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The Living will Envy the Dead in the Next Day of Infamy

Imagine waking up on what you think will be a normal day except when you turn on the TV or radio to catch the news – nothing.  You get ready for work only to find that your car will not start.  You grab your cell phone – nothing…..not a single electronic in your house works.  After checking with a neighbor you find the same scenario.  This is starting to feel very uncomfortable …neighbors gather in the street feeling frightened and confused.  What has just happened, only nobody realizes it yet, is that one of our enemies has detonated a nuclear bomb two hundred miles up, directly over America, and while it doesn’t hurt the people …yet… it emits gamma and x-rays that create an electrical disturbance known as EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse that strikes wires, metal, antennas, power lines – anything electronic will be destroyed in its powerful path.  In one second, the entire power grid, communications network and transportation system of the United States will come to a grinding halt. 

One Second After (TOR/Forge Books), while written as fiction, is based on cold, solid facts.  This is the story of what might transpire in the year after an EMP attack – an attack (according to one Congressional study) that could leave upwards of ninety percent of the American population dead from disease, starvation and civil break down.  Dr. William R. Forstchen is the masterful author of One Second After.  Devoting years of research to this topic, and drawing data from Congressional and Pentagon studies resulted in his book being cited before the House Armed Services Committee as a grim but realistic look at the outcome after an attack by EMP weapons. 

One Second After is the story of Professor John Matherson; ex-military; single parent of two young daughters and a history professor at a small college in the mountains of western North Carolina when the attack occurs.  With his military background, he knows immediately what has happened while his neighbors believe it is just another power failure.  In the days to come, grim reality sets in as refugees from nearby cities flock to the country.  There is still no form of communication; pharmacies, hospitals and nursing homes run out of supplies; supermarket shelves are bare, and law and order heads towards complete collapse as thousands die and survivors scramble to stay alive.  When members of his small town band together under his leadership they are not sure how long they can hold out without supplies or against the armed gangs who are pouring out of ravaged cities, ready to loot and kill all in their path.  With only a few short months of insulin left for his youngest daughter – for John and his family it becomes a descent into hell!

Dr. Forstchen, author of several NY Times best-sellers, was inspired to write this book after conversations with long-time friend and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, who later introduced him to Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R.,MD), head of the Congressional Investigative Committee on EMP and whose 2004 report declared an EMP attack presented the single biggest threat to America.  Before the House Armed Services Committee, the Congressman endorsed Fortstchen’s book in hopes that its searing, emotional story will arouse the American public to action before time runs out. 

As an editor with Aviation Week and Space Technology declared “it is not a question of if…it is only a question of when.”  Check out this brilliant author and his action-packed thriller at



Stephen Coonts, author of The Assassin, says about the book: “Civilization slides into the abyss of a new dark age in his horrifying apocalyptic novel.  Forstchen has put Bin Laden’s wet dream on paper and, in the process, taken civilization straight to the rack.”

Joel Rosenberg, author of The Sleeping Dragon, says: “Forstchen’s work has flair and power.”

David Hagberg, author of Dance with the Dragon, sums it up with: “Good storytelling consists very simply of creating characters so believable that the reader forms a deep bond.  Forstchen did such a damned fine job with One Second After that shortly after the first page, I had been reeled in
hook, line and sinker.”

Whitney Scott (Booklist) writes: “In a Norman Rockwell town in North Carolina ….ex-servicemen recall “Korea in ‘51” as military action by unlikely people becomes the norm in Forstchen’s sad, riveting, cautionary tale; the premise of which Newt Gingrich’s foreword says is completely possible.”

W.E.B. Griffin and Wm. E. Butterworth, IV add: “The only thing more terrifying than this masterfully crafted story is the possibility of it actually happening – and not a damn thing being done to protect us.”

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The New Jew – What Would Your Mother Say?

The road to Judaism is not always easy, but infinitely more difficult for a lapsed Catholic from the Midwest. Sally Srok Friedes, married to an upper class Jewish man in Manhattan, thought that allowing her future children to be raised as Jews was really going the extra mile. Initially it was enough for her to try to adjust to the culture clash of marrying into a Jewish family. But with the dream of finding a meaningful religion, Sally did try to uncover the mystery of Judaism for herself – only to be left confused, disappointed and alienated at the many doors that were closed to her. Soon she wanted nothing to do with Judaism at all. No one was more surprised than Sally when she discovered the spirituality of Judaism and embraced the religion for herself. The New Jew: An Unexpected Conversion (O-Books Publishing) is a true, spiritual chronology of a ten year journey of conversion to Judaism for the author, told with an abundance of humor, candor, and warmth.  

