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New Generation Of Organically-Sourced, Cruelty Free Products Heal, Nourish, Protect

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New Generation Of Organically-Sourced, Cruelty Free Products Heal, Nourish, Protect

Are your antibacterial products delivering protection or poison? Many antibacterial gels and sprays ¬— like the kinds many children carry at school — contain synthetic alcohol derivatives that may cause allergic reactions and complications. Nadona International’s Ultimate Germ Shield is 100 percent organic; vegan; dairy-, gluten- and cruelty-free; contains NO alcohol or chemicals; and provides antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral protection. The eco-friendly, proprietary ingredients include sage, frankincense, basil seed, cinnamon, wormwood, cam-phor, aloe vera juice, eucalyptus and more.

Ultimate Germ Shield is ideal for anyone — parents, children, athletes, travelers, public ser-vice employees — interested in safe, effective germ protection. All of Nadona’s products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients that are globally sourced from quality-controlled suppliers.

“Our products contain only what is healing and nourishing to the whole body as well as the environment around us,” says company founder Nada Cory, whose passion for nutritional healing was fueled by an experience she had as a young mother. Cory’s son had become ill while on vacation, and a specially-infused tea prepared by their hostess provided immediate, profound relief. Going forward, Cory pursued an interest in herbology, believing fully in the power of herbal elixirs, teas and potions.

In addition to Ultimate Germ Shield, Nadona’s revolutionary products include:

• STC-15 — A whole food protein powder that nourishes the entire system and helps the body maintain a proper acid-alkaline balance. It is a complete source of essential and nonessential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Formulated for young and old; athletes and housewives; professionals on the go; weight conscious individuals; and everyone interested in rebuilding gut flora.

• ImmorLyt — This facial enhancer, serum and cream trio is for all types of skin, regard-less of gender, age and condition. Made for those seeking a safe product to rejuve-nate, nourish and give the skin the maximum nutritional value it craves.

Blended and overseen by a renowned botanist and holistic doctor practicing ancient Persian Medicine in its purest form, Nadona products promise results without harm to the individual or the planet.

Nadona International founder and President Nada Cory has been tending and harvesting herbs, vegetables and fruits as far back as she can remember. Raised by her maternal grandparents on a farmstead in beautiful Croatia, Cory has led a spiritual, holistic and meta-physical life. Her passion and calling to teach prevention and the understanding that “food is our medicine,” rings clear in her work, products, global affiliations and all she exemplifies. Cory celebrates the relationship we have with nature, which is crucial for our bodies to re-main vibrant and youthful.

Cory is a registered medical assistant, certified in Healing Dahn Hag Yoga, Reiki, Essential Oils/Raindrop Therapy, philanthropist, entrepreneur and a Dream Builder/Life Mastery Con-sultant. After the passing of her husband Joe in 2015, she founded the Joseph P. Cory Foundation in his memory. Its mission is to empower people and communities to achieve wellness and wellbeing through expertise, education and guidance.

For more information or to view the full line of Nadona products, visit, or connect with the company on Facebook at Nadona In-ternational LLC.

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