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Expert Shares Breakthrough Secrets To Transformative Storytelling

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Expert Shares Breakthrough Secrets To Transformative Storytelling

Being a powerful storyteller can enrich both your career and personal life, and international bestselling author Linda A. Olson shares her time-tested storytelling tips in her newest release, Your Story Matters: Own Your Story and Tell it with Clarity, Confidence & Impact.

“The question isn’t whether you have a powerful story, it’s valuing the power in your story,” Olson advises.

In Your Story Matters, readers will learn the simple secrets to finding their personal story, using their story to build instant trust and credibility and embracing the greatest gift they have been given.

Olson guides readers through a step-by-step process to empower them with the five Cs — everything needed to create an impactful personal story:

• Clarity: Find your story to connect, impact and even transform lives.
• Creation: How to create your story with simplicity and ease using a simple framework.
• Confidence: Know the value of owning your story.
• Connection: Use your story as a tool to build instant trust and credibility.
• Courage: Tell your story in as little as 2 minutes to impact and transform lives.

Your Story Matters is a must-read for anyone who wants to find and harness the power in their story to help transform lives.

Also, tucked inside the book is a coupon toward Wealth through Stories LIVE, a two-day story retreat for those who are serious about experiencing the wealth in their story. One story, one transformation, impacting millions. Why not yours?

Linda Olson is the go-to story expert who helps authors, speakers and entrepreneurs impact millions with their stories. She is a TEDx speaker, multiple bestselling author and founder of Wealth Through Stories. Her mission is “To Impact a Million People a Year Through Story.” Linda and her husband, Rick, reside in sunny California. They enjoy their two married daughters and their spouses and five adorable grandchildren, who are the best part of their story.

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Your Story Matters: Own Your Story and Tell it with Clarity, Confidence & Impact
Release Date: February 11, 2020
ISBN: 978-0-9819014-2-8
Available from

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