Sally was sure Bernice, her Jewish mother-in-law, had a vision of the ‘nice Jewish girl’ that her only son would marry someday – and Sally didn’t fit the mold! Sally loved Bernice, in part because Bernice had never made her feel like an outsider.  Not once did Bernice make her feel she did not live up to her expectations, so when Bernice asked her to join them for High Holy Day services – how could she refuse?  Sally hadn’t worried too much about Judaism before; she didn’t have to – her husband had made their interfaith marriage easy by thoroughly enjoying Christmas celebrations with their friends. Their biggest religious clash had been agreeing where to place the Christmas tree and the menorah!  This was about to change.  Since Sally would never insult Bernice, she accepted the invitation to attend synagogue.  The New Jew is the story of a journey to Judaism, made bumpy at times through encounters with rabbis who left her feeling an outsider, but recompensed by the overwhelming acceptance and warmth she felt from Jewish friends and family.  For Jews wondering how others see them, for non-Jews wondering what the mystery is all about, to those in an interfaith marriage, or anyone on a spiritual quest – this book is a must-read! 

Sally Srok Friedes has been a guest speaker about the road to her conversion at temples on both coasts.  She has written for parenting publications, appeared on television, hosted satellite tours, and worked as a panelist on a radio program.  Sally’s love of writing began as a young child and blossomed out of the stories she shared with her grandparents.  Visit her website at for more information.



Praise from Rabbi Bernice Weiss, Founder and Director of the Washington Institute for Conversion and the Study of Judaism: “With heartfelt sincerity and eloquence, Sally Friedes very movingly captures the voice, hopes and fears of those who seek out Judaism.”

Karen Kushner, MSW; Director of Project Welcome (an outreach program welcoming interfaith families) wholeheartedly says, “With this inspirational story… Sally chronicles her journey from Catholic outsider to full member of the Jewish community ….revealing that there are comfortable seats at the family table of Judaism just waiting for seekers for other cultures and religions.  The welcoming warmth of her husband’s family…the rabbi she studies with…uncover this truth for her and us in this extraordinary narrative….An important addition to the library of rabbis and interfaith outreach professionals.”

Rave Reviews from Andi Rosenthal, author and columnist, “Sally has created a gem of a book…the countless sensitive and moving moments of her personal faith journey are truly universal…beautifully crafted prose evokes a sense of both timeless searching and deep personal revelation…brings her readers through an enlightening journey of an open and loving heart, a deeply inquisitive mind, and a relentlessly seeking soul….ultimately united in their quest for understanding and belonging.  A must read for those considering converting to Judaism…and explorers of faith and ideas among those of all ages and backgrounds.”

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 “1964”…The Tribute will be performing at a fundraiser for the school lunch program at the Claire Gale Junior High School in Idaho Falls on March 13th, 2009 at 8:00pm.

In what Rolling Stone Magazine calls “The number one Beatles show on earth,” “1964”…The Tribute takes their audiences on a journey through a quintessential moment in music history that will live forever. Over 20 years of researching and performing have made “1964” masters of their craft. They are hailed by critics and fans alike as the most authentic and endearing Beatle tribute in the world. “1964” recreates an early ‘60s live Beatles concert with period instruments, clothing, hairstyles, and on-stage banter, with an accuracy that is simply unmatched.


“1964”…The Tribute has been featured on nationally televised programs such as Entertainment Tonight, PM Magazine, CNN, the USA Network and the Nashville Network. The band has toured around the world performing at major concert venues, stadiums, festivals, colleges, corporate events and conventions.





For more information please contact:
Claire Gale Junior High School
955 Garfield Street
Idaho Falls, Idaho  83401
All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice.

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Abravenal Hall, in Salt Lake City welcomes, what Rolling Stone Magazine calls “The number one Beatles show on earth,” 1964…The Tribute on March 14th, 2009 at 8:00pm.

1964…The Tribute takes their audiences on a journey through a quintessential moment in music history that will live forever. Over 20 years of researching and performing have made “1964” masters of their craft. They are hailed by critics and fans alike as the most authentic and endearing Beatle tribute in the world. “1964” recreates an early ‘60s live Beatles concert with period instruments, clothing, hairstyles, and on-stage banter, with an accuracy that is simply unmatched.

beatles2 (1)


1964…The Tribute has been featured on nationally televised programs such as Entertainment Tonight, PM Magazine, CNN, the USA Network and the Nashville Network. The band has toured around the world performing at major concert venues, stadiums, festivals, colleges, corporate events and conventions.

Tickets on sale at Abravenal Hall and online at:

For more information please contact the Abravenal Hall at:

Abravenal Hall
123 West South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
(801) 355-2787 Box Office

All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice.

