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New satellite technology maps undersea floor and charts GPS locations of lost and sunken treasure ships

Marco Island, FL,  — Can the new discovery of five ancient shipwrecks deep off the Italian coast and the mysterious metal ingots found onboard be linked to a recently discovered satellite technology? Have all the lost and sunken shipwrecks untouched for centuries been found by an orbiting satellite? Can the find of the SS Mantola shipwreck near the coast of Ireland with $18 million of Silver be linked to a new and highly secret underwater discovery system? Have all the other lost treasure ships around the world already been found and the ultimate treasure map created?

Radio telescope technology has been used for years to determine specific elements on the periodic table by recognizing individual wavelength returns. This ground-based technology launched into space in a satellite and focused upon the world’s oceans could possibly reveal all the lost maritime mysteries missing for centuries, especially the shipwrecks with a highly conductible metal such as gold onboard.

“Lost and Found” is an exciting book by Captain Tom Williams that has been receiving many incredible reviews and national acclaim, but has someone really hacked into a geological survey satellite and found all the lost shipwrecks that still contain gold? Does the ultimate treasure map now exist? Are all the lost treasure fleets undiscovered for centuries now identified and located with specific GPS coordinates?

Two British scientists pioneer a means of exploring for hidden oil reserves using a geological survey satellite; however, they find a treasure worth much more than black gold—real gold in every lost and sunken treasure ship in the world’s oceans.

Together with a beautiful dive master and salvage expert the treasures of antiquity are all there for the taking—if the adventuresome trio can just stay alive long enough, fleeing a madman from the exotic tropical waters of South Florida to the depths of the Black Sea in Europe


From–Steve Alten, NY Times Best-Selling author of MEG & The SHELL GAME about Lost and Found: “A promising debut novel that combines a Pirates of the Caribbean flavor with 21st century technology. Perfect for sipping Pina Coladas on a tropical azure shoreline.”


Please watch Tom Williams being interviewed recently on FOX network television at the following link: Use arrow to scroll to this informative interview.


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Professional Poker Player “The Duke” Survives Attempted Murder, Kidnapping And Being Robbed For Six Figures In Las Vegas Hotel

Las Vegas, NV, – Ron Wall, the man known as The Duke of Fremont Street has been a well-recognized figure around the poker rooms of Las Vegas for many years so he is used to defending his hand at the tables. What he wasn’t prepared for was the savage attempt on his life during a robbery in a hotel room on June 26th, 2010 in Primm, Nevada, outside of Las Vegas. 
The Duke thought he was meeting a man he had dealt with before at Whiskey Pete’s to purchase gold and silver. Duke was carrying $137,000 in cash and a couple of Smith & Wesson .38 caliber handguns. Instead, as he entered the hotel room he was ambushed, hit on the head, and for the next twenty minutes the man and a female accomplice pummeled and attacked him with any and every item they could find in the room – a lamp, an iron, a two wheel dolly, and even a toilet tank cover!  The Duke was stabbed with a knife and also suffered a scalping wound.
“The twenty minutes seemed more like an eternity to me” said Duke. “I fought with all that I had in me. I knew that I had to stay conscious or I would have been killed and dumped in the desert.”
After the two hog-tied The Duke with duct tape and phone cords, they went into the bathroom – either to clean up or count the money – and Duke knew he had to grab the moment to get away or it was all over for him. Dazed and covered in blood, he got out of his restraints and made it out of the room and down the hall to the registration desk for help. “I thought my number was up,” he recalled.
Needless to say, Duke suffered multiple injuries in this vicious attack. He suffered a concussion and numerous head wounds, fractured cheek bones, broken ribs, and had defensive stab wounds and fractures to both hands. Duke had to undergo surgery and had to attend physical therapy sessions for many months.
The suspects fled to California with his money, but Duke identified the man as Edmond Price, who has a prior criminal history, and the woman as 23-year old Victoria Elizabeth Edelman, described as Price’s girlfriend, out of a photo lineup. They were arrested in California soon after the attack and were later extradited from California to Nevada where they were indicted by a grand jury for eight felony counts. They face anywhere from 15 years to life in prison if convicted on all counts. The bail for each defendant was set at $2,000,000 because of potential flight risk and because authorities suspected they would use Duke’s money, which has yet to be recovered, to hire their defense attorneys.
The Duke has a reputation for being cautious and not taking risks at the poker table; however, his adventurous exploits around the globe are well known among his fellow poker players. When his absence was noticed in the poker world it was thought at first by the rumor mill that he must have been ambushed on one of his many adventures to the Amazon, or some other wild and remote place he has visited, but this time it was something much closer to home that just completely caught him off-guard. The Duke refuses to be considered a victim but believes he is a survivor instead. When asked about the attempted murder and robbery Duke said he “was just dealt a bad hand!”
Since The Duke is considered somewhat of a legend in Las Vegas, easily recognized for his 1930 era gangster-look – complete with custom made, pinstriped Italian suits, polka dot ties, fedora, diamond pinky rings, and even spats – it is expected that the trial will be a highly visible one. His many followers on numerous poker blogs will want justice for this gracious gentleman who has been part of the allure of Las Vegas for many years.
The Duke, who’s conservative poker playing style is far less flashy than his persona, has been featured on the cover of Poker Pro magazine and written up in numerous articles. He believes that surviving the recent brutal attack means that he once again made ‘a win in the game of life’ and, in his words…”The Adventure Continues!”
‘Duke’ calls attack just a bad hand – Article in Las Vegas Review Journal



