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Dysfunctional One Is John Davies’ Courageous Story — From Abuse To Living The Life Of His Dreams

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Dysfunctional One Is John Davies’ Courageous Story — From Abuse To Living The Life Of His Dreams

Washington, DC – For John Davies, becoming a failure in life wasn’t an option — regardless of the fact he was constantly called a loser by his family, and in spite of the statistics that show many abused people grow up to become abusers and repeat the destructive cycle. John escaped it and his passion for life, together with strength and determination, ensured it!

Dysfunctional One (Page Publishing) is John’s inspiring memoir that tells of a life that survived all the odds and went from “broken” to “successful.” From a very early age, his once loving family fell to deep dysfunction and situations in his life ran the gamut from lies, betrayal, and adultery to neglect and isolation, and spread to conspiracies, deceit, hatred and murder.

“It started when I was eight years-old,” says John, “and it haunts me to this day. I was branded the black sheep in the family, doomed and left to ruin, but like a plant thriving in sandy soil, I developed a strong sense of purpose, patience and perseverance, and grew stronger in defiance of all odds to become a better person.”

The skills John acquired along the way prepared him to survive three of West Africa’s bloodiest wars, navigate his way through crooked systems and corrupt bureaucracies, and on to lead his own young family through country after country, from one desperate situation to the next, multiple times, in order to get them to safety – and ultimately to begin life as a free citizen in America. Today, John is a highly respected, successful businessman, author and sought-after speaker living his dream life!

In 2000, John was living as a refugee in Dakar when his efforts were recognized by the Federation for World Peace and he was nominated to represent African refugees at the United Nations Millennium Conference in New York. Today, John is CEO of Global Alliance Solution, LLC on Capitol Hill in Washington DC — a company that manages corporate expansion and international strategies. John earned an MBA from Colorado Technical University and is currently working on a PhD. While living as a refugee in Senegal, he founded the Bi-Lingual Refugee School of Dakar and wrote an education program to transition English-speaking refugee children/students from an English curriculum to a French curriculum. Liberia’s National Chess Champion for ten years, John is also a rated Grand Master. He lives near Washington, DC, with his wife of thirty years and their ten children.

For more information, please visit:

Dysfunctional One
Page Publishing
Available in softcover and digital formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBook, Apple iTunes, Google Play and more; for an autographed copy shipped in 1-2 business days order from the author’s website at:
ISBN: 978-1634179041

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The Marijuana Project: A Story Of Medicine And Morality – A Security Expert’s Journey Through The Ethical Weeds

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The Marijuana Project: A Story Of Medicine And Morality – A Security Expert’s Journey Through The Ethical Weeds

New York, NY – The inspiration for Brian Laslow’s fiction-based-on-fact story, The Marijuana Project (SDS Publishing), came from his own turbulent experiences while working with a brand new medical marijuana production facility in the northeast, and a successful 25-year career as an expert in the field of security.

Sam Burnett, a savvy security expert, is hiding in the catwalk of a medical marijuana production facility he has been hired to protect, caught in a surveillance plan he never thought he’d face. In fact, Sam doesn’t even approve of marijuana and wonders why he’s still working there.

He is not alone with this conflict. The FDA still lists marijuana in schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the DEA’s most restrictive level. They cite marijuana’s high potential for abuse, that it’s not accepted medical use for treatment, and lacks proper safety measures under medical supervision.

This position is at odds with many groups advocating for its legalization, both for medical purposes and recreational use.

Since 2900 B.C., when the Chinese referred to cannabis as a medicine possessing both yin and yang, the pros and cons of medical marijuana have stymied private citizens as well as state and federal agencies. With 23 states legalizing at least limited use of medical marijuana, the controversy continues over its status as a gateway drug, posing ethical dilemmas for doctors, government officials and security professionals who must protect it from a variety of internal and external threats.

This is how Brian Laslow entered the picture in 2001 as the owner of a security consulting firm specializing in risk assessment, system design, and project management services for electronic security and operational security management. Inspired by his findings inside the medical marijuana industry, Brian wrote The Marijuana Project, a fiction-based-on-fact account of his tempestuous experience while working with the new production facility in the northeast.

The story follows Sam Burnett, a conservative and highly principled family man who constantly travels the country as a greatly sought after security expert. While looking to spend more time at home with his children, he is approached by a consortium looking to open a medical marijuana production facility nearby. Sam accepts their offer, and over the next two years, while designing, implementing and operating their entire security program, he finds himself facing one moral conflict after another.

