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Learn How To Stop The Interaction Of Elements That Produce Cancer

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Learn How To Stop The Interaction Of Elements That Produce Cancer

Hampton, VA. No one wants to hear from their doctor that they have cancer, and only six months to live. But these are the words that Dr. Carl O. Helvie heard 44 years ago. While his doctor encouraged him to begin traditional treatment right away, Helvie knew there had to be another way to treat his cancer without the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, or the invasiveness of surgery. After a lot of praying and a good amount of soul-searching, he opted to look for an alternative way to beat his cancer.

Today, Dr. Helvie is the longest-living lung cancer survivor in the world and he credits this with his decision to take a holistic approach in his treatment. His treatment proved so successful, Dr. Helvie used it to develop a simple plan that he shares in his new book, Reducing Your Cancer Risk: A Holistic Approach (Booklocker Inc.). It’s not complicated—it’s not rocket science—but it is based on years of proven research. The book explores the environment that brings cancer and the human body together, and offers steps to take before these three elements interact to cause the disease.

Listed in ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading in 2014,’ Helvie recommends anyone receiving a cancer diagnosis to take the time to really think about what they want to do for their treatment plan. Adding, “People shouldn’t jump into chemotherapy or surgery if they don’t have all of the information and have a chance to think about it.”

In 2014, Dr. Helvie founded the Carl O. Helvie Holistic Cancer Foundation—a foundation different from other cancer foundations in that they focus on the holistic approach and multiple aspects of education, research and patient care for many types of cancer. For each area of content in the book there is a review of current research studies, and steps we can take to avoid carcinogens and strengthen the body. Also included are interviews with over 40 national leaders, discussing vastly different areas ranging from GMOs and EMTs to gratitude and forgiveness. There is also a how-to section that covers everything from meditation, gratitude and faith, to minor changes in diet, drinking water and reducing stress.

A prolific author, Helvie has written 10 books, more than 55 articles, and has presented 57 research papers throughout the US and Europe. In retirement, he focuses his research on natural interventions for health issues, which led him to develop a nursing theory that has helped him establish a nursing center and improve primary care for homeless and low-income families. Since retiring, he has written two more books and served as the host of a holistic health radio show. In 1999, he was presented the Distinguished Career Award in Public Health from the American Public Health Association. He has been interviewed on more than 150 radio and television shows about his two most recent books.

For more information, please visit Or visit to listen to Helvie’s interviews with cancer survivors.

Reducing Your Cancer Risk: A Holistic Approach
Booklocker Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1634923682
ISBN-10: 1634923685
Available on and

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