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Uganda Christian Orphanage Building Fund Raiser

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I would greatly appreciate your sharing this message on social media for a very worthwhile cause. Thank you.

Helen Cook
PrimeStar Publicity & Public Relations

Uganda Christian Orphanage Building Fund Raiser

Houston, TX – Helen Cook, owner of PrimeStar Publicity and Public Relations, has set up a page on for the sole purpose of raising $25,000 US dollars to purchase land and start construction on a building to house fifty Ugandan orphans and a small staff of four.

Even though the Light for Orphans Ministry (LFOM) must be registered and licensed with the government of Uganda, they receive no support because they are a Christian ministry.

Their daily needs – food, shelter, medical, clothing and education – are provided by a small group of dedicated donors, about eleven, here in the US and one in Australia.

The “LFOM family” is currently housed in a rented facility that was slated to be a motel, in the small village of Jinja, Uganda, East Africa. However, they have already outgrown the facility that they moved into less than two years ago when their numbers were less than forty.

It would be so wonderful for them to have a permanent home; one where they can continue to grow without facing the need to have to move out once again.

If your heart is moved to do so, you can make donations to the building fund at:

Maybe you would like to become a regular donor for the monthly needs of our beautiful family. If so, you can make donations to Light for Orphans Ministry (LFOM) c/o Helen Cook, 2668 Hwy. 36 S. #127, Brenham, TX 77833.

If you would like more information about LFOM, feel free to contact me either by phone at 903-654-0938 or email,

1 John 3:17: “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”

Helen Cook
Light for Orphans Ministry

Acts 20:35 “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

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PACAW: Changing A Culture Of Poverty And Corruption To One Of Hope Through Education For Children In Africa

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While ‘Paying it Forward’ might be just a catch-phrase for some, not so for Dr. Sylvanus A. Ayeni. A retired neurosurgeon and former associate professor of neurosurgery at Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, NE, Dr. Ayeni was born in Nigeria and witnessed first-hand how poverty and corruption robs children in Africa of their chance at an education and fulfilling life. To help change this he founded the non-profit organization Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch (PACAW) in 2007 and, together with a team of dedicated members of the local community, they are nurturing a new generation of African leaders through access to a different educational culture.

Please read the following press release and let me know if I may schedule an interview with Dr. Ayeni. We believe many in your audience would be interested in hearing of the work being done by this remarkable organization. If you would like to run this story, we would be happy to send you a .jpg of Dr. Ayeni. Thank you for your time.

Trish Stevens
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PACAW: Changing A Culture Of Poverty And Corruption To One Of Hope Through Education For Children In Africa

Bethesda, MD ― The mission of Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch (PACAW), is to nurture and develop a new generation of African leaders via access to a different educational culture at the primary and secondary school levels. In providing the infrastructure and staff for quality education for pupils in poor underserved communities Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch promotes change.

“We can help develop better leaders when early education focuses on turning the gaze of the children away from avarice, extortion, selfishness, the vain, and obsession with accumulation of material wealth.” Dr. Sylvanus A. Ayeni is president of the nonprofit organization. “This type of education culture at the basic and secondary school levels would prepare young people for leadership that champions the development of their nations from within, and embraces living for a higher purpose.

“We’d like to expand our programs to several states in Nigeria,” says Dr. Ayeni. “In particular we would like a presence in the delta area and the northeastern part of the country where education has been brutally decimated by stone age ideologues.” Later, they plan to establish similar programs in other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Biennial PACAW Leadership Academy is the second component of PACAW’s program. The Academy is for community leaders, the teachers and interested young graduates from the country’s tertiary educational institutions. The lessons and the values learned are then passed on to the children.

The third aspect of PACAW initiatives is the Community Economic Empowerment Program, intended to lift up the community economically. The goal is to transfer the PACAW programs to the community, the local government and perhaps, the state government within about ten years. This is designed to break the cycle of dependency which is so deeply entrenched in many nations of Sub-Saharan Africa.

PACAW is governed by members of an all-volunteer board in the USA and Africa. Members of the Organizing Committees of the programs at the grassroots level in Africa are all volunteers as well. Your assistance in helping us to get generous donations to this cause would be greatly appreciated. Currently, at least 95% of donations go directly to the village (community) in Africa for the projects to fulfill the mission of PACAW, Inc.

Dr. Ayeni is a retired neurosurgeon and former associate professor of neurosurgery at Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska. Born in Nigeria, he has studied and taught around the world. For more information, please visit:

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11th Annual Clusterbusters Conference Presents Exciting New Research, Advocacy And Treatment Options For Cluster Headache Patients

President Bob Wold
Conference Chair Eileen Brewer

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11th Annual Clusterbusters Conference Presents Exciting New Research, Advocacy And Treatment Options For Cluster Headache Patients

Austin, TX ― The Clusterbusters 11th Annual Patient Conference, the largest gathering of cluster headache patients in history, will be September 15th-18th
at the Holiday Inn, Austin Midtown. Bringing together patients, their families, doctors and researchers to educate all involved, Clusterbusters also advances research, advocates for improved treatments and collaborates on legislative changes needed to end needless suffering and financial inequality.

