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Romance And The Old West Skillfully Melded In Short Story Collection

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Romance And The Old West Skillfully Melded In Short Story Collection

If you’re a stickler for historical accuracy, romance in the Old West, and just plain superb writing, Holly Bargo’s short-story collection, Satin Boots: Six Short Romances of the Old West, will more than satisfy your reading needs.

Bargo draws well-developed characters in believable situations, such as the risk-taking woman who finally runs into more trouble than she’d anticipated, a mail order bride whose husband-to-be has changed the rules of the game, and an undertaker who finds himself resurrecting a body he thought he’d be burying.

Set in the American Old West, Bargo’s Satin Boots stories are sweet, clean romances, cleverly infused with history and humor.

Here’s just a taste of these engrossing tales:

• “Angels High:” Making a living winning at a man’s game, Angelica Durant has learned to expect trouble now and then, especially when the stakes are high. But this time, she gets far more than she bargained for when trouble finds her.
• “The Mail Order Bride’s Choice:” Seeking to improve her circumstances, an indigent woman makes a perilous cross-country journey to meet her fiancé, who’s got plans for her ― and they don’t include marriage.
• “Coming Home:” Dessie Humphrey is just trying to hold on to the family farm in the face of seemingly endless hardship. When help arrives in the form of a wanted gunslinger, she’s in no position to refuse.
• “Resurrection:” Undertakers bury the dead; they don’t ordinarily bring them back to life. Antonio DiCarlo does just that when the body of a lovely Swedish immigrant lands on his doorstep.
• “Pride and Peace:” It’s an open secret on the Lazy Five that Jessie North is a woman. That doesn’t stop Daniel Harper from behaving badly when he learns, but when the proud half-breed saves his life, can Daniel overcome deep-seated prejudices?
• “The Rancher’s First Love:” When a gravely wounded Chinese woman collapses on Clint Cheswick’s front porch, he doesn’t expect to be competing with his half-breed foreman for her affection.

Author Holly Bargo works full-time as a freelance writer and editor and lives with her husband on a hobby farm in southwest Ohio. They have two children, both grown. Bargo’s writing includes fantasy and romance, often combined; and since 2014, she has published more than 20 titles, from short stories to novels. In 2019, she and bestselling author Russ Towne published Six Shots Each Gun, a collection of short westerns. While Holly Bargo is a pseudonym, she’d like readers to know that the name was also attached to a very real and temperamental Appaloosa mare.

To connect with Bargo on social media, please visit:

Satin Boots: Six Short Romances of the Old West
Publisher: Hen House Publishing
Released: October 1, 2019
ISBN-10: 1692824422
ISBN-13: 978-1692824426
Available from

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