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The Appleseed Journal: A Spiritual Message from an Authentic American Hero

Bartonsville, PA – There’s more to Johnny Appleseed than meets the eye and Dr. Stewart Bitkoff’s new release, The Appleseed Journal, unveils the true story of this American hero, who very few may know was a spiritual man, and further that he went missing in 1843.

Johnny Appleseed is famously portrayed for his impact on growing the apple industry and expansion of his operation throughout the frontier. After a further look at Appleseed and his contributions, we discover that he was quite a spiritual man who ministered throughout his life’s journey. The Appleseed Journal is based on actual events and delves deep into the era when Appleseed went missing on the way to a convention at the Church of New Jerusalem in Philadelphia. It’s uncertain what happened along the way, but what is certain … he never arrived.

“Johnny Appleseed had a spiritual calling and provided apple seedling, a life staple along the frontier, as part of his work,” says Dr. Bitkoff. “It’s rumored that Appleseed planted a message in Hudson Valley, New York so that it could be harvested by spiritual travelers in our time.”

Author of six published books on spirituality, Stewart Bitkoff, holds a doctorate in education and has served as a faculty member for multiple college and universities throughout the US. Dr. Bitkoff is a spiritual traveler and advocate for Sufi mysticism. Additionally, he specializes in therapeutic recreation, psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health treatment. Dr. Bitkoff is a regular contributor to online media outlets such as: Philadelphia Spirituality Examiner, Wisdom Magazine, New Age Journal, and Mystic Living Today.

For more information, visit:

The Appleseed Journal
By Stewart Bitkoff
Publisher: Abandoned Ladder
Available at
ISBN-10: 0991577515
ISBN-13: 978-09915775414

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Despite Personal Sacrifice, One Man’s Goal In The War-Torn Middle East Is To Unite People In Peace

Houston, TX – Frank Romano, PhD, has seen it all in his quest to bring sustainable peace to the Middle East. For decades, through interfaith grassroots efforts to open up communication, he has brought Jews, Muslims and Christians together from all corners of the world in support of peace.

Romano tells the remarkable story of his journey in Love and Terror in the Middle East (AB Film Publishing). A 4th edition of the book, it includes a chapter dedicated to a recent event where he was trapped in the middle of rioting Palestinians, following the killing of a Palestinian youth by Israeli soldiers, and barely escaped with his life.

Frank Romano’s story began decades ago with a move from California to France to study philosophy. He later ventured to Morocco on his way to the Middle East, where he was to participate in the interfaith peace movement. In his quest for the universal religion, which at first he thought might be Islam (meaning “peace”), he soon realized that what he found had little to do with peace and more to do with radicalism. After daring to ask questions relating to Islam and women, he was wrongly accused by Muslim extremists of being a Zionist spy and was imprisoned. This ultimately led to a spiritual awakening and, eventually, to his escape.

It was through meditation after this journey that he found truth about religion – and this truth continues to be the source of power that compels him to bring Jews, Muslims and Christians together to celebrate their shared similarities and begin to build on a platform of the belief in one God. His vision has always been about creating dialogues and breaking down barriers. “Organizing interfaith groups is critical to creating a platform for those dialogues to take place,” says Dr. Romano.

Constantly surrounded by war, his journey has been fraught with sacrifice. Friends and fellow activists have been brutally murdered. He has been attacked by settlers, harassed by Israeli soldiers and arrested by Palestinian police. In his personal life it has cost him his marriage, another long term romantic relationship, and impacted his role as a father. In spite of the danger and sacrifice, Dr. Romano – lawyer, author, speaker and professor of law, literature, history and philosophy of law – continues to be an advocate for peace in the Middle East.

For more information on Dr. Romano’s book or his ongoing drive for peace, please visit: (book) (blog) (Interview)

Available at and major online outlets
Love and Terror in the Middle East, 4th edition
By Frank Romano
AB Film Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0989706865

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Meditation as a Way of Life: New Book Based on Teachings of Yogananda Promotes Peace and Wellness

“One of the best meditation guides in years. Clear, uncomplicated, inspiring, and straight from the heart of a true expert who’s been there. Highly recommended.”
~ Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words

Minneapolis, MN, – Among primers on meditation, Meditation as a Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda is unique in that it uses the universally applicable teachings of Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda to guide readers who treasure inner growth and are looking for reliable direction for how to achieve it in an authentic and sustainable way, offering specific, time-tested principles and how-to exercises for cultivating the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a meditation-based spiritual life from a classical yogic perspective.

Rev. Alan L. Pritz, a disciple of Yogananda, distills the teachings of many other spiritual traditions and religions, including Christianity, into an interfaith perspective that will appeal to all seekers of the Divine. Specific elements include foundations of spiritual practice; benefits of energy-building exercises, affirmations, and healthy life-style regimens; instructions in mantra practice and inner-sound meditation; techniques for effective prayer; and guidelines to measure inner practice.

