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Leo Fender – The Man Whose Invention Lead The Way For Rock And Roll

[By Phyllis Fender] Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World (Hardcover)【2017】by Phyllis Fender (Author) (Hardcover)
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Leo Fender – The Man Whose Invention Lead The Way For Rock And Roll

Fullerton, CA ― The world occasionally produces one of those rare thinkers whose name becomes iconic.

Thomas Edison lit up the world; Albert Einstein profoundly altered the study of physics; Walt Disney reimagined entertainment; and Leo Fender invented the electric guitar.

Fender grew up in Fullerton, California, where his interest in electronics lead him to open his own radio repair shop in 1938. It wasn’t long before musicians and band leaders turned to him for help in repairing their equipment.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fender’s revolutionary guitar, the Fender Stratocaster, has been the preference of world-renowned musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Jeff Beck — to name a few.

While his name is synonymous with fist-pumping rock and roll sound, in reality, Fender was a shy, unassuming inventor who was nearly deaf and had one glass eye.

In 1946 he founded Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company — the launch pad for his most iconic designs — and later on, G&L Musical Instruments.

And now, his wife Phyllis Fender gives readers a memory-filled look into the wonderful world of this quiet genius in the book, Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World. The book was co-written by Randall Bell, Ph.D., who grew up in Fender’s neighborhood and whose father was the head of the R&D department at Fender’s company.

Fender’s game-changing contributions to the music world have been widely recognized. He was presented with the Country Music Association Pioneer Award in 1981; was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rock Walk of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His accomplishments were also acknowledged with a Technical Grammy Award in 2009. Fender died in 1991.

Today, Fender is a household name. But the quirky, shy inventor never lived large or flaunted his fame. He lived in a mobile home, even after selling his company for $300 million (in today’s dollars). His daily routines and obsessions made him truly fascinating, and thanks to his enduring instruments, Fender’s legacy forever lives on.

Author Phyllis Fender volunteers at the Fullerton Museum where she shares with visitors stories about her life with Leo. She also serves as the Honorary Chairman of G&L. Twenty-two years ago, two different doctors told Phyllis that she had six months to live. Today, both of those doctors are dead, and she is here to finally tell this remarkable story.

LEO FENDER: The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World
Leadership Institute Press
Released: November 2017
ISBN-10: 0996793143
ISBN-13: 978-0996793148
Available at:

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Praise Chapel Houston Launches New Young Adults Ministry For Challenging Times

Praise Chapel of Houston

Pastor Nathan Hanohano
Praise Chapel
18516 Highway 3
Webster, TX 77598

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Praise Chapel Houston Launches New Young Adults Ministry For Challenging Times

Houston, TX ― Building a platform for effective worship, study and ministry in our time is not only necessary but unprecedented; this is the impetus for the revitalized Young Adults Ministry at Praise Chapel.

“The complexity of everyday life becomes even more challenging for a believer, especially because our culture is increasingly one of nonbelievers,” says Pastor Nathan Hanohano. “What we believe in and how we come to that ‘belief system’ will ultimately shape the destiny of the 21st century Christian,” he continues. “God has big plans for this generation, to usher in the next Great Awakening of the 21st century.”

At Praise Chapel, we work hard to be a church of relationships rather than rules, building bridges and tearing down barricades. We celebrate all nationalities, ages and people at Praise Chapel. We have a vibrant and inspirational music ministry, and offer special programming for children, women, married couples, students, singles, seniors and men.

Praise Chapel is located in Webster, TX. We are conveniently located a few minutes from Houston, and near the cities of League City, Pasadena, Friendswood, Pearland, Clear Lake, Dickinson, Seabrook, La Porte, Texas City, Kemah, and Alvin.

