farrah Gray and we have discussed his future.  His motivation determines what he will do. His attitude determines how well he will succeed at making a difference.”

O: The Oprah Magazine dubbed Farrah Gray an “all-star” with “priceless advice.”

Suze Orman, New York Times Bestselling Author: “You are just the best and the real thing.”

Good Morning America: “Farrah Gray is the ultimate American success story.”

ABC 20/20: “America’s Reallionaire.”

CNN: “Farrah Gray, the youngest African American of his generation to make his mark on Wall Street and to become a millionaire.” placed Farrah Gray on its 2010 Young Tycoons List along with Mark Zuckerberg.


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Attorney Victim Exposes The Spiritual Side Of Identity Theft From A Natural Perspective

Houston, TX, – Many victims of identity theft don’t realize what has happened until the damage is done. Similar to the natural crime, most people may not even be aware that their spiritual identity has been stolen until it’s too late. This type of theft can go unnoticed or unaddressed for many years until the victims face a difficult situation and suddenly discover that their spiritual identity has been stolen in the process.

In Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You (New Horizon Publishers), readers will see the parallels between having their “natural” identity and “spiritual” identity stolen. DeMonica D. Gladney provides an inspiring, real-life account of her personal encounter with identity theft in both ways. She describes a time when someone stole her money, credit and good name, while simultaneously there was a spiritual attack on her God-given purpose and destiny. Through these challenging and life-altering experiences that occurred years after a near fatal car accident, Gladney learned the keys to discovering and reclaiming her “full” stolen identity. In her book, she shares these findings and also brings readers a fresh perspective on how to discover the person God created them to be.

In our busy, high-stress world, it’s easy to get side-tracked and forget who we are spiritually. It took the author’s first-hand experience with identity theft to help her realize that other factors in her life, such as her career and relationships, were defining her. In her faith-affirming book, she provides an eye-opening analysis on how to recognize the signs of spiritual identity theft by first assessing what is missing in the reader’s life and moving forward through the steps to a full recovery. Once the spiritual identity theft is exposed, the reader is encouraged to overcome the theft by using scripture, prayer, and other spiritual tools. This inspiring, practical guide will walk the reader step-by-step through their personal journey toward discovering who they each really are.

DeMonica D. Gladney, Esq., is a corporate attorney in the Houston, Texas area. She is an inspirational speaker, poet and bestselling author of Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You; Willing to Wait: From Revelation to Manifestation, and Reflections from God. She has been featured on the Daystar Television Network, various radio talk shows, and in print media around the country. She was selected for the 2010 Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals and the Who’s Who in Black Houston.

Please visit this accomplished author’s website at:



To see DeMonica in a KUCI Radio Interview on her latest book, go to her website at and click on the ‘Listen to Interview’ button.

Black Christian Book Review: “…We highly recommend this book.”

Mari J. Frank, Esq. CIPP, Radio Host & Author: “… Identity Theft inspires victims of identity theft to know the truth of their essence – that although a thief can steal your material identity, your spiritual identity given to you by God belongs only to you.  Ms. Gladney gracefully and lovingly guides you through the journey of stolen identity to attain trust that God will restore all that you have lost.”

Willie Jolley, bestselling author: “…Gladney is a dynamite young lady who has a powerful new book that shares strategies and ideas that give you a new perspective on discovering the real you and not letting the real you be stolen away!  Read this book, then re-read it, and then share it with your friends!  She shows you how the best you, is within you!”

Norma Jarrett-York, bestselling author: “…Gladney has provided a divinely inspired path to our true identity.  For those willing to take an honest journey, she helps uncover areas of “spiritual identity theft” while providing guidance toward God intended authenticity.  Her true light and spiritual wisdom shine; blessing those who are willing to receive her literary gifts.”

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Soon After This Author’s Book Hit The Bestsellers List He Offered Electronic Copies To Anyone For Free – Why?

Santa Ynez, CA, – When Renewable Energy – Facts and Fantasies (Clean Energy Press) was published, it skyrocketed to the top of’s charts in both the energy and engineering categories – a clear hit as a #1 best-seller. Now, just a few months later, author Craig Shields is offering an electronic copy of the book at no charge to anyone who wants it because, “(Writing the book) was a great project. I had fun doing it, readers loved it, and a whole bunch of people bought it within the first week or so,” he said. “Now it’s time to move along – but before I do that, why not put it in as many people’s hands as possible?”