Throughout the narrative, Rev. Pritz adds touching and sometimes humorous personal stories, speaking to the reader authentically as a fellow practitioner rather than a master or guru. He concludes the book with an appendix that contains a discussion about the differences and similarities between spirituality and religion.

The accessible narrative and universal themes in Meditation as a Way of Life make it enjoyable to read and life-enhancing to apply.

Rev. Alan Pritz is an Interfaith Minister, meditation teacher, spiritual counselor / life coach and consultant who’s trained in and taught inner sciences for over 40 years. Inspired by the universally applicable teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Rev. Alan helps individuals and organizations address spiritual growth or work/life issues from a higher perspective framework. He also leads Sunday Morning Meditation Services in Minneapolis. For more information about his activities visit:

Meditation as a Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice
Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda
By Alan L. Pritz
Published by Quest Books
ISBN 978-0-8356-0928-9
$17.95 paperback
288 pages
To order online:

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The Complete A To Z Dictionary Of Dreams: Be Your Own Dream Expert Over 12,000 Definitions

By Ian Wallace

Stop Sleepwalking Through Daily Life
by Putting Your Nightly Dreams into Action

New York, NY – If you’ve ever woken up wondering, “What was that about?” The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams: Be Your Own Dream Expert (HCI Books –$18.95) with over 12,000 definitions will explain everything and enable you to become your own dream expert. By exploring your dreams in a deeper way, you’ll reach a profound understanding of what you really want in life – and work out how to achieve it. Whether you dream about flying above canyons, your teeth dropping out, missing the bus, or standing naked in a crowded room, psychologist and author Ian Wallace will help you understand what your unconscious is trying to tell you and how you can use your dreams to help you live a richer and more fulfilling life. By exploring your dreams in this practical way, you’ll reach a deeper understanding of what you really want in life – and work out how to achieve it.

Ian Wallace pairs these definitions with his completely original Dream Connection Process, which is being shared here for the first time. Through this process, developed by Ian, the dreamer can connect the imagery and symbolism that they create in their dreams to situations and opportunities in waking life, using this awareness to make a valuable difference in their lives.

The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams: Be Your Own Dream Expert also contains background information on dreams and dreaming, answering questions such as: •

• What is a dream?
• Why do we dream?
• How do I remember my dreams?
• What do my dreams mean?
• What are symbols and where do they come from?

In this comprehensive and easy to use guide, Ian Wallace articulates the complex psychological principles of dreaming in a very straightforward and engaging manner. He puts the power of the dream firmly in the hands of the dreamer so that they can understand the imagery that they create in their dreams and connect it to situations and opportunities in waking life.


Ian Wallace graduated with a degree in psychology, and has analyzed over 170,000 dreams for his clients during his professional career. Wallace is the originator of the Dream Connection Process, a unique and powerful method that enables anyone to connect the imagery and symbolism that they create in their dreams to situations and opportunities in waking life where they can use this awareness to make a healthy difference. Wallace regularly appears on television, on radio and in print, where he is consistently applauded for his accuracy and his authority in analyzing dreams.

Available wherever books are sold or to order directly from the publisher, contact: (800) 441-5569 or – ISBN: 9780757318351 – February 2015

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For Families With Missing Kids And Loved Ones, Here’s Hope: Letters To Our Missing

Manhattan, KS, Letters to our Missing First Edition is a heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful perspective from the families and loved ones who are left behind, a publication of Media for the Missing. Sometimes those who disappear are victims of human trafficking, but in most cases no one knows what happened.

Letters to our Missing 1st Edition is a collection of poems, letters and photos by families and advocates that will take you to the very heart of this issue. This book is a raw, unedited glimpse into the pain families endure when their loved ones are missing. It also provides mass exposure, with family photos of the missing included. The goal is to inspire more public awareness of those who are missing and increase community involvement. To ensure accuracy and maintain the originality of content, letters and poems within Letters to our Missing are not edited.

Media for the Missing is a nonprofit organization ensuring that missing people of all ages, race, ethnicity, gender, and economic status receive equal and adequate exposure. A new, highly visible continuous information system, to be implemented as funds are raised, is in development, and the simple yet effective publicity of Letters to our Missing in its first and subsequent editions is launched with this release.

“When the public becomes aware of missing people, they become more aware of the problem, get involved and even help identify them,” says Stephanie Coplen, founder of the program. “We serve as a media outlet for missing persons information by providing NamUs a live stream viewing method to display information to the public in real time.

“We are not a replacement for law enforcement or missing persons organizations,” she continues. “We strongly encourage the public to use all the support offered by missing persons organizations.” NamUs is the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, a national centralized repository and resource center for missing persons at

For more information or to submit a letter or poem, please visit:

Letters to our Missing 1st Edition
Available now at Amazon:
ISBN: 978-1499102338

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An Inspiring Approach To Business Success: From The Yoga Mat To The Corner Office

Chicago, IL, It may seem counterintuitive, but high-pressure, hard-driving tactics don’t necessarily produce highly successful careers. Yvonne James Furth and Molly Rudberg-Leshnock take a fresh look at the most effective strategies for professional and personal success in From the Yoga Mat to the Corner Office: A Mindful Approach to Business Success (Highpoint Executive Publishing).