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Earth Day encourages children to think “green” about the world they will inherit

With Earth Day rapidly approaching on April 22nd, we are reminded that we need to honor this glorious world of ours by doing our part to improve it.  A mistake in the past has been in not educating our children enough to think “green,” when, in fact, it should begin with them.  We applaud schools that do their part to educate children on the environment, and it is encouraging to hear that around seven hundred elementary and secondary schools are taking part this spring in the first “National Green Week,” with one million children participating by bringing snacks and drinks in reusable containers.  It was the late U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson who launched the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, and his legacy continues through the work of his daughter, Tia Nelson.  It just makes sense that environmentally educated children will grow up to be environmentally responsible adults! 

One author, T. Katz, has taken the lead by writing a children’s book that has definite appeal to parents as an aid in educating their children on environmental issues.  Children are resilient and will participate if the subject is fun, and it is obvious the author understands this in her story of two boys living in a coastal town who take the ocean and its inhabitants for granted – until they discover the magic of the sea through the unusual and mystifying eyes of their teacher.  Miss L’eau (Orchard House Press) is a novel that will inspire children to want to do their part in protecting and preserving the oceans of the world for future generations.  Ms. Katz’ star characters are David and James, friends in league when it comes to finding out their teacher’s secret and uncovering her double life.  It was while David was the recipient of her special stare, as her glasses slipped down to the end of her nose, that he discovered her unusual eyes – eyes as blue-green as the ocean, that practically drew him in and made him believe that he could actually see the angel fish and sea anemones that exist under the surface of the sea.  There follows a frightening yet wonderful experience that changes the boys’ lives forever as they learn the immense power and importance of the ocean and gain a true understanding of its frailty; motivating them enough to help clean up their local beaches. 

The author’s work reflects her understanding of a child’s imagination through her many years in the children’s entertainment industry, as well as her work on hundreds of episodes of animated television.  Miss L’eau piques the interest of young readers everywhere.  For more information, visit the author’s entertaining and interactive website at  



Serge Dedina, Ph.D., Executive Director of WILDCOAST writes: “T. Katz has written a wonderful book about how children can change the world and protect the ocean…. Recommend to anyone who believes the greatest gift we can leave for our children is a deep and inspiring connection to the natural world.”

From Neal Pargman, Founder of Save the Earth Foundation: “Miss L’eau, a contemporary fairy tale that will capture readers of all ages….brilliantly delivers an environmental message through a story of friendship, family, and giving back.”

Praise from Rob Moir, Ph.D., Director, Ocean River Institute: “Students discover how to turn ocean science to advocacy and stewardship for healthy seas when Miss L’eau floods her classroom with the wonder and awe of ocean life……ocean literacy at its finest……”

From Francesca N. Veitch, Ocean Conservancy: “Miss L’eau combines a fun mystery plot with an important message regarding care of the ocean….thank you for writing a book that will hopefully lead young people towards a love and stewardship of our world’s marine life.”

Capt. Paul Clark, President of Save Our Seas: “Miss L’eau is very captivating.  I was inspired and it brought a tear at the end….nice work!….Inspiring and full of good plans and hope for future students…I wish I had a teacher like this when I was growing up – it would have gotten me on an eco-track a lot faster”

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Catch those lost ‘butterflies’ in your marriage – start dating your spouse

Clearfield, Utah, March 4, 2009 – In an age where the economy is having a negative affect on marriages and divorce seems to be the norm, it is doubly refreshing to find a book that shows the reader how to fall in love with their spouse all over again; remembering what drew them together and made them “the one” in the first place, and showing how to have fun along the journey!

Lindsey Rietzschis the author of How to Date Your Spouse (Visintra Group Publishers), a lighthearted book that helps bring humor back into a relationship and re-ignites the intimacy and passion that was prevalent during the courting phase.  The author has a personal dream – to help improve and strengthen marriages throughout the world since happy spouses are the center of a happy family, and happy families are essential to a stronger society.  She believes that strong societies working together are the key to a better world – and she is doing her part to improve the world one marriage at a time! 

Using the invaluable experience she gained from teaching self-management and relationship courses in Utah as the foundation and inspiration for her book, and enhancing it with her own rich blend of humor, creativity, and understanding, Lindsey has managed to produce a fresh, new perspective on the topic of marriage improvement.  She offers realistic advice and date ideas to reignite the feeling of newness, showing how to set the tone for a special date, how open communication is key, and how to show love for each other in public without feeling awkward.  She magically helps bring back the mystery so the reader once again experiences those old, forgotten ‘butterflies’ at the sight of their loved one.  It is a heartwarming, step-by-step guide to falling head over heels in love again, recapturing feelings thought to be long gone.