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Divorce Happens – This Doctor Helps Protect The Innocence Of Children And Teaches Parents How To Minimize The Damage

New York, NY, – Dr. Mark Robert Banschick designed The Intelligent Divorce book series and The Online Family Stabilization Course as a way to help divorcing parents avoid the common mistakes that end up hurting children during a divorce. The mission of the project is to teach parents how to raise well-adjusted children despite the pressures that divorce puts on everyone. 

A blueprint that every adult should use as they go through a divorce, The Intelligent Divorce advocates on behalf of kids through books, an online course, seminars and a media campaign. Based on hundreds of case studies, current research and decades of experience, Dr. Banschick teaches parents how to handle divorce with dignity, strength and intelligence. 

The first book in the series, Taking Care of Your Children (2010), focuses on the well being of kids by teaching parents effective communication strategies that help them gauge how their children are doing with the divorce. And, if their child is in trouble, Dr. Banschick’s pragmatic approach teaches parents how to make a positive difference.

The second book, Taking Care of Yourself (2011), helps parents take control of their lives by handling anger, pain and anxiety more productively; learning about finances and healthier living and dealing realistically with the world of attorneys, therapists and difficult ex-spouses. On this note, the third book, scheduled to come out in 2012, centers around Dealing with a Difficult Ex.

Mark R. Banschick, M.D. is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. The Intelligent Divorce project evolved from his work as an expert witness in custody disputes. Dr. Banschick has appeared on the CBS Early Show, The Ricki Lake Show, WCBS TV Morning News, and has been quoted in The New York Times,, and A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, please see his relevant article on the new movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love at:
Dr. Banschick is currently working with a production company on a sample pilot television show designed to educate the public about divorcing with your children in mind, despite the difficult feelings and power struggles that come with the territory.
For the two million people divorcing each year in this country and the one and a half million children who are affected, The Intelligent Divorce is a project worth pursuing. As part of a public outreach effort, Dr. Banschick is open to media contact and interviews on topics of divorce and parenting.
For more information please visit Dr. Banschick’s website,



Dan Couvrette, Divorce Magazine: “This can really help parents and most especially, their children.”

Jill Brooke, Contributor, Huffington Post: “Dr. Banschick is a rare talent, as practical as Dr. Phil, as soulful as Rabbi Kushner and as savvy about men and women as John Gray. He can guide rebuilding families so that they not only survive, but thrive.”

Richard Francis, M.D., Founding President, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry: “Dr. Banschick’s unique and credible voice is pragmatic and optimistic. The anecdotal evidence throughout the book rings true, and this makes The Intelligent Divorce an important read.”

Cathy Meyer, Founder, “It isn’t merely a book; it’s a tool that anyone going through a divorce should be required to implement. It belongs on the desk of all divorce lawyers, judges, child psychologists, and every divorced or divorcing parent.”
Video: “It’s Working Out”



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When Winning The Lottery Changes Far More Important Things Than Financial Status

Ridgewood, NJ, – At some point in our lives, we’ve all wondered what it would be like to win the lottery. You Never Know (Wheatmark, Inc.) is an extraordinary novel by Lilian Duval that shows us it’s not always what it’s cracked up to be. Her story draws a parallel between two families who are friends; one has suffered great tragedy and struggles financially, while the other has enjoyed an affluent lifestyle. Little did they realize that everything in their worlds would change when one decides to buy a lottery ticket.

