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Retired priest trades writing sermons for writing thrilling tales of international intrigue

In Ernest Hunt’s gripping novel, Terror on East 72nd Street (Publish America), the story is made frighteningly convincing by his superb job of demonstrating the ongoing struggle against radicals who cross the northern border between the U.S. and Canada, while recognizing the cooperation that does exist between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and U.S. Federal Agents. 

What began as a violent encounter between two men on East 72nd Street in Manhattan, escalates into a series of conflicts between federal agents and Canadian Islamic terrorists whose goal is to destroy the Statue of Liberty.  A chase ensues that begins in the Catskill Mountains, on to a hazardous ferry crossing from Vancouver to Victoria, and ends in an abandoned railway tunnel near the Brooklyn waterfront where a stolen fireboat is used in a deadly game of cat and mouse, with the terrorists on one side and federal agents working with cooperative Muslims on the other, that results in murder, mayhem and martyrdom! 

A female Muslim emerges as the book’s heroine in a story laden with chilling turns of events and unexpected encounters with evil that keep the reader glued to the book – not wanting it to end but unable to stop reading until they reach the very last page!

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Reader rave reviews:

Chicago, IL: “An amazing story… I was on the edge of my seat as I got drawn in to the chase … all the while witnessing the lead characters as they get sucked into an evil game of murder, chaos and martyrdom that has chilling twists and turns at every corner. Nothing is `ordinary’ in this story – it’s loaded with thrills and unpredictable events that go head-on with evil – a great read for anyone who thrives on excitement!

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