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Global Collection Of Timeless Affirmations Brings Guidance And Wisdom

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Global Collection Of Timeless Affirmations Brings Guidance And Wisdom

The timeless wisdom of Gandhi, Goethe, Confucius, Hugo and Nietzsche is just as meaningful today as when their words were first spoken — perhaps even more so, as humanity struggles to right its moral compass in the face of so much uncertainty in the modern world.

Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal is an extraordinary compilation of the most enduring, inspirational quotations from the greatest thinkers in world history.

Created by songwriter/musician and philosophy enthusiast Richard Alan Krieger, Civilization’s Quotations features 8,000 insightful sayings, organized by theme, to help enrich the prose of writers, inspire the minds of public speakers and provide motivational sound bites for anyone needing a meaningful boost to begin their day on the right foot.

Chinese proverbs, Roman maxims and the wisdom of writers from William Penn to Kahlil Gibran cover themes from humility and patience, to courage, will and action. The topics are arranged in a sequence that begins with birth and progresses through the seasons of the “ideal life.” When possible, each quotation flows into the next like a speech being given by one person creating a seamless stream of consciousness that Krieger calls “poetic quotation.”

While it would make a valuable reference volume, Civilization’s Quotations is meant to be read and digested from cover to cover, so that readers can feel inspired and empowered to learn and live by the examples of history’s greatest thinkers. Its wealth of inspirational affirmations offers a blueprint to guide us toward fulfilling our sense of purpose and becoming greater human beings.

Author Richard Alan Krieger (aka “Crane”) is a songwriter, musician and artist. Krieger was the lead singer/bassist/writer of the L.A. rock band Tragicomedy in the 1980s. The group rec-orded the album Homage to Nada on New Alliance Records. He played trumpet and sang back-up vocals with the iconic rock band the Minutemen and jammed on bass with D. Boon of that group in an improv band called Cosmic Joke. He also played in a conceptual art band with multi-instrumentalist and producer Richard Derrick called Another Umbrella. Krieger’s love of nature inspired him to move to Northern Idaho where he continues to enjoy writing and recording his music.

For more information about the author and to see book highlights, please visit his website at

Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal
Publisher: Algora Publishing
ISBN-10: 1892941767
ISBN-13: 978-1892941763
Available from, and Algora Publishing

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