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Fear, Love, And Secrets Abound In Scientist’s Riveting New Book, The Ice Merchant

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I would like to forward a copy of Dr. Paul Boor’s latest book, The Ice Merchant, in consideration of an interview or review from you. A scientist and professor at the nation’s highest-level, infectious Bio-Lab in Galveston, TX, Dr. Boor’s vast background adds even more realism to an already riveting plot. Just in time for everyone’s gift-giving list as the holidays approach…

Readers are chilled to the core as they journey back in time to 1889 Galveston, where a profitable ice merchant discovers he’s been duped ― unknowingly smuggling murdered young boys in between the ice, for experiments at the medical school. With masterful storytelling, the author blends thrills, romance and human weakness into a mix that makes one heck of a tale – impossible to put down!

Dr. Paul Boor makes a dynamic guest. Please read the following press release and let me know if I may schedule an interview with him, or forward a review copy of the book. If you’d like to run this story, I’d be happy to send you .jpgs of the author and the book cover. Thank you!

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Fear, Love, And Secrets Abound In Scientist’s Riveting New Book, The Ice Merchant

Galveston, TX ― Serious readers perfectly understand the advantage of well-written fiction: it’s an escape from whatever ails you, whenever it’s convenient. The Ice Merchant, Paul Boor’s newest novel, set in Galveston, TX in 1889, is a tale of the post-civil war ice trade, new medical schools, trafficking in corpses, the discovery of a cure for yellow fever, and a chilling reminder of our human frailties.

The story begins in 1889, when a shrewd Yankee ice merchant, Nicolas Van Horne, is carving out a profitable side-business. Deep in his ship’s icy hold, dozens of human cadavers lie between the huge blocks of ice. On this delivery, his first to Galveston’s new Medical School, Nicolas is enthralled by Galveston’s lady scientist Rene Keiller, but he also makes the ghastly discovery that he’s been trafficking in murdered boys.

It will take Rene’s help to eventually solve the puzzle his ice holds . . . but first he must overcome his personal demons, including morphine addiction, even as he becomes inextricably entangled in lovely Rene’s experimental work on the most dreaded killer of their time, yellow fever.

Paul Boor, M.D., is a scientist and professor at Galveston’s medical school, the oldest west of the Mississippi, and home to the highest-level, infectious Bio-Lab. His first novel, The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow, was a modern biomedical thriller acclaimed as “real, raw and on the edge.” In The Ice Merchant, Dr. Boor goes back in time to explore the history of medical research and the body trade, while spinning a tale of romance and human imperfection.

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The Ice Merchant
Publisher: Argo-Navis
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0786754931
ISBN-13: 978-0786754939

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