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Humane Policing Outlines Groundbreaking Approach To Widespread Police Reform

Humane Policing Outlines Groundbreaking Approach To Widespread Police Reform

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The days since George Floyd’s death have simultaneously united and divided communities all over the world. “I can’t breathe” has become a battle cry; 8:46 an unsettling reminder of how long Floyd struggled for air. Is there any way to rebuild a system that has collapsed under the weight of its own power?

Former marine and one-time sheriff’s deputy Darron Spencer offers hope for police departments and the communities they serve. His revolutionary approach to law enforcement, called “humane policing,” aims to help officers diffuse dangerous situations, induce cooperation, preserve lives, and ultimately enjoy long and fulfilling careers protecting and serving the public.

Spencer’s book, Humane Policing: How Perspectives Can Influence Our Performance, shares his insightful, experience-based techniques for those in law enforcement while also enlightening the public about the complexities of the job and the balancing act undertaken by the men and women in uniform every day.

The book demonstrates — through real-life-inspired examples — how self-control and understanding can mitigate potentially dangerous situations and save lives.

Humane Policing explores the changes that law enforcement needs to make, chronicles the experiences that shaped Spencer’s personal perspective, and offers life-changing tools to help officers everywhere better serve their communities.

Author Darron Spencer worked in a patrol division for just 20 months before a debilitating condition ended his career. As a deputy, Spencer oversaw more than 250 cases that resulted in 40 felony and 74 misdemeanor arrests. He assisted in four death investigations and booked in more than 150 pieces of evidence. He was awarded Deputy of the Year and received the Ribbon of Merit.

He achieved tremendous success gaining cooperation from individuals, suspects and even career criminals while investigating cases. In fact, 90% of those he arrested actually thanked him for his service. When Spencer’s police work was cut short, he sought a new avenue to public service.

Now he travels the country to meet with local police departments and share his approach to policing. His goal is to improve the relationships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve and ultimately the public image of law enforcement officers on a national scale.

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Humane Policing: How Perspectives Can Influence Our Performance
Publisher: Inspire On Purpose Publishing
ISBN-10: 1941782426
ISBN-13: 978-1941782422
Available from and all online bookstores.

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