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Many Of Life’s Questions Answered At

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Many Of Life’s Questions Answered At

Dr. Pieter Noomen was a remarkably insightful writer. He wanted to help us believe that some things are possible – even if they can’t be proven. He personally experienced a profound connection with the source of all existence and he shares these experiences through his writings at For anyone not wanting to wait until the end of their earthly life for answers, they can easily access the website at any time.

Born in the Netherlands, Pieter Noomen completed doctoral studies in theology and pastoral psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam and was senior minister of three protestant churches. He later worked as a psychotherapist and staff member of a Los Angeles metropolitan church.

Dr. Noomen passed away earlier this year but it was his desire to leave the website open so people can visit it as often as they please to enjoy his writings. Dr. Noomen shared what he discovered through transcendent experiences — something he asserts can be achieved by every human being who is willing to open his or her mind to the information from the universe.

An example of what you will find at Dr. Noomen’s informative website:

“From someone who doesn’t consider himself to be any wiser than you, readers, probably are. The secret is that I don’t create wisdom. It’s given to me on my deepest spiritual level. Like my other body-parts know how to function, so my brains do – if I let them. In other words, it is given to us by the core-spirit of all being: by the One Who Is the Life Force in everything. We on earth are clearly badly disconnected from that Source. Yet, as this website shows, not completely. Direct contact is possible, if we want it. It enables us to see the truth and to share its wisdom. This comes from being a genuine and caring person.”

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