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Recognizing shortcomings of philosophers helps discover what life is really all about.

Culture, beliefs and explanations absorbed during childhood form the preconceived notions of truth we carry with us on our life’s journey.   However, understanding life requires letting go of misleading ideas that only mask life’s real flow.  There are beliefs and understandings that have formed each and every one of our own views but these are merely mental creations to the conscious – they do not clarify, but rather distort, how reality works.

The Essence of Reality: A Clear Awareness of How Life Works (O-Books/John Hunt Publishing) exposes the inner cause and effect of real events; how each individual creates his or her own patterns in health, success, and relationships in life, often opposing fulfillment.  This insightful book gives the reader the necessary tools to look inward through meditation, dream analysis, and self-hypnosis – all with the intent to draw vital information from the subconscious to regain power over life’s quality. 

The Essence of Reality, by Thomas Daniel Nehrer, is a unique compilation of the author’s own experiences studying many great visionaries and philosophers from the Greeks into modern times, and objectively seeing their limitations vs. how life actually works.  Nehrer has traveled over 24,000 miles to make seventy appearances across the United States, Canada, Britain and the Netherlands, and applies the revenue from sales of his books toward expenses in order to be able to present his perspective.  People want to hear what he has to say – they want to open their minds and learn not to fear introspection.

Nehrer has never been one to take things at face value – he left a career in chemical engineering to travel widely and explore at a young age.  He experienced many techniques along the way that prompted his inner journey to question superficiality of beliefs in a determined effort to find underlying inner elements to outer problems.  It is well worth a visit to his website at, to learn from his talks and books how his low key approach to mind expansion helps open-minded seekers.


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