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Newsroom Dispute Turns Violent In Yellow, A Journalism Thriller

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Newsroom Dispute Turns Violent In Yellow, A Journalism Thriller

A principled news director, a ruthless female television manager known as The Barracuda and a corporate manager with a gambling addiction set the stage for a thriller where manipulation of the news for personal gain trumps journalistic integrity.

Yellow, by Jeanne Charters, takes readers into a newsroom of the 1980s at the highest-rated television station in Pennsylvania. Finley Smith is its news director. When she learns from her top reporter that the Pennsylvania Governor has hired a mob-owned construction company to repair a bridge in Pittsburgh, she plans to report it. Her unscrupulous station manager orders her to “leave it alone.” But when a reporter’s probe reveals dangerous truths about the construction company’s shoddy work, Finley opts to buck the system and run the stories. This sets in motion a deadly dispute.

Although Finley’s reputation is irreproachable, making it difficult to fire her, the station manager and corporate president conspire to have her eliminated.

Between the covers of Yellow, Charters expertly weaves a suspenseful web of ambition-fueled deceit, financial desperation and corruption that ultimately culminates in a grisly crime. A veteran of broadcast television, Charters draws from her own experiences to inform the character development and story arc, lending authenticity to every page.

Will Finley Smith emerge with the truth — and her life — intact?

Born in small-town Ohio, author Jeanne Charters is a veteran of the broadcast television industry. The former Vice President of Marketing for Viacom TV began her career in radio and TV marketing, where she proved to be an expert at writing and producing effective television campaigns. Her talents caught the eye of Viacom Television, and when they approached her with the position of Vice President of Marketing, she jumped at the opportunity. She would later open her own broadcast ad agency, Charters Marketing. For years, she traveled to television stations from New York to Hawaii, producing and placing television and radio campaigns for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. At the same time, Charters worked with select local retailers on their campaigns.

Charters grew up believing she’d be a stay-at-home mom and live in her hometown for the rest of her life, but life threw her curveballs. When her first husband took a job in Chicago, Charters experienced culture shock of the highest order. After four children and a divorce, Charters ended up in Albany, New York, where she met and married Matt Restivo, her husband of 35 years and counting. When it came time to retire, Jeanne and Matt moved to Asheville, NC, and she began writing in earnest: columns for magazines and newspapers and finally, novels.

To learn more, please visit or connect with her on Facebook at Shanty Gold or at Jeanne Charters, or on Twitter at Write that Story.

Yellow (TV News Corrupted by Political Muscle)
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Release Date: August 2019
ISBN-10: 1624205046
ISBN-13: 978-1624205040
Available from;; all other online retailers; Malaprops Book Sellers, Asheville, NC; the Book House, Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, NY; and other places where great books are sold.

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