Having struggled through his young life with a condescending father, alcoholic mother and an artistically gifted younger brother, Tobias Hillyer’s life changes forever during a Christmas visit home when a tragic automobile accident leaves both parents dead and his younger brother Simeon seriously injured. Tobias, always the one to do the right thing, abandons his dreams of finishing college to take care of his brain-damaged sibling. He gets stuck in a low-paying job and marries a nurse he meets while visiting his brother at the hospital.

On the other hand, Martin, his college roommate, seems to have everything going his way; he finishes college, marries well and lands a high-paying job with Lehman Brothers in New York. In spite of their differences in incomes, the two couples and their children stay in touch.
When Tobias buys a lottery ticket on a whim – and wins – he believes his problems are finally over.  Strangely, as the roles are reversed, Tobias and his wife now get to live out their fantasies and Martin now faces bankruptcy. 

As problems surface and life gets more difficult and less predictable for Tobias, who nearly loses everything he holds most dear while trying to get his head around this staggering amount of money, it is Simeon who surfaces as the unexpected hero by realizing his own happiness and success as a result of his own efforts. As ‘Simmy’ sets out on his own personal life journey, he leaves the family with a gift that brings them full circle and grants Tobias inner peace.

You Never Know is more a story of triumph than defeat, and what stems from that winning ticket makes for an exciting and surprising read that is filled with unexpected twists and turns to the very end, proving that while chance can change lives in a split second it’s the results that can last a lifetime.

While Lilian Duval implies in her novel that her characters may be impacted by the eventual terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Towers in 2001, she and her husband are actual survivors of this attack and know first-hand how this experience forever changed their lives.

For more information on Lilian Duval and her extraordinary novel, please visit her website at:



Charles Ashbacher: “Tobias is a very talented college student in anthropology… The family goes out to dinner and Tobias is behind the wheel when another vehicle slams into them, killing his parents and giving Simeon a severe head injury. Blaming himself for the tragedy, Tobias is forced to cancel his participation in the research trip to take care of his brother…he meets a young nurse named Carmela and she helps guide him through the very difficult first years. They are married and together they take care of Simeon … they have twins and while Simeon eventually is able to work at simple tasks, his ongoing recovery remains expensive. One day…Tobias, missing a train, buys a lottery ticket. His willingness to aid others is rewarded as he is the winner of …in excess of $100 million. This is a story of struggle, major achievement and then struggle again with a completely different set of problems. Tobias demonstrates …that he is a very good person; he retains a loyalty to people, even when they are unable to repay their loans. Duval keeps the action going in a smoothly consistent manner…everything that happens to Tobias and his group is believable consequences of winning a lottery at that level. While bad things often happen to good people, this is an uplifting story of the good being triumphant over the bad and well as the good.”

Alan Caruba of The National Book Critics Circle: “You Never Know…explores what happens when extraordinary things happen to ordinary people. The author is a survivor of the 9/11 attack and lives in New Jersey where the novel’s protagonist, Tobias Hillyer, has a life filled with both tragedy and extraordinary luck…the characters intertwine in an ever-changing landscape of events, capped by Hillyer’s win of a MegaMillions lottery that, despite the millions involved, evoke a whole new set of problems. It an intriguing story filled with unexpected twists and turns.”

Emily Truman, Esq., Asst. Municipal Prosecutor, City of Newark: “Have you ever read a book you didn’t want to finish simply because it was so good that you didn’t want the experience to end? It’s a rare find, and one to be treasured. You Never Know is one of those books—it’s a book to be devoured in one night, but also a book you want to cherish and read slowly.”


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‘Switch On’ Your Life and Business With Expert Tips From Respected Professionals

Virginia Beach, VA/Houston, TX, – Whether already in business, starting a business, or wanting to enhance your life – Switched-On Networking: Balance Your Brain for Networking Success (Happiness Unlimited Publications), by Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz and Donna Fisher, gives you instructions on simple Brain Gym® processes that will immediately rewire your brain for networking ease and effectiveness. 

Networking works for everyone: business owners, sales people, job seekers – whether out of work or looking for a new position to further their career, college grads, and home-based business owners who wish to create visibility for their business, as well as non-profit staff where networking is essential to generating donations, sponsors and volunteers.

Readers will learn techniques that teach how to approach people, how to make a powerful introduction and initiate conversation, how to follow-up effectively, use social media to connect in ways that work, call people to request support, and ask for referrals. Once our subconscious mind has been reprogrammed using the tips and exercises in this book, we can “switch-on” our brain for optimum success and use these skills in any area of our life – to grow a business, meet new clients, or find a perfect job!

