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Kasz Enterprises Confirms Subtle Energy Of Ancient Healing With Scientific Proof

Palm Desert, CA, Researchers have independently verified the presence of a type of energy long believed to be the source of healing practices familiar to many as Reiki and Energy Medicine. This important discovery is based on the work of Jim Kaszyk, noted developer of The Ageless Secret (Kasz Enterprises).

Scientists at the William A. Tiller Institute recently announced:

“When Jim Kaszyk first asked us to determine if a sample of his product contained Subtle Energy, we were reluctant….we had been trying to prove the existence of Subtle Energy for 40 years, with only minor success and had almost given up. Attempts to measure Subtle Energy usually involved the human energy field either in the measurement or in its creation.

“Critics could say that it was all just the placebo effect or wishful thinking. The samples that Kaszyk submitted had so much Subtle Energy they allowed us to create new test procedures allowing for the first time, not just a way to prove Subtle Energy existed independent of the body, but also a way to measure it. This is huge for science because until his discovery Subtle Energy was considered a ‘theoretical energy.’” These tests concluded that Subtle Energy does, in fact, exist. Founded by William Tiller, PhD., professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University, the Tiller Institute is a recognized authority on alternative medicine practices.

Subtle Energy is the basis for Reiki, Energy Medicine, Acupuncture, and 4,000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Before now, Reiki and Energy Medicine were considered pseudoscience because that type of energy could never be scientifically proven,” Kaszyk explains. “Now it is no longer pseudoscience. The implications for health and beauty are enormous.

“I created as an information resource for scientists, the news media, and the general public to see and learn about my discovery of a new natural energy that is all around us, with the power to change our lives. Subtle Energy is linked to aging and this discovery is the source for my new theory of aging: The Subtle Energy Theory of Aging.” Holistic Healing News recently endorsed Mr. Kaszyk’s work here:

Jim Kaszyk is a recognized pioneer in the field of chemistry with experience in the U.S. government and major manufacturing companies. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, Mr. Kaszyk served as a medic lab tech during the Vietnam War. He went on to become a toxicologist and researcher for the prestigious Laboratory of Pathology in Texas.

His father’s illness inspired him to delve into holistic and alternative medical solutions; in 1985 Mr. Kaszyk began extensive research in vibrational medicine following the works of Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D., and renowned Yale researcher Dr. Harold Burr. Combining his vast knowledge of chemistry with his new discoveries in vibrational medicine, Mr. Kaszyk developed catalyst chemistry, an innovative method of creating natural products, and founded Kasz Enterprises in 1989.

After discovering a formula that vastly improves skin quality and elasticity, Mr. Kaszyk refined and introduced The Ageless Secret. It soon caught the eye of physicians and anti-aging experts, inspiring countless unsolicited endorsements and accolades. After moving to Palm Springs, CA, in 2006, Mr. Kaszyk and The Ageless Secret have since been prominently featured in The Desert Sun, Desert Magazine, 92260, and on the PBS special Discoveries in Alternative Medicine and Spotlight on the Desert.

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