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Author, Jeremy Robinson, secures film deal with his latest book Antarktos Rising

Jeremy Robinson has secured an animated feature film deal with a blockbuster big budget for Antarktos Rising. The book, that has just been released, has received rave reviews from NY Times best-selling authors Steve Berry (The Charlemagne Pursuit), James Rollins (The Judas Strain), Stel Pavlou (Decipher), Steve Alten (The Shell Game), and Scott Sigler (Ancestor).

In addition, Jeremy is receiving a great amount of praise for his latest idea of online book signings. An idea that is sure to catch on fast with all authors, worldwide. Jeremy meets with his fans face-to-face at his book signings through Virtual Book Signings powered by Skype. With a computer-ready video cam and microphone, readers just log on to his site, follow the steps, and reserve the time and date of their choice. Each book is signed while on camera and then sent by US postal service. What an amazing and unique idea! Fans are loving it. Already, in-store book-signings are sounding old fashioned, aren’t they?

Antarktos Rising (Variance Publishing) is the story of an epic journey to a new world after a phenomenon, known as crustal displacement, shifts the earth’s crust and repositions continents, leaving countless dead in its wake. As the world struggles to take care of its displaced billions, Antarctica em erges as a new hope. The leading nations devise a competition – a race to the center of Antarctica – with the three victors dividing the continent between them. Mirabelle Whitney, a survivor of the displacement even and an expert on Antarctica, is recruited to guide an American Special Forces unit across the thawed out continent. As they race toward Antarctica’s center, she comes to realize there is a danger rising from the melting ice on this new Promised Land, a danger far more frightening than the evil intentions of her fellow man.

Antarktos Rising is a book not to miss. This is a page-turning, exciting thriller t hat will keep you up all night. Jeremy Robinson appears to have another Barnes & Noble on-line best-seller in the making, as he did in 2005 with The Didymus Contingency.


“Jeremy Robinson is an original and exciting voice. Antarktos Rising fires on all cylinders in a smart, taut thrill.”

— Steve Berry  
NY Times best-selling author of The Venetian Betrayal and The Charlemagne Pursuit

“Robinson opens a new dark continent of terror. Trespass at your own risk.”
 — James Rollins
NY Times best-selling author of Black Order and The Judas Strain

“An awesome journey into the beating heart of a legend; Jules Verne would be proud.”
— Stel Pavlou
NY Times best-selling author of Decipher and Gene

“A fast-paced chiller that delves into new possibilities about our future…and past.”
 — Steve Alten
NY Times best-selling author of Meg, Hell’s Aquarium and
The Shell Game

“…a jaw-dropping concept so real it will have you Googling like mad to learn more after the story is finished.”
— Scott Sigler
NY Times best-selling author of Ancestor and Earthcore


To interview Jeremy Robinson, or request a book for review, please contact Monica Foster: 281-324-2180 

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A superhero at large in Boca Raton – retirement proves way too tame for this fearless ex-cop

Eddie Perlmutter comes from a long line of fighters – his grandfather survived life under siege from Cossacks in Russia, before he moved to Boston. To survive life in this tough city, this little Jewish kid proved himself to be quite the amateur boxer. He became a cop – the one and only thing he ever wanted to be – and managed to survive a tough career in one piece. When it comes time to retire, the widowed Eddie decides to move to Boca Raton, Florida since his well worn body had had enough of the New England winters. Trouble seems to find Eddie after he discovers there is a very dark side of life lurking under the tranquility of this scenic paradise. Country-club politics and early-bird specials are not enough for this tough ex-cop who gets back in the game by singlehandedly busting up a ring of Russian counterfeiters, winning the gratitude and respect of the local police chief. Realizing how this fearless maverick and his aversion to injustice could be a benefit, the chief drops a subliminal hint to Eddie that he should get his private investigator’s license. Unfortunately, the one thing Eddie didn’t count on was becoming the local hero, the Knight of Boca Raton.

Move over Dirty Harry, there is a new superhero in town, complete with arthritic knees, only this cop isn’t in New York or Chicago – he’s in Boca Raton – not exactly your normal hotbed of crime! Boca Knights (Forge Books) is the premiere novel of Steve Forman. It is both thrilling and hilarious – a fast and funny one-man crime fighting show that will have the reader on the edge of their seat and in stitches – all at the same time! Forman has managed to make the story of a retired ex-cop poignant, exciting, loaded with suspense, and uproarious – no easy feat to accomplish. 

This talented new author has drawn rave reviews from many NY Times best-selling authors who agree he is a writer to watch.

“A retired hyperkinetic Jewish Boston cop with bad knees, who loves women and sees red when faced with injustice! Wow. A great read; terrific fun.” Robert K. Tanenbaum (Capture)

“Fast, funny, and incredibly wise… Oh, and that guy down the street with a gun, yeah, him…. Please handle. I wanna watch. Please.” Gayle Lynds (The Last Spymaster)

“….an outrageously funny mystery novel with a raft of offbeat characters and prose …. Carl Hiaasen, watch your back.” Douglas Preston (Blasphemy)

“Like Elmore Leonard on speed… a Boca Raton that’s somehow hilarious and terrifying at the same time…goes down faster than a frosty double mojito on a hot tropical night.” Lincoln Child (Deep Storm)

“….a can’t-put-down read, full of laugh out loud humor….. Eddie is a high-testosterone, no-nonsense detective ….makes turning sixty a carnal, tropical ride.” Andrew Gross (The Blue Zone).

“Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed Philip Roth with Elmore Leonard? This impressive crime debut may provide a hint…An entertaining mix of comedy and drama.” Booklist

“Mystery fans who like their operatives macho with an offbeat sense of humor will certainly enjoy this book and look forward to the next in the series.” Library Journal

“Those with a cockeyed sense of humor will find much to like in this parody of a cop caper.” Publishers Weekly

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A new breed of warrior scholar takes the world by storm with his own style of freedom fighting

Radio Show host Tony Macrini of WNIS Morning Show calls A. J. Tata a “warrior scholar” – this perfect description captures the author’s approach to both his writing and his profession. In his capacity as an active duty brigadier general in the army, he has commanded both a paratrooper battalion and an air assault brigade, and was also deputy commanding general of the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan in 2006/7, accolades which add even more authenticity to a riveting, suspense-filled, political-military thriller written by a man who has definitely ‘walked the talk.’ Military Writers Society of America heaped high praise on Tata’s writing style as “packed with adrenaline and action.” At a recent book signing in Virginia Beach, Meg Wade and Brad Mattocks, public relations coordinators for Barnes and Noble, wished they had ordered more books when Tata broke all records at the store by selling twenty-four books in the first hour alone and selling out for the whole event. He repeated this at Borders the next day with twice as many books on the shelves.
 Sudden Threat is the premiere novel of A.J. Tata’s ‘Threat’ series, which has been called “Riveting entertainment at its best” by the Military Writers Society of America, and named, “One of my must read authors,” by New York Times bestselling writer, Brad Thor. This the story of two brothers, Matt and Zachary Garrett, CIA paramilitary operative and U.S. Army officer respectively, who get caught in the crossfire of competing Beltway conspiracies. Matt is abruptly re-routed to an obscure assignment in China and the Philippines just as he was about to close in on al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan. Later, sifting through the wreckage of a C-130 aircraft in the Philippine jungle and finding a dead Special Forces paratrooper, Matt is forced to question why he was placed on the edge of the global war on terror. As he is pursued by Muslim insurgents, he stumbles upon a weapons factory guarded by Japanese soldiers in Mindanao’s uncharted rain forests. At the same time, and unknown to Matt, his brother’s infantry company is deployed to guard an ammunition stockpile near Manila. As the two brothers fight their elusive enemies overseas, they do not realize they are pawns in a game of chess played by a powerful band of men inside the DC Beltway trying desperately to forestall the Iraq invasion while keeping the country focused on the fight against Islamic terrorism. The beautiful Meredith Morris challenges the conspirators, but events take a lethal turn when a member of the Beltway group decides to go solo.
 A. J. Tata’s novels, published by Variance Publishing, have already been compared with the works of Tom Clancy by U.S. News and World Report. With top acclaim and praise, such as “A pulse-pounding, military thriller” coming from Brad Thor, NY Times #1 best-selling author of The Last Patriot, makes A.J. Tata and his ‘Threat’ series an exciting addition to the Thriller genre. Find out more at the author’s website at

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The ideal opportunity to make someone’s Christmas special

In perfect time for the holidays, Stacy Gooch-Anderson’s wonderfully warm Christmas story should be on everyone’s list of gifts to buy.  The Santa Letters (Cedar Fort Publishers) will undoubtedly become the next family heirloom, passed on to future generations because of the warmth, love and inspiration it contains.  Most of us know someone who is struggling with misfortune – whether it’s personal, financial, or the loss of a loved one, and understand how difficult it must be to feel the Holiday spirit under these circumstances.  Do them a huge favor – buy them a copy of The Santa Letters and they will forever thank you.  The story has already inspired and uplifted readers with its essence of magic necessary to fortify the spirit and instill hope; in other words, to bring back the enchantment of Christmas. 

In recent years, the Holidays have become so commercialized that the true meaning has easily been forgotten; the wonder of family traditions, the warmth and comfort of friends and family, and those less fortunate around us who need a helping hand.  This incredibly warm and loving story will bring it all back.  The Santa Letters is not just a book – the author has made it possible to actually create your own ‘Santa Letters’ designed with friends and family in mind.  Just log on to Stacy’s web site at and follow the steps to begin your own exciting Christmas tradition.  This book undoubtedly is the next classic Christmas story and future movie-in-the-making, and will “bring us as close as we can ever get to another person’s heart and soul through the written word,” says Craig Clyde, Emmy-winning Screenwriter and Director.  

This story shows how the lives of a young woman and her family were shattered overnight by the death of her husband, William.  As the anniversary of his death approaches on Christmas Eve, she finds herself sinking deeper into depression where nothing can reach her – not her job, not the love of her family, and especially not the season.  Her youngest child, McKenna, is the only one who still believes in the magic of Christmas, and in miracles.  When an ornate letter and mysterious package appears on their doorstep and one continues to arrive every day, Emma and her sons begin to experience the same magical journey to Christmas that McKenna feels and believes in. 