Switched-On Networking uses the proven, leading-edge mind-body technology of the Brain Gym® system to switch readers on for every aspect of the networking process. A system that is simple yet powerful – it will immediately re-wire your default settings and balance your brain for optimum networking success. And it starts working as soon as you finish each chapter!

By using the Brain Gym® process, along with Fisher’s material, Dr. Teplitz expects readers to become more successful, regardless of whether they are new to networking or are experienced networkers who want to push their career to the next level. The tools provided in Switched-On Networking can enhance every aspect of a person’s life – whether it is personal, business, or financial success.

Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz is an attorney, author, and has a Ph.D. in Holistic Health Sciences. He has been president of his own speaking and consulting firm for nearly four decades, and is a Certified Speaking Professional who has been a guest speaker for some of the nation’s most prestigious organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Author of nine books, his Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain for Sales Success was a #1 Amazon bestseller. For more information on this acclaimed professional who has been interviewed on numerous TV shows, over 400 radio stations, and featured in numerous newspaper articles and top-selling magazines, please visit:

Donna Fisher is an author, entrepreneur, business owner, and Certified Speaking Professional. Her books, Power Networking, People Power, Power Networking Nuggets and Professional Networking for Dummies, have been translated in five languages and are used as reference books in companies and universities. She has been interviewed throughout the country on numerous TV and radio shows. For more information on this talented author, speaker and businesswoman, please visit:



Dr. Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and one of the creators of The Secret: “I’ve found what I’ve learned from Dr. Teplitz to be a really valuable tool in many areas of my life. His programs can help you and anyone you care about live up to their full energy potential and become a peak performer in every area of their life.”

Dr. Joe Vitale, star of The Secret movie and author of Attract Money Now: “Wow! Easily switch on your ability to naturally, successfully and memorably meet people with the breakthrough secrets in Switched-On Networking. It’s terrific!”

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series: “Everyone can benefit from Switched-On Networking. The tools that Jerry and Donna share in this book will enhance your success, prosperity and bring more fun into your life.”

Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul: “Switched-On-Networking revolutionizes the idea of reprogramming your brain for success! Using Jerry and Donna’s leading-edge program, you can get your mind lined up to optimize your existing network, as well as the new connections you make. Networking can be more fun and easy than you ever thought—and it can lead to surprising successes!”

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How To Use The Power of Story-Telling To Persuade Others And Win Them Over

Alpharetta, GA,  – The power of persuasion is something all really successful sales people seem to have in common. Their secret? Story-telling. Look at the late Steve Jobs; he was charismatic and people will never forget the stories he told. In Unique Sales Stories: How To Persuade Others Through the Power of Stories, Mark Satterfield teaches readers how to have this same powerful sales and marketing strategy that will make them stand out from the competition.

You might be thinking: ‘It can’t be that simple.’ But Mark has proved it is. There is a definite art to story-telling and when Mark is in front of an audience sharing his simple five-step process with them, they get to see that they too can create great stories that persuade and entertain. Audiences are amazed when they see how easily they can learn the art of persuasion and how it will make their clients remember them because they made it believable.

Mark Satterfield uses Super Bowl commercials as an example of the power of a story. Those ads run around $3 million for 60 seconds and people never forget them; in fact, the commercials are now almost as popular as the game itself. Anyone can now have that power at their fingertips – minus the $3 million tab!

Very few people are natural-born storytellers. Mark admits he wasn’t – but it’s a skill he learned and he now passes that skill on to readers and audiences. The power of persuasion is strong and audiences are thoroughly entertained when he shows them how easily they can learn to do it too. He’s proven it works – after all, we know that’s the one thing all successful professionals have in common – telling great stories. 

Unique Sales Stories is a practical guide for developing and delivering memorable stories. Divided into three main sections, it offers a collection of Mark’s essays on creating unique stories with step-by-step instructions on how to develop your own one-of-a-kind sales stories, and includes a variety of examples he has developed for clients to use.

Mark has a Masters Degree in Psychology and an undergraduate degree in English from Washington University. Prior to founding Gentle Rain Marketing, he held executive positions with PepsiCo and Kraft Foods in addition to having served as the Director of Career Services for the Graduate School of Business at Emory University. He has been mentioned in Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who in Higher Education, and is the recipient of the AMA Award for Excellence in Management Education.