Does Sam favor using medical marijuana to relieve a variety of physical symptoms, easing anxiety and providing pleasure? Or does he see it as an invitation to more serious drug use, mental instability and irresponsible, even dangerous, behavior?

You could call it a security expert’s journey through the ethical weeds.

At first, Sam realizes that whether he approves of it or not, medical marijuana needs to be protected from ending up in the wrong hands and that taking the job means he can be home much more than before. But even what Sam learns about medical marijuana–that it can help people suffering from a variety of ailments–is at odds with his religious upbringing and his own conservative views about drug use, legal or otherwise.

When his son’s best friend is killed in a car accident caused by a driver under the influence of medical marijuana, Sam reaches his breaking point. He ends up taking matters into his own hands, which leads to a potentially dangerous confrontation with his employers and a group of unknown provocateurs.

In the end, he must decide if he can personally continue to participate in the protection and perpetuation of this industry.

Sam Burnett’s dilemma is indicative of the decision that millions of people in America are currently struggling to make. His story will resonate with all those struggling to make sense of this changing landscape in our society.

About the Author

Brian Laslow (a pen name for obvious reasons) has over 25 years of experience in the security field. He started his career as the owner of a security installation company serving residential and commercial clients. Since 2001, he has been an independent security consultant providing risk assessment, system design, project management, and ongoing security management services for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and government clients. This expert speaker in the field of security has extensive experience with building security programs from the ground up.

Brian wrote a successful book on security consulting and speaks frequently on topics relating to physical security, risk assessment, system design, and publishing for consultants. He holds multiple certifications from the security and consulting fields.

The Marijuana Project is fiction-based-on-fact from Laslow’s findings in the medical marijuana industry and as a highly respected security expert, both of which lend realism to an already gripping plot. For more information, please visit the website at:
The Marijuana Project
By Brian Laslow
Published by SDS Publishing
Publication Date: November 25, 2015
Price: $19.99; 240 pages, paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1518805479
ISBN-10: 1518805477

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A Restful Mind: Learning How To Stay Positive In The Face Of Chronic Pain And Mental Illness

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A Restful Mind: Learning How To Stay Positive In The Face Of Chronic Pain And Mental Illness

Little Canada, MN – There’s no big secret to staying positive: all we have to do is look for the positive side in any situation. In A Restful Mind — Daily Meditations for Enhancing Mental Health (Hazelden) and Living With Chronic Pain One Day at a Time (Freedom Enterprises), Mark Zabawa helps us achieve a better outlook, even when life is difficult.

There are about 40 million or more people with a mental illness diagnosis or a problem with chemical dependency. About 118 million people have been diagnosed with chronic pain, says author Mark Zabawa. “I wanted to let people with mental illnesses and chronic pain know there is help available,” he explains. “They can live with their illnesses and be successful and follow their dreams and goals. If my books or public speaking helps prevent just one person from committing suicide, it’s all worth the effort.”

Zabawa is involved with a number of charitable organizations, including NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness), S.A.V.E. Suicide Awareness and the Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs.

“Recovery from mental illness is a process,” he continues. “It means taking care of ourselves each and every day — spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It means actively working towards change. A Restful Mind is a testament to experience, strength, and hope.” Its daily meditations speak to all of us, regardless of our diagnosis.

Zabawa has found that the same is true for Living With Chronic Pain. “In my workshops I share my experiences of coping with a mental illness for the past 22 years and chronic pain for the past 31 years. My talks empower, inform, inspire, and make a positive difference to anyone who is affected directly or indirectly by mental illness and chronic pain.”

Mark Zabawa has a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Human Services (A.A.S.) and he has worked at Abbott Northwestern Hospital Chronic Pain Program as a patient monitor and counselor for 10 years. He has had appearances on Knowledge for Wellness, Channel 6, and he’s been a Guest Speaker on C.H.U.M. Live Radio Show in Canada.

For more information, visit:

A Restful Mind – Daily Meditations for Enhancing Mental Health
Living With Chronic Pain One Day at Time
Freedom Enterprises
Available from the author’s website:

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Nationally-recognized, Award-winning Dietician Shows How Super Foods Are Transforming Lives

Kim Weiss
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Nationally-recognized, Award-winning Dietician Shows How Super Foods Are Transforming Lives

Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Super Foods Diet To Detoxify, Energize,
And Supercharge Fat Loss
By Manuel Villacorta

What exactly is the Super Food Incan diet, and what makes eating the Peruvian
way so beneficial?