Clusterbusters is uniting the voices of the families suffering from this debilitating disease. Cluster headaches, nicknamed “suicide headaches,” have a suicide rate 20 times the national average. The pain is so severe that most people suffering from the disease hide their suffering from family, friends and employers; celebrities and sports figures hide their condition for fear of losing their high-paying jobs.

Clusterbusters is directly involved in supporting exciting new research to be featured during the weekend conference. Presentations on genetic research at McGill University in Montreal, new treatment research studies through Eli Lilly, a psychological burden and quality of life study at the University of West Georgia, non-invasive devices presented by Electrocore, minimally invasive surgical implants conducted by Autonomic Technologies, and psilocybin research in partnership with Yale University and the VA will be included. Inspiration is the theme, highlighted throughout the program, commencing the evening of the 15th with registration and a cocktail hour reception.

For more information and conference registration, please visit:

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Brace For Impact: “Miracle on the Hudson” Survivors Share Their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life


Kim Weiss
Director of Communications
HCI Books, The Life Issues Publisher
3201 SW 15 Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
(800) 851-9100 ext. 212

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Brace For Impact: “Miracle on the Hudson” Survivors Share Their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life

What Passengers of Flight 1549 Want Others to Know About Second Chances

Deerfield Beach, FL – On January 15, 2009, the world was mesmerized by “the miracle on the Hudson.” Against all odds, Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger safely landed a plane plunging toward disaster on the river. More amazingly, all 150 passengers
survived—and, for the most part, with nothing worse (physically) than a few bruises
and soggy clothes. At the time, many of us tried to imagine how we would have
those three chilling words—“Brace for impact”—and then, amazingly, been spared from certain death?

A year later, it’s time for a different, perhaps more meaningful story. What happened to these extremely fortunate passengers when they went home? What was it like to return to their families, their jobs, their neighborhoods—everything familiar, but somehow changed? How did they celebrate coming back from the brink of near-death trauma? How did their loved ones respond to the living proof of a miracle? What has been the real impact they braced for, not of the disaster and death they expected, but of the gift of a “new” life?

Intrigued by these and other questions, authors Dorothy Firman and Kevin Quirk set out to find answers—by asking the survivors themselves. The result is an inspiring collection of first-person accounts: Brace For Impact: “Miracle on the Hudson” Survivors Share Their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life (HCI Books). Along with the personal stories of 25 men and women profoundly affected by Flight 1549—survivors and first-responders—this volume offers lessons about faith, gratitude, wisdom, healing, love, and transformation for everyone in today’s world of upheaval and challenges.
Readers will hear from parents who believed they would never see their teenagers, toddlers, or a child on the way; an ex-Marine officer, a swimming pool serviceman, a nurse, a TV executive, and a boat pilot; survivors who have publicly spoken about their experiences at churches, schools, businesses, and organizations as large as the American Red Cross, as well as those who have remained private. Through their heartfelt, stirring words, their courageous admissions of fear, their humor and their hope, the contributors reinforce the importance of family, knowing what really matters, and discovering our purpose. Throughout and above all, Brace For Impact stands as a testament to how something good—even something wonderful—can emerge out of crisis and tragedy. And that’s a timely, welcome lesson to inspire and comfort everyone.
Dorothy Firman is the New York Times bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul, among numerous books. She has worked in the field of psychology and counseling for over thirty years. Kevin Quirk is a former journalist with The Charlotte Observer, among other newspapers, and a prolific ghostwriter and editor.

For more information, please visit

Brace For Impact: “Miracle on the Hudson” Survivors Share
Their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life

Available online at
ISBN 978-0757313578

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New Breakthroughs In The Drive For Peace In The Middle East: Changing Public Opinion Through Interfaith Unification

Kimberly McCall
Ascot Media Group
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The Woodlands, TX 77393
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New Breakthroughs In The Drive For Peace In The Middle East: Changing Public Opinion Through Interfaith Unification

Houston, TX – Frank Romano, PhD, doesn’t merely talk about the possibility of sustainable peace in the Middle East, he champions programs through interfaith unification and has seen first-hand the results of these efforts. Even though he has found himself in dangerous situations, he has spent decades of his life working towards peace in the Middle East and his efforts are documented in Love and Terror in the Middle East (4th edition)

“There is definitely something positive happening right now in the US,” says Dr. Romano. “We’re realizing a favorable evolution in US public opinion. Americans are better informed and I believe this will lead to the American people demanding a louder voice on issues where the Middle East peace is concerned.”

