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Heart of Fire: An Intimate Journey Of Pain, Love And Healing

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Heart of Fire: An Intimate Journey Of Pain, Love And Healing

“This is a story you’ll still be thinking about tomorrow,”
– Barbara Walters, ABC NEWS 20/20

Encinitas, CA – Speaker, and founder and CEO of Angel Faces® (, Lesia Stockall Cartelli’s newly released book, Heart of Fire (Carlyle Publishing), delivers hope and inspiration to those who are struggling with pain, emotional or physical. No stranger to pain, Lesia suffered a serious burn injury over 50% of her face and body at the age of nine in a natural gas explosion. Because of what she experienced on the long road to healing, she has devoted her life to helping others in their journey.

In her authentic open voice, Heart of Fire demonstrates how to discover blessings and gifts within any type of challenge. Throughout her life and those of the lives she touches, Heart of Fire shares the importance of opening our hearts to deeply heal what blocks our life’s pathway. Anyone who has been through hard times and seeks inspiration and hope must read this heart-warming, often humorous, story of a journey.

Lesia has transformed her pain into a life of passion and purpose. She insists that we are here on Earth to do more than simply survive. Lesia Cartelli has not only found the blessings in her tragedy, she has touched many hearts and souls through her innovative and passionate work, Angel Faces®.

Cartelli founded Angel Faces®, a unique, national nonprofit organization, which provides healing retreats and ongoing support that inspires adolescent girls and young women with burn/trauma injuries to achieve their optimum potential so they may develop meaningful relationships for them, their families, and their communities.

Heart of Fire also teaches about the power of embracing your fears. Resiliency and courage motivated Cartelli to face her fear of fire at age thirty-three. She suited up in breathing apparatus, full firefighting gear, and entered a burning building known as a “control burn.” Her fear now conquered, she married the fire captain who led her into the fire to face her fears. In Heart of Fire, Lesia shares her life-changing experience in conquering her own fear in hopes that she will inspire others.

Lesia Cartelli is a dynamic, captivating, internationally known speaker. She lives in southern California with her husband and Bently, a standard poodle. Cartelli loves adventure travel and riding her Harley Davidson.

For more information on Lesia, Angel Faces®, or her newly released book, please visit: or

Available on at: and author’s website.
Heart of Fire
Publisher: Carlyle Publishing; First edition (September 20, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0990430735 Paperback
ISBN-13: 0990430704 E-book

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