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Learn How To Communicate More Deeply With Your Creator

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Learn How To Communicate More Deeply With Your Creator

Many of us want to communicate more closely with our Creator, but we simply don’t know where to begin.

Dr. Pieter Noomen was an insightful man of extraordinary deep faith. He completed doctoral studies in theology and pastoral psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam and after moving to the US, he became senior minister of three protestant churches ―later working as a psychotherapist and staff member of a Los Angeles metropolitan church.

A remarkable scholar, Dr. Noomen did all the legwork for anyone desiring to have a closer relationship with their Creator but not sure how to get started. Noomen’s own spiritual path widened unexpectedly, yet sensationally, about 25 years ago when he experienced a change on a spiritual level. After that, he approached all external and internal ‘facts’ from having knowledge of the real facts behind our facts. He kept detailed records so that we might share in his remarkable ‘visits’ on a spirit level to another human dimension. Sadly, Dr. Noomen passed away early in 2019 but his legacy to us is an invitation to visit his website at any time to look for answers to our questions in his insightful writings at

An example from writings at the website:

“You can search your soul for your deepest hopes pertaining to your world. In many instances, it’ll be up to you whether those hopes come true or not. As all life-forms, you’re accountable; all you do or do not writes your story. Trusting your connection with Me gives you your eternity-based identity. It is pure wisdom and the truth to accept yourself as being relative to Me. You change from within when joining the Reality the earth is cut off from.”

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