For more information, visit:

Sundays, KTBU 55 at 6:30 am
KUBE 57 – 9 am

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Counting Down the Rolling Stones: Discover Their 100 Finest Songs with American Songwriter’s Jim Beviglia

Paige Morrison
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Counting Down the Rolling Stones: Discover Their 100 Finest Songs with American Songwriter’s Jim Beviglia

Scranton, PA – For more than 50 years, the world has embraced the music and lyrics of The Rolling Stones. Their rock-n-roll masterpieces continue to be a staple of classic rock radio. Fans around the world have rocked-out with them in concert, while many of their albums rank among the very best of the genre. And their wild onstage and offstage antics are an integral part of rock and roll lore. Now, to the delight of their fans, rock writer Jim Beviglia dares to rank the band’s best songs in his new release Counting Down The Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs.

Beviglia’s Counting Down series highlights The Rolling Stones music library with the intelligence of a critic, yet the writing reveals the passion of a fan. He carefully and insightfully lays out why each song is ranked where it is, even introducing fans to songs they may not have heard before. Will every fan agree with Beviglia’s ranking? With “Honky Tonk Woman” ranked at number 46, it’s not likely – so bring on the watercooler talk. Regardless, Beviglia’s historical, behind-the-scenes account of the group tells a fascinating story of one of the most beloved bands of all time.

“Counting Down The Rolling Stones is the perfect playlist builder,” says Beviglia. “My hope is that diehard fans of The Rolling Stones learn something new about the band and enjoy fresh insight on the songs, newcomers to their music will have an excellent guide to their finest work, and all are inspired to spend an afternoon enjoying some rock-n-roll.”

Jim Beviglia is a feature writer for American Songwriter magazine, reviewing new albums and looking back at classic songwriters and songs for both the print and online editions. This is his third book in the Counting Down series. He is the author of Counting Down Bob Dylan: His 100 Finest Songs (Scarecrow Press, 2013) and Counting Down Bruce Springsteen: His 100 Finest Songs (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014).

For more information, visit Beviglia’s blog at

Book #3 of the Counting Down Series
Counting Down The Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs
By Jim Beviglia
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN-10: 1442254467
ISBN-13: 978-1442254466
Available at, Barnes & Noble,, and all major online outlets.

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Cali Sky And The Muses Nine: A Memorable And Inspiring Coming-Of-Age Tale

Joanna Morgan
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Cali Sky And The Muses Nine: A Memorable And Inspiring Coming-Of-Age Tale

North Palm Beach, FL – Imaginative and mythic, Cali Sky and the Muses Nine is a coming-of-age tale from Joe Ladbroke.

When nine-year-old Cali Sky Braithewaite discovers an acoustic guitar mysteriously left in her bedroom closet, the muses descend, possessing her for the next fifteen years, tantalizing her with visions of a musical ideal.

By 1980 disco was dead, punk had reared its pissed-off head, New Wave had washed ashore, and Cali Sky remained oblivious to it all, thanks to her protective parents. Until she meets Brodie, who knocks on her door one day with a self-assured smile and a Pee Chee folder adorned with the handwritten names of the latest countercultural bands. She teaches him how to play guitar, he introduces her to KROQ-FM and the musical underground spreading all around her parents’ southern California home.

Together they explore the possibilities of their instruments and the limits of friendship as they seek inspiration, rooted in Cali Sky’s beauty-pained visions as well as her discoveries of the unexpected intersections between rock and roll and her parents’ hidden past.

Within a framework of Greek and Roman mythology, Ladbroke spins a classic rock-and-roll fable. His elaborate writing style complements the tone, sometimes adopting the cynical voice of youth against older generations, other times assuming the voice of adulation, paying homage to music history. The result is an unforgettable story of talent, inspiration and heartbreak.

Joe Ladbroke is a literature professor and amateur musician who has lived in Las Vegas, London and Southern California. He currently resides on the east coast of Florida.

Cali Sky and the Muses Nine
Joe Ladbroke

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Addicted: Tanay Jackson’s New Pop Single Has Fans Raving

Mandy Marshall
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Addicted: Tanay Jackson’s New Pop Single Has Fans Raving

Los Angeles, CA – Music lovers, take note: Tanay Jackson is singing and dancing her way into the hearts of millions around the world with her new track, “Addicted.” The single is electrified with energy, and the club beats make it nearly impossible to stay off the dance floor. Tanay’s dance moves are fierce, and once she starts singing, it’s clear she is a “Jackson.”