San Francisco, CA – In his third book Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Super Foods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Supercharge Fat Loss (HCI Books/Dec 2014 $18.95), Manuel Villacorta lays out the important elements that make his dieting plan a well-seasoned recipe for long-lasting health.

Super food refers to foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients.

“Superfood” is not just a buzz-word or a passing vogue; it’s the integral component to leading a healthy lifestyle, a word many of us are recognizing by the minute. As these once obscure products find broader distribution and consumers have greater access, super foods are finding their way into mainstream supermarkets, gradually becoming a staple to the American diet. The benefits of consuming Peruvian super foods are astonishing: from fighting cancer and reducing inflammation to boosting energy and enhancing memory – these foods have it all.

In his Peruvian super foods diet, Villacorta provides simple yet thorough explanations of weight-loss, anti-aging, and disease-fighting concepts by using an appealing page layout displaying beautiful color photography, easy-to-read bullet points, and sidebars summarizing each health benefit.

What makes Villacorta’s book so enticing, aside from his mouth-watering recipes, is that he offers specific meal plans geared towards both men and women looking to lose weight and lead a healthier life. He has also created custom 7-day meal plans for vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, and gluten-free diet preferences. By using the core principles from his first book, Eating Free, and referencing his second book Peruvian Power Foods, Villacorta proves to his readers that they can successfully follow a super-health weight-loss plan, easily gain the skill in cooking from scratch, dine with elegance, and reduce everyday stress.

Among the myriad of recipes offered in Whole Body Reboot, here is a sample:

Day 1: Red Reboot
Red represents energy, strength, power and courage, according to color psychology. Red fruits and vegetables are rich in lycopene and anthocyanins, powerful phyto-chemicals that possess the characteristic red pigment. Lycopene and anthocyanins are linked with:

• Reduced risk of certain cancers
• Heart, lung, and urinary tract health
• Improved memory
• Ability to ward off infection

Ingredients for 1 Serving

1 ½ cups Strawberries, fresh or frozen
½ cup Tomato
½ cup Cooked Beets
1 tablespoon Chia seeds
1 teaspoon Camu Camu powder*
¼ teaspoon Cinnamon
1 cup Coconut water
20-25g protein, Protein powder (rice, pea, or whey)

*Note: Camu Camu is a Peruvian super food that provides therapeutic levels of vitamin C in its natural form. Refer to Appendix C to find where to buy camu camu. If you choose not to purchase camu camu, skip this ingredient. Another great alternative to include a Peruvian super food with Camu Camu is to add a shot of youthH2O.

1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Add tap water until it reaches the desired consistency.

Note: if making the smoothie the night before, the chia seeds will absorb some of the water and it could thicken the smoothie. No worries; just add more tap water the next day and shake or stir the smoothie to the desired consistency.

Per Serving: Kcal 349, Protein 31g, Carb 48g, Fat 5g, Sodium 327mg, Dietary Fiber 15g
Daily Value: Fiber 58%, Vit C 1429%, Vit A 18%, Vit D 0%, Calcium 20%, Iron 47%

Recipe may be reprinted with the following credit: Recipe from Whole Body Reboot by Manuel Villacorta / HCI Books/December 2014 – ISBN: 9780757318214

About Manuel Villacorta:

Health is not a diet plan, but a lifestyle. Understand your body, your strengths, and your limits and use this knowledge to make a change. Stop dieting, start living.
— Manuel Villacorta

Registered Dietitian. Educator. Author. Speaker. Spokesperson.

A nationally recognized, award-winning registered dietitian with more than 16 years of experience as a nutritionist, Manuel Villacorta, M.S., R.D., is a respected and trusted voice in the health and wellness industry. He is the founder of Eating Free, an international weight management and wellness program, and one of the leading weight loss and nutrition experts in the country. He is the author of Eating Free: The Carb-Friendly Way to Lose Inches, Embrace Your Hunger, and Keep the Weight off for Good (HCI, May 2012) and Peruvian Power Foods: 18 Super foods, 101 Recipes, and Anti-aging Secrets from the Amazon to the Andes (HCI, October 2013).

Manuel served as a national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2010-2013), and currently acts as a health blog contributor for The Huffington Post, an on-air contributor to the Univision television network, and a health and lifestyle contributor for Fox News Latino. Manuel is the owner of San Francisco-based private practice, MV Nutrition and the recipient of five ‘‘Best Bay Area Nutritionist’’ awards from the San Francisco Chronicle, ABC7 and Citysearch.