Mark encourages readers to visit or for more information on his book and seminars.



Five-Star Amazon Reviews:

Larry Hart: “As a veteran of the business arena for many years, the value of stories continues to be the best way to convey a lesson, an idea or a benefit. Stories go back in history, for hundreds of years, as the only way to provide a legacy of lessons and actions… Mark does an excellent job of building the case for the use of stories, follows it with the framework of creating your own, and finishing with many clear examples of what has been created by others. A “well-worth-it” read if you plan on taking action.”

John Frisbie: “I loved this book. There is no question that if someone implements the basic ideas outlined, they will dramatically improve their sales results. The author taps into some of the timeless principles of memory, which recognize the basic truth that people don’t remember facts as well as they do remember well-developed, carefully-planned stories. The book shows you how to develop sales stories of your own, stories which focus on your customers’ needs and will make you stand out from your competition…Anyone who sells a product or service will find this book gives them the tools they need to re-calibrate and significantly improve their current marketing effort.”

Kerrin T: “The author really delivered on his promises for this book. I learnt the value of stories for my business and how to incorporate story telling into my sales and marketing team. Lots of great examples, and well worth the read. Great job Mark!”




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How Inner-City Kid Farrah Gray Became A Millionaire By Age 14

Las Vegas, NV,  – Acclaimed author, syndicated columnist, and entrepreneur Farrah Gray offers readers Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out (HCI) as a tool to help them get ahead – even in our current poor economy. Raised in the projects on the south side of Chicago, Gray defied the odds and became a self-made millionaire by the age of 14.

Gray began his entrepreneurial, personal and civic development as a stellar young citizen at six years old, selling homemade body lotion and his own hand-painted rocks as bookends door-to-door. At age seven, he was carrying business cards reading “21st Century CEO.” He went on to foster companies as diverse as a venture capital fund to food manufacturing.

His rise from poverty to international renown as an entrepreneurial icon and preeminent power speaker has inspired millions around the world and his story is now available to readers in Reallionaire; Get Real, Get Rich; and The Truth Shall Make You Rich. Gray’s books have been translated into Russian, German, Polish, French, Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, with book sales in Africa, Australia and Europe, and in Central and South American countries. Gray’s books have also become required reading in university classrooms at Harvard and Princeton, among others.

Gray has extensive experience advising readers about personal and professional matters. He is a syndicated columnist with the National Newspaper Publishers Association of 200 weekly newspapers reaching more than 15 million readers. As an AOL Money Coach, Gray gives daily leadership, personal and professional development, diversity, strategic planning, creativity, and financial management advice to millions of AOL subscribers.

His sense of social responsibility motivated him to create the non-profit organization The Farrah Gray Foundation, which focuses on inner city community-based entrepreneurship education and provides financial assistance for students from at-risk backgrounds to attend historically black colleges and universities. He donates his speaking engagement honorariums, which can be upwards of $15,000, and the proceeds of his book to his foundation.

At the age of 21, in recognition of his ingenious, economic mind and distinguished commitment to values such as leadership, integrity, and scholarship, Gray received an Honorary Doctorate degree of Humane Letters from Allen University. He holds a Key to the City from Dallas, Shreveport, and Cincinnati. He has also received Proclamations from the governors of Illinois and Nevada, the mayors of Louisville, Kentucky, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Wilmington, Delaware, and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Dr. Gray’s Awards include The National Urban League Whitney M. Young Jr. Entrepreneurship Award, The Alabama A & M Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Award, The Davidson College Love of Learning Lifetime Educational Achievement Award, Central State University Award of Appreciation for contributions made in the area of entrepreneurship, NV Magazine Vision Award, and the American Red Cross Award of Appreciation.

Reallionaire is available online and in bookstores everywhere.  Learn more about this inspiring figure at:



Bill Clinton, (Former) President of the United States of America: “I know Farrah Gray and we have discussed his future.  His motivation determines what he will do. His attitude determines how well he will succeed at making a difference.”

O: The Oprah Magazine dubbed Farrah Gray an “all-star” with “priceless advice.”

Suze Orman, New York Times Bestselling Author: “You are just the best and the real thing.”

Good Morning America: “Farrah Gray is the ultimate American success story.”

ABC 20/20: “America’s Reallionaire.”

CNN: “Farrah Gray, the youngest African American of his generation to make his mark on Wall Street and to become a millionaire.” placed Farrah Gray on its 2010 Young Tycoons List along with Mark Zuckerberg.


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