Frank Romano’s story began decades ago with a move from California to France to study philosophy. He later ventured to Morocco on his way to the Middle East, where he was to participate in the interfaith peace movement. In his quest for the universal religion, which at first he thought might be Islam (meaning “peace”), he soon realized that the Islamic sect he met had little to do with peace and more to do with radicalism. After daring to ask questions relating to Islam and women, he was wrongly accused by Muslim extremists of being a Zionist spy and was imprisoned. This ultimately led to a spiritual awakening and, eventually, to his escape.

While Dr. Romano is due to return to his interfaith activities in the Middle East, he wants to be a part of what is certain to be more involvement by the American public relating to Middle East issues. His hope is to create a positive impact on American thinking which seems to be more open to interfaith peace activities.

Dr. Frank Romano is a lawyer, author, speaker and professor of law, literature, history and philosophy of law, and continues to be an advocate for peace in the Middle East.

For more information on Dr. Romano’s book or his ongoing drive for peace, please visit: (book) (blog) (Interview)

Available at and major online outlets
Love and Terror in the Middle East, 4th edition
By Frank Romano
AB Film Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0989706865

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The Continuing Struggle For Justice And Peace: Perspectives Of A Street Cop Who Knows There’s No Place For Race

Shreveport. LA – “Black Lives Matter.” “No Justice, No Peace.” “Racism is Tyranny.” “I Can’t Breathe.” Slogans are everywhere, yet it’s a problem too complex to be condensed down to a few words. Veteran homicide detective Rodney Demery draws from a lifetime of experience to delve deeper than race for answers, and his voice rings true.

On an autopsy table, we all look the same. Not black. Not white. Just human. And we all bleed red. With these blunt words, Demery launches a persuasive argument for rejecting race and racial tensions as the root of our crumbling criminal justice system. In his book No Place For Race, (The Demery Group LLC), Demery boldly asserts that worn-out sociopolitical theories generate more divisiveness than anything else; the interjection of racism camouflages what’s really going on. Black police administrators and policy makers may be more responsible for racial profiling than racists, he believes.

After having worked as an investigator for homicides, narcotics, burglaries, armed robberies and sex crimes, Demery has suggestions with the potential to move our communities far beyond academic theories. “I want to start a conversation that moves us away from the same old political and social divisions,” he says. “The book comes from the frustration I feel walking under yellow tape and stepping over pooled blood at yet another crime scene.” Too often, Demery has told mothers their children have been murdered and could only watch helplessly as they sobbed.

A decorated veteran of the United States Navy, Detective Rodney Demery has served the public as an officer of the peace for 25 years. Demery, who served in both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield, attended Louisiana State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Throughout his career as a police officer, he has worked in three states.

Rodney Demery is African American. He is also the author of Things My Daughters Need to Know: A Cop and Father’s View of Sex, Relationships and Happiness. Part advice column, part memoir, it reached Amazon’s Kindle Best Seller List in July 2011.

For more, please visit the website:

No Place For Race
The Demery Group LLC
Available on as a Kindle Book
ASIN: B00G2039SW
and at Barnes and Noble for the Nook
BN ID: 2940148552451

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For Families With Missing Kids And Loved Ones, Here’s Hope: Letters To Our Missing

Manhattan, KS, Letters to our Missing First Edition is a heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful perspective from the families and loved ones who are left behind, a publication of Media for the Missing. Sometimes those who disappear are victims of human trafficking, but in most cases no one knows what happened.

Letters to our Missing 1st Edition is a collection of poems, letters and photos by families and advocates that will take you to the very heart of this issue. This book is a raw, unedited glimpse into the pain families endure when their loved ones are missing. It also provides mass exposure, with family photos of the missing included. The goal is to inspire more public awareness of those who are missing and increase community involvement. To ensure accuracy and maintain the originality of content, letters and poems within Letters to our Missing are not edited.

Media for the Missing is a nonprofit organization ensuring that missing people of all ages, race, ethnicity, gender, and economic status receive equal and adequate exposure. A new, highly visible continuous information system, to be implemented as funds are raised, is in development, and the simple yet effective publicity of Letters to our Missing in its first and subsequent editions is launched with this release.

“When the public becomes aware of missing people, they become more aware of the problem, get involved and even help identify them,” says Stephanie Coplen, founder of the program. “We serve as a media outlet for missing persons information by providing NamUs a live stream viewing method to display information to the public in real time.

“We are not a replacement for law enforcement or missing persons organizations,” she continues. “We strongly encourage the public to use all the support offered by missing persons organizations.” NamUs is the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, a national centralized repository and resource center for missing persons at

For more information or to submit a letter or poem, please visit:

Letters to our Missing 1st Edition
Available now at Amazon:
ISBN: 978-1499102338

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