Lindsey’s Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree in Communication, Family Studies and Social Work is reflected in her knowledge of human behavior and shows in this very promising author’s witty, writing style.  Check out her web site for more information at  Also, if you would like to be a part of marriage improvement worldwide, become a fan of How to Date Your Spouse on Facebook and you’ll be kept informed of upcoming events, contests and giveaways, plus join in discussions and find ways to improve your own marriage.  On the author’s website go to the link for “Facebook Fan Club” and follow the directions to get signed up.


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Review Lindsey’s TV interviews at the following links:


John M. Hunstman, Jr., Governor of Utah, took the time to write: “Lindsey, you are to be commended for your efforts to help preserve marriage and the family.”

Tristi Pinkston, Author, wrote: “….is a fun and lighthearted book that reminds us how important it is to keep creating special moments together.  Now that the goal of marriage has been met, the courting is not over…. We need to continue to take time out for each other…spend time together…dress up for each other.”

Ranee Johnson, a Licensed Professional Counselor, adds “The ideas in this book are based upon a wellness model rather than a disease model….great way for people to enrich and work on a relationship …. before it gets diseased …. Lindsey’s ideas are great for keeping a marriage vibrant and alive….the book is for anyone who wants to enjoy and have fun enhancing their relationship.”

The praise flows from a 5-Star Customer Review on, saying, “Wonderful dating ideas!  I love this book …great ideas on how to keep my relationship alive and fun….some of these ideas are inexpensive but clever.”

And from a 5-Star Customer Review on, “I bought this book after hearing an interview with the author on the radio.  It is well written and fun to read….really like the date ideas ….have tried some with my wife.…had a lot of fun without spending a lot of money.  My wife is looking at me differently already.”

Two avid readers made the following statements:

“Wonderful dating ideas…love this book!  What great ideas on how to keep my relationship with my husband alive and fun.”

“One of the better things about the book is her ideas….Lindsey does a good job of just having the ideas ready to get you started …after you start…then you can create some of your own….I always need help with creativity.  I like her book that way.”

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Author Tina Murray – “A Chance to say Yes” – In the midst of money, glamour and lust, lives a secret so life-changing it could rip their worlds apart.

Author Tina Murray – “A Chance to say Yes”

What if your old high-school flame who became one of the world’s most famous movie stars moved back to town? What if he didn’t know that for twenty years you had been keeping a secret from him?

Heston Demming is at the peak of his acting career – an international celebrity whose face is on every tabloid. He is wealthy, drop-dead gorgeous, and stalked by the paparazzi, but beneath the polished veneer he is a man fighting for emotional survival – a man whose life is falling apart. When he returns to his hometown of Naples, Florida, his lavish lifestyle is declaration of victory over the poverty and hardship of his youth, but deep down inside he is a man drowning in despair. During his attempts to make restitution to those he wronged, Poppy Talbot, a woman he had left behind in his quest for money and fame, comes back into his life. Poppy still retains the same sweetness she had when they were love-struck teenagers and Heston realizes she is the one woman who could save him if he could get her to forgive and forget the past. Poppy is now an art dealer in this wealthy town; married but currently separated from her husband, and yet she had never stopped dreaming of seeing Heston again some day. What Heston doesn’t know is that she actually had vivid nightmares about it – about the consequences of a long-kept secret – one so deep that if she lets Heston back into her life it will surely rip their lives apart.

A_Chance_to_say_YesA Chance to Say Yes (ArcheBooks Publishing) takes you inside the explosive and private life of this exclusive beachfront community’s most renowned son. For anyone who loves celebrity gossip, this book is a must read! The first novel in the Demming family saga from author Tina Murray – this is a love story for both women and men.


This talented new author has received rave reviews on her premiere novel:

“….. Tina Murray skillfully portrays an elite world jam-packed with romance, glamour, lust, greed, deception, betrayal and surprising twists and turns to keep you captivated to the very last word,”
–Jane Kennedy Sutton, author of The Ride.

“Anyone looking for a sweet romantic tale with suspense will find it in A Chance to Say Yes…..while one plot against our heroine is quickly put in motion and just as quickly quelled, another plot pulls the suspense.”
–Sandy Lender, author of Choices Meant for Gods.

“…..thoroughly enjoyed it on several different levels…. the plot was as sophisticated and intriguing as anything I’ve ever read and the characters were complete and easy to identify with……she nailed the multifaceted personalities.”
–Darrell House, author of Miller the Green Caterpillar.

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