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Finding Sunken Treasure with a Satellite – Tom Williams many reviews clearly displays an author to watch

Lost and Found (published by Arche Books) is a captivating story about a modern-day treasure hunt – minus the pirates!  Just released on September 1st, this clever tale covers one of man’s favorite pastimes – searching for gold, but with the distinct advantage of today’s technology.

Lost and Found, an exotic escape from reality, begins with two English expatriates who are hired by an oil consulting firm to track oil reserves around the globe using a geological survey satellite.  When they realize it will not find oil, they reconfigure it to find gold, resulting in accusations of sabotage and their termination from the company.  A co-worker is murdered after she smuggles out data that would prove their innocence, but their corrupt boss has given them only thirty days to find gold or be arrested.  After meeting up with a beautiful salvage captain in Florida, the three travel to Turkey and there follows a quest for the riches that is fun, intriguing and non-stop action, filled with unpredictable twists and turns.  In the exciting race for the treasure, the cast of characters battle a treacherous storm, an earthquake, a tsunami, and each other.

Tom Williams resides on Marco Island, Florida, and is a master merchant marine officer licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard for twenty-three years, specializing in shipwrecks and salvage diving.  It is this vast background that enriches Lost and Found with true life experiences, providing the specialized environment necessary to make it a plausible maritime treasure hunt.  He lends credibility to an imaginative plot – Lost and Found truly is an epic vacation inside every page.  Williams’ web site displays the many reviews received, long before the release date, clearly showing that this is one author to keep a close eye on:



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Move over Tom Clancy – A. J. Tata’s group of fearless freedom fighters are ready to take on the world

Sudden Threat is the premiere novel of A.J. Tata’s ‘Threat’ series, which has been called “Riveting entertainment at its best” by the Military Writers Society of America, and named, “One of my must read authors,” by New York Times bestselling writer, Brad Thor.

Tony Tata is a West Point and Harvard educated Brigadier General in the U.S. Army.  Master paratrooper, ranger qualified, Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star are just some of Tata’s bona fides that make Sudden Threat an authentic military thriller from an author who has personally “walked the talk.”  Sudden Threat is the prequel to Rogue Threat, the second book in the series, which was previously published on a limited basis under the pseudonym Aiden Rocke, and which received rave reviews and won runner-up honors in the Hollywood Book Festival.  Military Writers Society of America heaped high praise on Tata’s writing style as “packed with adrenaline and action.”  Sudden Threat is a riveting, suspense-filled, political-military thriller.

Sudden Threat is the story of two brothers, Matt and Zachary Garrett, CIA paramilitary operative and U.S. Army officer respectively, who get caught in the crossfire of competing Beltway conspiracies.  Matt is abruptly re-routed to an obscure assignment in China and the Philippines just as he was about to close in on al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan.  Later, sifting through the wreckage of a C-130 aircraft in the Philippine jungle and finding a dead Special Forces paratrooper, Matt is forced to question why he was placed on the edge of the global war on terror.  As he is pursued by Muslim insurgents, he stumbles upon a weapons factory guarded by Japanese soldiers in Mindanao’s uncharted rain forests.  At the same time, and unknown to Matt, his brother’s infantry company is deployed to guard an ammunition stockpile near Manila. As the two brothers fight their elusive enemies overseas, they do not realize they are pawns in a game of chess played by a powerful band of men inside the DC Beltway trying desperately to forestall the Iraq invasion while keeping the country focused on the fight against Islamic terrorism.  The beautiful Meredith Morris challenges the conspirators, but events take a lethal turn when a member of the Beltway group decides to go solo.

A. J. Tata’s novels, published by Variance Publishing, have already been compared by U.S. News and World Report with the works of Tom Clancy.  With top acclaim and praise as “A pulse-pounding, military thriller” coming from Brad Thor, NY Times #1 best-selling author of The Last Patriot, definitely makes A.J. Tata and his ‘Threat’ series an exciting addition to the Thriller genre.

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Downfall of a giant – The Beginning of the End of The Bear

Riding the storm was something Bear Stearns had done many times in its 85-year history, but it took only a few days, an increasing sense of panic, and a critical email, to spell the end for this one-of-a-kind investment bank that ended up being taken over for a pittance.