Tanay knows no boundaries when it comes to success and she spends countless hours in pursuit of her music career. She literally does it all and attacks every opportunity with an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether she is singing, dancing, directing, designing her own clothes for a performance, or managing her two entertainment companies – Tanay’s personal drive for excellence makes this artist one to watch. She doesn’t subscribe to the word “can’t” and in fact, made history by being the only Jackson (besides her Uncle Michael) asked to perform in Romania, which she did so last year.

“I love what I’m doing,” says Tanay. “Music has always kept me grounded. It’s the creative process, the collaboration, the possibilities … and the fans that keep me motivated to do more.”

Tanay Jackson is the niece of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. She knew at an early age that her heart would follow the music industry. First recognized for her natural singing ability in grade school, she went on to write her first song (produced in Japan) by the age of 12. Tanay graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and is CEO and president of Roth Entertainment and Lunar Music. Tanay recently finished a European tour and will be launching her new “Mama Chola” clothing line soon.

For more information, please visit:

Artist: Tanay Jackson
Album: Addicted (Rollin’ Poppin’) featuring Jonathan Timber
Label: Roth Entertainment / Othaz Records
Genre: Pop
Producer: Ryan Lawford
Single available at ITunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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Music And Coexistence: Using Music To Bridge The Gap Between Nations In A Troubled World

Houston, TX – The power of music is legendary. Not too long ago, one musician decided to ask the question – and then set out to find the answer by traveling the globe: can music help bridge gaps between people? The answer proved a resounding “yes,” and for proof author Osseily Hanna offers his fascinating book, Music and Coexistence: A Journey across the World in Search of Musicians Making a Difference (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing).

What at first seemed a simple question soon proved not so simple. “Musicians from across the world helped me get closer to answering this question,” says Osseily Hanna, the author. “I wanted to find musicians who break boundaries and traditional modes of thinking to create a ray of hope.”

He found them building bridges through music in a world where animosities are all too visible. “On everyone’s mind presently are conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and between Russia and Ukraine, but we know these will keep shifting. This past summer it was Gaza; before then it was Darfur. What I’m tapping is something bigger, looking at the ways music breaks down the walls nations and sometimes even communities work so hard to erect.”

Music and Coexistence explores the courageous work of musicians who compose and perform with their ostensible enemies or in extraordinary social situations. Hanna documents the political and economic constraints faced by musicians, from the wall that encloses a refugee camp in Jerusalem, to the tensions among KFOR and Carabinieri peacekeepers who keep Serbs and Kosovar Albanians apart, to the cultural and linguistic suppression that afflicts minority communities in Turkey.

Hanna talks to the individuals and groups at the forefront of the effort to bridge ethnic, cultural, and religious divisions. Featuring musicians from thirteen different countries and territories across five continents, Hanna’s story includes a remarkable cadre of performers. These include the musicians who comprise Heartbeat, a group of Israeli and Palestinian youth, who compose, record, and perform music together; the Albino musicians of Tanzania, who regularly combat persecution by local shamans; the multiracial and thriving samba musicians in Sao Paolo, and a former child soldier from Cambodia who seeks to revive traditional music following the genocide in the 1970s.

With photos taken by the author during his travels, this work is a remarkable intersection of world music and peace studies. It will open the eyes and the hearts of every musician and music lover who recognizes music as a universal language. The companion film was recently screened at the Amnesty International Film Festival in Vancouver.

Osseily Hanna was born in London, where he began violin lessons at the age of eight and played with the North London Symphony Orchestra in 2005. He gave up a successful career in global financial markets in 2011 to develop Music and Coexistence as a film and book project. Fluent in English and Spanish, he has also studied Arabic, French, Italian, and Turkish.

For more information, please visit:

Music and Coexistence: A Journey across the World in Search of Musicians Making a Difference
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing
Available December 16, 2014, online from Barnes & Noble and Amazon and other fine booksellers
978-1-4422-3753-7 (Hardback)
978-1-4422-3754-4 (eBook)

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“My Corner Of Heaven:” Fans And Critics Say Sarah Kelly Soars

Sarah Kelly, two-time Grammy nominee, continues to win accolades on the release of “My Corner of Heaven” (September, 2014).