His warm, approachable style and his bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish have made him an in-demand health and nutrition expert on local and national television and radio channels, as well as in articles appearing in print publications and online. Manuel is a compelling, charismatic speaker.

Manuel has acted as a media representative for food companies such as Foster Farms, Eggland’s Best “California Latino 5-A-Day Program” and “Got Milk.” He is now the chief of public relations and spokesperson for the Pichuberry Company.

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In Behind The Counselor’s Door, Students Learn The Consequences Of Good And Bad Choices Through Other Students’ Experiences

Kim Weiss
Director of Communications
HCI Books, The Life Issues Publisher
3201 SW 15 Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
(800) 851-9100 ext. 212

In Behind The Counselor’s Door, Students Learn The Consequences Of Good And Bad Choices Through Other Students’ Experiences

Warren, MI – Most adults think the issues that students deal with in a high school aren’t applicable to them. They believe the issues that you deal with in high school are trivial, based off of childish and catty impulses and have no place in the “real world.” They couldn’t be more wrong. Kevin Kuczynski does a compelling job of creating a compilation of real problems that he has encountered over his years as a counselor in a high school from the perspective of the students themselves, and outlines just how big of an impact these issues can have in later life. Behind the Counselor’s Door (HCI Books– $13.95- ISBN: 9780757318412- March 2015) is Kevin’s attempt at bridging the gap between adults and teenagers to better open the lines of communication and to jump-start conversations about these delicate but necessary subjects in homes all around the nation.

Kevin Kuczynski has spent many years behind the door of a counselor’s office, helping teens in need. The issues he covers in his book span school-related issues such as homework and attendance to much heavier subjects such as dealing with grief, drug and alcohol addiction, and pressures of dating. He writes about the experiences of his students to motivate readers to persevere and go on to accomplish their goals, no matter the hand that life dealt them. He offers support through the pages of his book to those who may be lacking it and uses them to motivate teens to take stock in their own life.

“I write about my students’ experiences to inspire you to: always strive to do the right thing even when it’s not easy; take each moment as exactly that; make choices that allow you to live with passion and purpose instead of missteps and regrets.” Kevin Kuczynski states on page 5 in the Introduction of Behind the Counselor’s Door that these are the main reasons he decided to write down his experiences and use them to help others. Kuczynski is a man that doesn’t claim to know all the answers, but one that graciously opens his door wide enough for the reader to get a glimpse of the types of problems that teenagers face today.

One of the key components of Kevin’s book is to place proper emphasis on the future. High school may seem like such an important time and it is – to a degree. The students who lend their stories to the book are representative of the types of issues that run rampant in high schools today; issues such as peer pressure, loss, divorce, and bullying. It is very easy for these students to let these problems control their lives, but Kevin urges them and the reader to not let their past define who they will be in the future. Just like many problems they will encounter in their lifetime, these too will pass.
In Behind the Counselor’s Door, Kevin Kuczynski uses some of the issues he has encountered in his career as a high school counselor as an attempt to reach teenagers and parents alike so they can make smarter life decisions, keeping their futures intact and on track.

Available online and at bookstores everywhere or to order directly from the publisher, contact: or (800) 441- 5569

About the Author:

Kevin Kuczynski is a counselor at Cousino High School in Warren, Michigan, providing responsive services including counseling, consultation, referral and peer meditation. He received his bachelor’s degree from Cedarville University and his master’s degree from Liberty University. He is a current member of the American Psychotherapy Association and serves on the advisory board for a large private counseling center in Southeast Michigan. He also helps students establish personal goals and develop future plans including college and career planning.

Teenagers’ True Confessions, Trials, and Triumphs
By Kevin Kuczynski
ISBN: 9780757318412 – $13.95 – March 2015

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Your Dental Fillings Could Be Killing You! — And Not Just the Mercury in Your “Silver” Fillings

Jackie Lapin
(818) 707-1473

Your Dental Fillings Could Be Killing You! — And Not Just the Mercury in Your “Silver” Fillings

Incompatible Filling Materials Can Suppress Immune Responses, Says Internationally Respected Holistic Dentist Dr. David Villarreal

He Performs a Blood Compatibility Evaluation to Pick the Right Material for Your Body

Newbury Park, CA – You might have heard that mercury in your “silver fillings” could be harmful to your health, but that’s not all that could be slowly killing you!

Any dental material in your mouth that is not compatible with your particular body chemistry is likely to be suppressing and stressing your immune system, says Dr. David Villarreal, an international renowned leader in holistic dentistry. The suppression of the immune system can lead to a host of illnesses from frequent colds to autoimmune diseases to far worse conditions.