You will want to make this exciting book a part of your Holiday tradition.

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Put the real meaning of wonder, magic and love back into Christmas through the innocent eyes of a child

For the Love of St. Nick (BookSurge Publishing), by Garasamo Maccagnone, is a warm and compassionate story – a book that has a place in every loved one’s Christmas stocking.  It is a heartwarming and inspiring tale that will undoubtedly restore the magic and power of faith in Christmas in even the most skeptical of hearts.  

This is a story of the love between a father and his two sons.  Told through the eyes of Tiger, the older son who lost his mother at the same time his little brother Johnny was born, it is about a family who must move from California when their father, a Navy Commander, is transferred to a base in northern Michigan.  With the youngest boy continually sick, the three must learn to survive not only military life but the harsh Michigan winters.  When their father is called away just before Christmas to fulfill a secret mission for the military, they are left in the care of an elderly housekeeper.  Tiger is forced to grow up fast when Johnny experiences a near tragedy, and he turns his prayers to his favorite saint, St. Nicholas, to ask for his father’s safe return.  After St. Nick pays a special visit, the outcome restores the boys’ faith and they experience the magic and true giving spirit of Christmas.

This amazing tale provides an opportunity to experience this magical season through the innocence of a child’s eyes and will, at times, make the reader want to both laugh and cry.  While undoubtedly becoming a treasured Christmas classic, this book should not be reserved just for the holiday season as the essence of the story reminds us of what is truly important in our lives – love of family and friends.

Garasamo Maccagnone has a writing style all his own.  He has an inimitable gift that he shares with readers, allowing us to see the world through the unwavering innocence and unconditional faith of a child – full of wonder, magic and love.  For anyone who holds family and Christmas close to their hearts – this is a must read. Read more on this charismatic author at

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Barbie Anderson has accepted unhappiness as a way of life, but a sudden inheritance starts a chain of events that causes her world to spin out of control.

The Ride takes readers on a roller coaster journey as depressed housewife Barbie Anderson discovers that the aunt who raised her is actually her mother and has left her a sizable inheritance, all while her husband has been acting very uncharacteristically.  A clever charmer comes along and sweeps Barbie off her feet and onto a path of self- discovery.  Author Jane Sutton leaves readers laughing out loud as she follows the misadventures of this forty-something underachiever while she discovers that life can be one fantastic and fun ride.

For years, author Jane Sutton satisfied her passion for writing through correspondence with friends and family while living in Taiwan, Korea, England, the Netherlands, Italy and Saudi Arabia.  While abroad, she had several articles published in the American Women’s Association of Rome Forum Magazine, and assisted with the publications of other international women’s clubs.

Now a full-time resident of Fort Myers, FL, Jane has evolved to writing fiction.  She is a member of the Florida Writers Association and the Gulf Coast Writers Association.


Recipe for Suburban Surprise:
1-Take one deeply depressed housewife.
2-Add one unexpected windfall.
3-Carefully fold in one very handsome, very clever charmer.
4-Separate and discard one totally self-centered, slightly abusive husband.
5-Place all remaining ingredients into red-hot, shiny red convertible cruising on Route 66 and wait to see what happens!

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Greed and desire for power cause death of scientist who discovers substitute energy source for fossil fuel

No Urn for the Ashes (Bayfire Press Publishing) is the outstanding premiere novel of Alison Sawyer Current.  A composite blend of adventure and thrills, compassion and grief, Ashes shows an incredible psychological insight into human nature in the author’s choice of dynamic characters. 

Tennyson Garland had the right idea when he decided to keep his discovery quiet – he knew there was nothing in this world that would attract the greed of man more than the discovery of a substitute energy source for fossil fuels.  After this brilliant scientist and his young daughter tragically die in a fire at their isolated mountain cabin, Taylor, his widow, soon realizes that there are forces at work that will stop at nothing to control the world with this discovery.  Eight years later, in the midst of a failing marriage, and still suffering the loss and grief of her first husband and child, Taylor finds herself once again dealing with the past and caught up in the treachery of Kevin Levine, her first husband’s former colleague who was always left behind in the wake of Tennyson’s brilliance.  The drama that follows leads Taylor to believe her daughter may, in fact, still be alive.  

This intriguing story keeps the reader turning the pages as they are transported to Nicaragua and on to Mexico when a new struggle ensues – with the prize being the ownership of the greatest discovery of modern times.  We travel with Taylor in her search for her long-lost child as she deals not only with the past, but with the return of her absent father who is tortured by his own demons, and a mysterious stranger hired by her father who may represent a greater threat than even Kevin Levine’s insane ambition for control!  We share Taylor’s relationship with Ruby, her dearest friend and most intimate confidant, and the uneasy and emotion-packed truce with Patricia, the mother by adoption of a girl named Emma – who may very well be Taylor’s long-lost child, Rebecca.

The action never ends in No Urn for the Ashes.  To read more on this talented and diverse writer, please visit

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