For an author to offer his published work for free is an admirable quality; obviously to him educating the public is more important than making money. His book is based on interviews with 25 of the world’s top researchers, authors, analysts and energy experts in a wide range of disciplines – yet it’s an easy read that is set in a question and answer type format with the author posing the questions.

There is no doubt that the migration to clean energy is among the most pressing issues of our time. Whether our worries are global warming, peak oil, national security, America’s competitiveness in world markets, or our siphoning off another $1 billion in our wealth to foreign entities every day – there is definitely room for concern. In fact, it would be difficult to find anyone who thinks that our addiction to oil and coal is a good thing. But, looking at the problem in practical, realistic terms – how can we “get there from here?” 

We live in a civilization with an ever-increasing hunger for energy and its fixation on fossil fuels to provide that energy is in the process of imploding on itself as our population grows and its demographics change. Yet we live in a world of tough realities – where an elegant solution simply does not exist. We are constantly told that renewable energy is too expensive but, all things considered, it is actually cheaper than traditional energy sources!

Craig acknowledges that there are people who don’t believe in global warming. But are there people who doubt that gas and diesel emissions cause cancer?  That enriching certain governments in the Middle East endangers every one of us? That the scarcity brought about by a declining supply of oil causes wars? That the damage to fragile ocean ecosystems, which are becoming more acidified each year, is devastating the larger biosphere? 

Craig Shields is the founder of 2GreenEnergy – a company that is focused on providing breakthroughs in renewable energy science and technology – and he recognizes that renewable energy will soon become the third largest industry on Earth, after healthcare and technology, and a lot of folks are going to want to be a part of this multi-trillion dollar revenue stream. For more information, please visit:



Paul Scott, Plug-In America: “It would be hard to find more stimulating ideas — and more compelling reasons to move to clean energy, all stuffed into one small place. Readers will walk away with a greatly expanded understanding of the subject.”

Mike Austin, Reporter/Producer for Blue Planet Almanac: “Shields renders the landscape of renewables with brush strokes that only a master can deliver. Craig’s uncommon gift is powering past political obfuscations while leaving the truth intact.”

David Schwartz: “If you are wondering what some of the brightest minds in the Renewable Energy field are thinking, you need this on your bookshelf. Craig Shields does a wonderful job.”

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Crime Never Takes A Vacation – What Intruders Don’t Want You To Know

Nashville, TN, – Our lagging economy has spurned a dramatic increase in burglaries and home invasions across the country, with agencies reporting an increase in 2010 after falling for a number of years. What is especially troubling is that these crimes have increased in the suburbs and small towns – places where it rarely happened before. 

 “The numbers reflect what we have been hearing from listeners all over the country. The bad economy has caused an increase in crime and it is happening everywhere”, says home security expert, Alan Young. Over the past three months, Young has conducted nearly 100 radio interviews, giving listeners tips on how not to become victims of a growing burglary and home invasion epidemic. Young is CEO of Armor Concepts LLC and has been featured on the CBS Early Show, The Today Show, and The Discovery Channel, as well as numerous local news segments.

Young’s common sense approach to home security, which focuses on economical ways to keep from becoming a victim, has suddenly made him a very popular guest for radio show hosts. “It was really interesting to hear his common sense approach to security. I know that it made me think, especially the part about alarm systems… “ said Georgianne Kiricoples, host of the “Breaking Through” radio show.

According to Young, there are three keys to making sure that your home is secure. The first is simple, “Use some common sense. Don’t post vacation plans on Facebook and don’t post vacation photos while still on vacation. Many burglaries are committed by someone you know or by someone connected to someone you know. Letting the world know that you’re not home is an easy way to become a target.”    

The second key is to make your home a less attractive target than your neighbor’s home. Sounds crazy, but according to Young, “If you and your neighbor are being chased by a dog, you don’t need to be faster than the dog, just your neighbor. Make your home a less attractive target and thieves will go somewhere else – unless you have something that they really want.”  Steps to making your home less attractive to burglars include cutting shrubs and properly lighting the inside and outside of your home.

The third key is to secure the exterior of your home. “Most people think about home alarm systems as home security. An alarm simply tells you that someone is inside your house and police response times are often greater than 20 minutes. A home alarm is the equivalent of having OnStar in your car. Would you not buckle your seat belt because OnStar will call the police after you have an accident? Alarms are a good addition to your home’s security but 85% of all break-ins are through a door. Secure your doors and you greatly increase your likelihood of success against a burglar.”

