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Conquer Change And Win: Learn How To Embrace Change To Live A Happier, More Fulfilled Life

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Regardless if you were jumping for joy or horrified on election night, both sides are in for huge changes starting January 20th. Since change is the only constant in life, why is it we’re not always sure how to react to it? One thing is certain, over the next two years we need to be ready for this storm of change and not get caught off balance, so we have the best advantage possible when it comes to new opportunities.

I would like to forward a copy of best-selling author Ralph Masengill’s new book, Conquer Change and Win, in consideration of an interview or review from you. As one of our nation’s original change agents, Masengill’s book is based on the wisdom of one who has made the journey of sustained success and offers proven advice on how we should react to change for a more positive outcome in our own lives.

Ralph Masengill makes a dynamic guest who easily engages an audience. Please read the press release below and let me know if I may schedule an interview with him, or forward a review copy of his book. If you wish to run this story, let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a jpg of the author and book cover for your use. Thank you!

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Conquer Change And Win: Learn How To Embrace Change To Live A Happier, More Fulfilled Life

Morristown, TN – Learn what 90% of Americans have no clue about. Be the last person standing in the room by knowing how change affects our emotions and feelings. Conquer Change and Win will show you how to control your reaction to those emotions and feelings that all change always causes. The result will be a happier and more fulfilled life. This information will give you a leg up on making more money and having less stress in your life.

Every one of us is constantly affected by change. Change never stops, and no matter if it’s positive change or not, our first reaction is usually fear. The truly successful people of the world have a good understanding of change and how to make it work to their advantage. In his latest book, Conquer Change and Win, best-selling author Ralph Masengill gives readers an easy-to-read, fun book about the serious subject of change.

In forty-plus years as a consultant, coach, advisor and public relations strategist, Masengill has observed that successful people share two characteristics. First, they are willing to take a calculated risk and endorse positive change on a regular basis. Secondly, they have learned how change affects their emotions and how to overcome the fear of change.

“I believe the happiest and most successful people do not necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have,” Masengill says. He urges readers to choose change. “It is the path to true happiness and business success. Understanding how change works can alter your life for the better and give you a solid advantage.”

An advisor, coach, marketing expert, business consultant and public relations strategist, Masengill understands how companies work from within. He has the wisdom of one who has made the journey of sustained success himself, leavened by an ethics-based philosophy of helping others and the community around him. Masengill’s life story is one of personal challenge, tragedy, and triumph. His professional career has been defined by great success in both the private and public sectors. His agency, Masengill Marketing Associates, has won over 850 national and regional advertising and marketing awards.

One of the original change agents in the United States, Masengill and his team have been observing change and showing business leaders that embracing and understanding positive change is the sure route to effective quality improvement and substantial profit enhancement for decades. This extensive experience formed the basis for Conquer Change and Win, his second book.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Masengill’s postgraduate work includes the Dr. W. Edwards Deming course on quality and quality management. He and his wife Dianne live near the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. They have four grown children, two dogs and a cat. Masengill enjoys woodworking, oil painting, sailing and helping with his favorite charities in his spare time.

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Conquer Change and Win
By Ralph Masengill
Available at fine bookstores everywhere, at the author’s website, and Kindle.
ISBN: 978-1515191872

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