We live in an extremely fast-paced, technological world that is constantly spinning us in new directions, forcing us to double down on commitment, intensity, and the stress that comes with it. It doesn’t have to be that way. From the Yoga Mat to the Corner Office illuminates a far more successful approach to business – one of mindfulness, flexibility, grace, focus, and a balancing of mind/body/spirit health.

Whether the reader is a seasoned yogi or someone who has just picked up the book, From the Yoga Mat to the Corner Office is packed with useful wisdom, strategies and daily practices for achieving more prosperity, flexibility and joy along the road to a fulfilling career. It is available for purchase at

Authors Furth and Rudberg-Leshnock offer a new way to create and sustain business culture and communication. Drawing on extensive research and an exclusive survey of successful business executives, they offer their own wisdom along with valuable perspectives from successful leaders in cutting edge, global organizations such as Wal-Mart, Google, Facebook, Kohler, and more.

Furth, a former top executive in advertising, has personal experience applying yoga concepts in a stressful and demanding large corporate environment. Rudberg-Leshnock experiences similar needs in start up and growth stage companies daily. They agree – no matter the size or industry of a business, we need to encourage leaders, executives, decision makers and entrepreneurs to look at their current culture to see if it’s inspiring (and motivating) their employees to produce their best work.

When readers clear the space needed to live a more mindful, centered professional and personal life, they can be at the forefront of smarter, healthier, more efficient organizations. This book provides a mindful approach to achieve business success without paying the price with our sanity, ourselves, or our souls. From the Yoga Mat to the Corner Office is for every professional seeking to achieve more prosperity, flexibility and joy.

Yvonne James Furth is the former President and CEO of Draft Worldwide, now FCB Global, one of the largest global advertising agency networks. She is currently Executive Vice President of the Board of Directors of The Off The Street Club, Chicago’s oldest boys and girls organization. Furth received her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Georgetown University and recently completed the Executive Program for Corporate Governance at Kellogg School of Management.

Molly Rudberg-Leshnock is a leading edge life coach, organizational alchemist and leadership innovator. She is owner of Molly Rudberg, LLC and on the Advisory Council for GirlUp, a United Nations Organization. Rudberg-Leshnock received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa and a Master’s Degree in Managerial Communication from Northwestern University; she is currently an Affiliate with Accomplishment Coaching.

For more information, please visit:

From the Yoga Mat to the Corner Office:
A Mindful Approach to Business Success
Highpoint Executive Publishing
Available December 8th, from the website, and from fine bookstores and online everywhere
ISBN: 978-0-9891054-9-1

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Choose Life: Life for the Planet, Life for the Animals, and Life for Yourself

A New Curtain Opens, by Richard P. Matthews, is a compelling story that reminds us we need to “Abandon our search of the cosmic heavens for a Divine power, shut down our chattering minds and swollen egos, and listen to the silence within us – for in that silence we will find the ‘Great I am’.” People need to focus on this connection as all animals are doing. When it comes to enlightenment, animals naturally have it. They are already connected and protected and trying to help us connect. Yet we still continue our slaughter of them and their natural habitats, mainly to feed human greed!

In A New Curtain Opens, the story begins with humans on the verge of self-destruction in a situation that’s going from bad to worse on our planet. We are introduced to a kind and caring old gentleman, Hoss Proxetter, who becomes the most unlikely superhero Hayah – whose only super power is a shield of love that boomerangs hateful acts of violence back on the perpetrators. Hayah is tasked, along with the animals, to show the human race what the earth can become if only 1% of the people connect with the ‘Great I Am’ within themselves.

While this timely book acts as a reminder that the biodiversity of life on our planet is disappearing faster than at any time in human history, it also offers a refreshingly simple path to enlightenment in a character-driven adventure that gently leads us to a place where we can choose life and healing for ourselves and our planet.

Richard P. Matthews did his graduate work in theatre at Northwestern University and the University of Utah. He is a spiritual teacher who has devoted his life to bringing others to their Spiritual Centers and the ‘Great I Am’ within. An ordained Elder in the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church, Richard has been meditating since he was sixteen and practicing yoga since he was twenty-one. He travels throughout the US and Europe with the Living Bible Stories®, doing storytelling and meditation workshops, and starting new meditation groups. He is the Director of Revitalizing Ministries.

Richard is published in Swedish and English and is the author of Stories for Your Spirit and many published articles. A New Curtain Opens is the first of five novels in a series about Hayah. For more, please visit the website:

A New Curtain Opens
Available from, Kindle, Amazon and Create Space
$19.84 Paper
$9.84 Kindle
ISBN-13: 9780979810640

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