For door security, Young recommends EZ Armor, an inexpensive kit that reinforces the jamb, locks and hinges on an exterior entry door. The kit can be installed in about 30 minutes by a do-it-yourselfer and is guaranteed to help prevent kick-ins. EZ Armor can be purchased at Lowe’s, many ACE Hardware stores and online at  He also recommends upgrading your deadbolt to an ANSI certified Grade 1 lock. There are several models, including one from Schlage, that can be purchased at many hardware stores.

“Security does not need to cost a lot, it just needs to work. Anyone that tells you otherwise is taking you for a ride. With a little common sense and a little effort you can effectively secure your home,” concluded Young. Many other home security tips, along with recommendations for what to do after a burglary, can be found at

Young was featured on Nashville news last year when a couple in Murfreesboro, TN were victims of burglary and then avoided a repeat offense by taking Young’s advice. After being robbed, the couple installed EZ Armor as kick-in prevention on their door. When the same burglar came back weeks later and tried to kick in the same door, he made so much noise that the neighbors called the police and he was apprehended.

Alan S. Young is CEO of Armor Concepts LLC.  Mr. Young and Armor Concepts have been featured on The CBS Early Show, The Today Show, The Discovery Channel show “It Takes a Thief” and numerous local news segments.  Armor Concepts’ Door Jamb Armor, EZ Armor and FIX-A-JAMB products are sold nationally through Lowe’s, ACE Hardware, Do-It-Best and on their web site at


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Although the Cost Basis legislation which requires brokers to report their clients’ cost basis has gone into effect as of January 1, 2011, what most investors don’t realize is that the requirement is only for securities purchased after January 1, 2011.  That means that brokerage firms are only responsible for what was purchased this year going forward and not for the millions upon millions of shares that investors currently own.  This is potentially a huge problem for investors because at the end of the day, they are responsible for accurately reporting their capital gains/losses to the IRS. 

In the last several years, Cost Basis has taken center stage with the IRS, Congress and the Financial Services industry.  The focus began back in 2005 when the IRS reported over $11 Billion dollars in underreported capital gains by taxpayers in their Tax Gap Study.  Then in 2008, the Economic Stabilization Act was passed by Congress which included the Cost Basis Legislation and since then, the financial industry has been busy making sure that they will be compliant going forward from 2011 for stocks and 2012 for mutual funds.

So what does that mean for an investor with a broker and an investor without a broker?  Practically the same thing, unless your brokerage firm is going to provide you with your cost basis for the stocks you already own as a customer service.  If not, then it means that you will have to calculate and be legally responsible for your cost basis information as much as the guy who trades online in his underwear at 2:00 a.m.!  As many investors already know, trying to get the purchase or sale price of all your reinvested dividends, corporate actions, and other critical pieces of information necessary to calculate your adjusted cost basis, is time consuming, frustrating and susceptible to human error. 

Recently there have been articles and blogs telling investors where they can go to research pricing and corporate action information in order to calculate their cost basis, but Cost Basis adjustment was always a very difficult calculation, even for professionals, so how is an investor supposed to research and calculate this information accurately enough to report to the Internal Revenue Service?  What wasn’t widely known until now is that there is an amazing online tool available to the public.  It is called NetBasis and is available at 
NetBasis can automatically calculate the adjusted cost basis for any security going back as far as 1925.  It will take into consideration all corporate actions as well as any possible dividend returns or return of capital that may have occurred during the exact holding period of the investment, so the information is specifically tailored to the individual investor.  It isn’t a table where you try to see where your investment fits in, nor is it just a pricing list where you have to figure out the rest.  You simply choose your security, enter in your purchase and sales date(s) and number of shares, and NetBasis does the rest in seconds.  It also gives you the ability to choose your accounting method which investors are now able to do under the Cost Basis legislation. NetBasis can also calculate the cost basis for securities that were gifted or inherited.

NetBasis is a system that was originally designed for the financial services industry.  A professional version of NetBasis is currently being used by brokerage firms, accounting firms, Fortune 500 companies, and universities, but now everyday American investors can access the same tool and get the same accurate results. For a small fee of $19.50, an investor can enter multiple buys and sells for one security and receive their adjusted cost basis, gain/loss, sale proceeds, fair market value, and a detailed accounting page that provides a chronological listing of all of the corporate actions and other adjustments that have occurred to your security.

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