Bear Trap – The Fall of Bear Stearns and the Panic of 2008 (Brick Tower Press, New York) was written, with the help of Andrew Spencer, by an anonymous senior executive of Bear Stearns whose identity will not be revealed until the release of this dynamic book on September 22, 2008.

The writer takes the reader step-by-step on the downward spiral of this giant corporation beginning March 10, 2008 through its final demise and takeover. Find out from someone on the inside if the company was really headed down the drain financially or was it all a big rumor-mongering, manipulative ploy to allow some far-sighted predator to make a killing? How did the giant respond when financial institutions they had traded with for years asked if Bear had the cash to execute their trades? Was the challenge of their financial liquidity borne of facts or engineered rumor? This book takes you through each nerve-wracking minute of every action that took place in the offices of Bear Stearns during its final days. In a business based on confidence, when that confidence fades, so does the business. The Company was scrambling to prove their counterparties were being paid, trades were clearing and business was picking up – surely not the normal scenario for an investment bank’s collapse. On the day prior to the announcement, a member of senior management was in total disbelief when he realized that “ … a cup of coffee at Starbucks was now actually more expensive than a share of Bear stock.”

This tell-all book is a must-read for anyone who wants to know how fortunes were made and lost virtually overnight, placing blame where it belongs for the responsibility of ‘killing the Bear.’ Feel the pain of the employees when they realize they have lost it all: “The Bear was dead. The carcass was rotting in the street as people hurried past, lest they catch whatever it was that had killed the Bear.”


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Rags to Riches – The American Dream of Success Becomes a Reality after an Amazing Struggle

Antarktos Rising is the latest science thriller from the inexhaustible imagination of Jeremy Robinson. This prolific writer has a great deal to be proud of, having suffered through many hard times, often at near poverty level. Not one to give up easily, he self-published The Didymus Contingency in 2005, which became a Barnes & Noble on-line best-seller. With that under his belt, he started Breakneck Books the following year using three credit cards, and self-published Raising the Past, as well as publishing the works of ten other authors. He later received a massive investment for Variance Publishing which absorbed Breakneck Books, and signed two separate three book deals, one with Variance and one with Thomas Dunne, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press. Adding to this success, he secured an animated feature film deal for Antarktos Rising, which has a blockbuster big budget and will be released in 2010. Jeremy Robinson is a force to contend with – in spite of the hardships he endured, he never lost sight of his goal to succeed. His is an amazing story and a courageous example of the American spirit that never gives up.

Jeremy’s latest novel, Antarktos Rising, is the story of an epic journey to a new world after a phenomenon, known as crustal displacement, shifts the earth’s crust and repositions continents, causing countless deaths. As the world struggles to take care of its displaced billions in the wake of this global disaster, Antarctica emerges as a new hope. The leading nations devise a competition – a race to the center of Antarctica – with the three victors dividing the continent. A survivor in this race is Mirabelle Whitney, a photographer, who joins an American Special Forces unit and comes to realize there is a danger on this new continent far worse than the evil intentions of her fellow man. Jeremy has received rave reviews for his work from numerous NY Times best-selling authors, including Steve Berry (The Charlemagne Pursuit), James Rollins (The Judas
Strain), Stel Pavlou (Decipher), Steve Alten (The Shell Game), and Scott Sigler (Ancestor). Visit Jeremy’s website at

Jeremy currently resides in Barrington, New Hampshire, with his wife and family.



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An old, buried evil rears its ugly head and shows it was never really dead!

99 Sycamore Place has its roots very close to home for NY Times best-selling author, Norman Bogner, and has all the makings of yet another record-breaking best-seller. The inspiration for Bogner’s story emanated from his childhood memories of overheard whispered conversations of torture inflicted on family members by the Nazis that, years later, compelled him to visit the sites where these atrocities took place and pray for the dead.

99 Sycamore Place, while written as fiction, includes many of Bogner’s and his family’s real-life experiences of evil and prejudice, illustrating the very real danger and threats still confronting Jews today from neo-Nazi bands infiltrating this country, and the indifference of law enforcement whose full focus is on Homeland Security.