“Traditional medical practitioners and the public at large do not realize that what occurs in the mouth doesn’t end at the neck. The mouth is the gateway to our overall health and impacts nearly every aspect of the body.” says Villarreal, a leading spokesman for bio-compatible dentistry.

Villarreal employs a procedure that ensures there is a perfect match between your filling material and individual body chemistry. Performing a blood compatibility evaluation, he pinpoints the right material and offers dozens of different aesthetically pleasing composites – whichever works best to maintain optimum health and help heal the immune system.

Villarreal’s practice, BioDental Healing in Newbury Park, CA, is also renowned for the strict bio-protective protocols that he employs in removing silver amalgam fillings with mercury in them. Amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury, which is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on Earth—more toxic than lead, arsenic or cadmium, according to scientists. Studies show that mercury—heavy metal poisoning–has been linked to Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lupus, Parkinson’s, arthritis and many other auto immune diseases, not always apparent until many years after the filling is applied. Removing them can be dangerous to all parties when particles are released into the air. Most European countries banned mercury fillings nearly 40 years ago.

Villarreal employs a host of procedures that protect everyone in the process. The doctor and his team don special protective gear including gas mask, gloves and contamination-free coverings, and the patient is provided complete draping and protective eyewear. Using extra protective covering in the patient’s mouth and a suction system that ensures all significant mercury particles are contained – they take it a step further by using an ionizer in the room and a mercury separator that ensures none gets into water systems or oceans (and which is periodically cleared by the EPA for proper disposal).

A naturopathic doctor is on hand to administer intravenous vitamin C in order to help pull the heavy metals out of the system so they can exit the body as waste. The vitamin C also offsets any possible negative health consequences or withdrawal symptoms that may arise from the extraction of the heavy metals from the system. “This is called Ozone dentistry,” says Villarreal, “We’re purifying and sterilizing the tooth so it can be filled with a more healthful alternative. But it’s important to note that there are many white fillings that also have heavy metals in them.”

People come from as far away as Europe and South Africa to have their mercury fillings removed by Villarreal in a non-toxic and environmentally safe way. He has removed more than 20,000 in his 30-year career. Filling removal accounts for 75% of his practice.

“But what gives me the most satisfaction is that people report back that they have seen significant overall health benefits and often the elimination of specific conditions that they didn’t perceive were related to their teeth at all,” says Villarreal. “Physicians and dentists have been using mercury for more than 200 years. But we are way past old fashioned dentistry. Today, we have the ability to ensure more than oral health with bio-compatible materials and practices.”

For more information, visit or call 805 395-2233.

Media Contact:
Jackie Lapin
(818) 707-1473

• It’s All In Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Dr. Hal A. Huggins

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Cancer Survivorship Tools: Practical Tips and Inspiration for Emotional Well-being

Stillwater, MN – Inspired by the pages of her personal journal, Barbara Tako, two-time cancer survivor shares her journey to kick cancer out of her life. Tako’s new release, Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools – We’ll get you through this: Tools for cancer’s emotional pain from a breast cancer and melanoma survivor, focusses on emotional well-being of cancer patients, caregivers and their loved ones.

Hearing “you’ve got cancer” are three words you never forget, according to Barbara Tako. For Tako, it was a powerful awakening of panic, pain and emotional turmoil aside from the fear of the treatments she would be enduring. Her words, as written in her journal during her bouts with cancer, offer a deep insight into the healing process from both physical and mental aspects.

Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools is an honest, and sometimes humorous account of Tako’s process. It features tips for emotional health to foster positivity, no matter where patients are in their personal journey to conquer cancer. The book is a useful tool for family members, friends and caregivers to provide a better understanding of the cancer experience and how they can help.

“I’ll never forget the day my doctor told me I had cancer, or rather the day my life changed forever” says Barbara Tako. “Doctors can address all of the medical aspects of your condition, but who picks you up off of the floor after you’ve been dealt the news and helps you get your ‘game face’ on? It’s my intention to fill that void for cancer patients and their loved ones with this book.”

Meet Barbara Tako. She’s a breast cancer and melanoma survivor, author, organizing/ de-cluttering genius and motivational speaker. She holds a B.A. in English and psychology and lives in Minnesota with her husband, children and furbabies.

For more information, visit:

Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools – We’ll get you through this: Tools for cancer’s emotional pain from a breast cancer and melanoma survivor
By Barbara Tako
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing (Ayni Books)
Available at, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold
ISBN-10: 1782797750
ISBN-13: 978-1782797753

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