Her most recent album is the most powerful combination yet of her faith and talent. Produced by Jonas Ekman and Jeremy Hunter, it blends classic rock sounds, contemporary pop notions and worshipful moments. The album takes the listener on a ride with throwback sounds, unbridled passion, deep worship and overall, true singer-songwriter material.

The title track, “My Corner of Heaven,’” paints a picture of the hereafter as it would be in a rock musician’s dreams: having a classic rock band play worship from the heart. “It’s not theologically correct and it’s not supposed to be,” says Kelly with a smile.

“It’s a little laugh for those who love rock ’n’ roll and God. To us, a guitar solo is worship when you’re doing it for the glory of God.” A line from the title track captures the essence: ““We’ll sing a Hendrix Hallelujah, with David’s heart, but Joplin’s tone….”

Kelly first turned heads with her raspy vocals and intense passion in both her rock and worship music. Beginning with the Grammy-nominated “Take Me Away,” she continues to produce a string of buzz-worthy albums that have sold over 250.000 units worldwide.

Kelly is also deeply committed to her work teaching songwriting and helping a new generation of artists discover and grow their talents. With 250 students and an internship program at the Sarah Kelly Music School, Kelly divides most of her time between touring, her home church and her students.

Capitol Christian Music Group CEO Bill Hearn will visit the Sarah Kelly Music School November 3rd, an opportunity for promising young musicians ages 7-25 to showcase their musical and songwriting talents. The Sarah Kelly Music School offers a creative approach to music education, at the Woodlands and through a series of online classes. They teach songwriting, guitar, vocals and piano, and students record demos every six weeks as part of their instruction.

Learn more about Sarah Kelly at her website: 

“My Corner of Heaven”
Released September 2014
Christian Rock
available on all major digital outlets including iTunes:



Bert Gangl: “…the new record, more than anything else, points to a star whose talent remains undimmed with the passing of time and whose best and most memorable work almost certainly lies ahead of her.

“‘Unescapable’ helps cement the long-standing comparisons to Alanis Morissette, while the equally rocking follow-on cut, ‘Legends (The Real You),’ would almost surely have given mid-’80s Heart power ballads like “What About Love” and “Alone” a run for their money… At the softer end of the spectrum, entries like ‘You Know Me’ highlight Kelly’s undeniable proficiency with purely pop material. And the Janis Joplin-esque vocals on the absolutely consummate piano-driven ‘Just As You Please’ add just the right amount of roughness to the piece’s otherwise hushed, reverent tones – the likes of which should be required listening for any artist seeking to craft a worship-oriented release.”

Praise for Sarah Kelly’s earlier work:

Bert Gangl: “…Her propensity for melodic, bracing rock with just the right amount of pop sheen immediately caught on with critics and the public at large, pulling down a Grammy nomination in the Rock Gospel category in the process…”

J. Lee Harshbarger: “…truly amazing….her voice immediately reminded me of Janis Joplin, and…Joan Osborne. Another reviewer offered a comparison in vocal quality to Alanis Morissette, and I can see that too. …the music on this album is not typically the kind of music I listen to, but Sarah Kelly’s singing and her songs are just so astounding that it goes beyond the normal boundaries of musical style in its appeal.”

Amy on “Sarah Kelly has an amazing voice and her heart for God is apparent. Full of heartfelt worship songs….awesome lyrics.”

Jonathan Widran: “…her Christian fans might balk at her hiring of Mike Clink (Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth), but he brings out the emotionally honest rocker in her brilliantly – creating shimmering electric guitar beds for lyrics that tap into rich spiritual themes without being preachy or specifically of one religious mindset.

“[her music is]…a mix of searing ballads and tough rockers…her vocals moving effortlessly from the soaring Ann and Nancy Wilson realm to more subtle emotional moments that show off her immense range. Irresistible….godly and inspirational and perfectly Christian, yet touches on a secular level as well….taps deeper into the listener with each brilliant listen.”

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