The plot takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of suspenseful twists and turns and unpredictable love that begins when a concert pianist in Vienna travels to Beverly Hills for her sister’s wedding. Soon after her arrival, when her sister is brutally murdered and branded with a swastika, she becomes increasingly frustrated when police don’t seem to understand the implications. She recruits the help of a man who traveled from Africa to attend the funeral of his aunt – a woman she had lovingly nursed – convincing him to help her bring her sister’s murderer to justice. Their search reveals that other Jewish brides-to-be have been murdered in the same way, leading them to the discovery that a man who was a staunch supporter of Hitler has organized a group of ex-cons, and intends to use her sister’s murder as a model in his malicious plan of genocide against all Jews in America. 99 Sycamore Place, rich with characters that are very real and very believable, has a plot that exposes the evil still existing among us and hopefully will help draw attention to a subject ignored far too long.

After working as an editor in Europe for many years, Bogner worked in television and wrote plays before writing his famous “Seventh Avenue.” He continues to impress readers with his brilliant work, having now sold over twenty-two million books



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The Beatles are back . . . in a cartoon form. Meet the Brittles in Monstermania!

Meet the Brittles in Monstermania is the latest, talented work from Hal Pollock and his Monsterbook series of illustrated children’s rhyme books.  It is an imaginative parody of the Beatles’ story with four lovable monsters from Monsterpool, England. Pollock got his inspiration for the rhyming Monsterbook series from the Dr. Seuss books he loved as a child. Meet the Brittles is the story of Riff, Lefty, Mojo and Sticks and all the Beatles’ timeless music that generations have come to know and love. It includes the groups’ adoring fans, wild antics, and countless parallels to the people, places and things of Beatle lore that will not only fascinate kids but will take their parents on a nostalgic magical mystery tour.

Brittles’ will undoubtedly be the perfect vehicle for adults to share their memories of the ‘Fab Four’ with their children and grandchildren, and to introduce the Beatles’ story and music to new generations. Pollock already has an audio CD of the book with Louise Harrison, George’s sister, as the narrator, adding an authentic Liverpool treatment to the rendition. The CD also includes snippets of twenty-three authentic Beatles’ songs performed by ‘1964,’ the top Beatles tribute band in the world.

It was in 1999 that Hal Pollock decided to pursue his dream of becoming a songwriter and penned about two hundred sets of lyrics before forming Esquire Records, an independent record label. In 2002, his songwriting evolved into his first children’s book, So Many Monsters, and he has been expressing his creativity ever since as evidenced by an excerpt from Meet the Brittles: “They called themselves the Brittles and they bought some shiny suits, which just looked so fantastic with their pointy Brittle boots.” Pollock’s book is an incredible tribute to one of the most legendary groups of our time.

Hal Pollock lives in suburban Cleveland with his wife, and has two grown children. Check out this imaginative author’s web site at



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Regain the Wonder of Christmas with all its Magic and Miracles

The Santa Letters, by Stacy Gooch-Anderson, undoubtedly is the next classic Christmas story and future movie in-the-making. This is a book that most likely every person will want to call their own and pass on to future generations. The Santa Letters will surely become a family heirloom because of the warmth, love and inspiration it contains. Christmas has become so commercialized over the years that the true meaning has so easily been forgotten. This new book reminds us of family traditions, the warmth and comfort of friends and family, and those
around us needing a lift. Written with great wisdom to uplift and inspire, Santa Letters is a most poignant and compelling story of love and faith that “brings us as close as we can ever get to another person’s heart and soul through the written word,” says Craig Clyde, Emmy-winning Screenwriter and Director.

santa_letters_book_coverThe Santa Letters is a beautiful story about how the lives of Emma Jensen and her children were changed overnight by the death of her husband, William, killed by a hit and run driver. As Christmas Eve approaches, marking the anniversary of his death, she finds herself sinking into a deep depression where nothing can reach her – not her job, not the love of her family, and especially not the season. Her youngest child, McKenna, is the only one who still believes in the magic of Christmas, and in miracles. When an ornate letter and mysterious package appears on their doorstep and one continues to arrive every day, Emma and her sons begin to experience the same magical journey to Christmas that McKenna feels and believes in. As the meaning of the letters unfolds, the whole family comes to realize that William is still playing a part in their lives and the joy of Christmas need not be forever lost.

Cedar Fort Publishers’ knew immediately after reviewing the manuscript that it had all the potential of becoming a new  Christmas Classic, and a special part of everyone’s Holiday tradition.

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