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Saving America through Baseball – Covering the Bases with Spirit, Justice, Tradition and Meritocracy

There is no more urgent time in our history than right now to bring back the morality of the 50’s, combined with the racial and gender gains accumulated, and loudly sound the alarm that while America is in a dire financial crisis – what is even more insidious is its culture, which is in total ruin.  Victor Baltov’s new book, Baseball is America: Origins and History; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Author House), drives home the point that America is no longer leading the world and has, by following the principles and values of other countries, put the future of the American free market enterprise system in jeopardy!

By drawing a parallel with Baseball and America, Baltov’s book is extremely informational in the areas of baseball history and issues, American history and cultural issues, and drug use within baseball.  It explains why free market enterprise only works with Christian principles as its moral code, not political correctness; by making Americans live up to the true meaning of its creed and judge people by the content of real character within the strike zone (realm) of Founding principles and Christian values. 

While America has freedom of religion, its people are not allowed to practice the doctrine of their faith in the public eye or corporate structure, but instead practice political correctness (man’s law) which is now, sadly, serving as our moral compass.  Humanism allows for liberal ways of living that normalize unacceptable Christian behavior – expanding the acceptable behavioral strike zone that views acts such as cheating and stealing as simply the ‘competitive edge’ or ‘strategy.’  In other words, making it whatever we want it to be in order to win!

Arguing that Synthetic Era baseball is un-American, the author causes Americans to pause and ask ‘What is American?’ Are we really the United States of America or the United States of Entertainment?  It goes a long way in convincing readers to elect public service officials who represent the Spirit of ’76 instead of the spirit of secularism – bringing back a system of rewarding those playing by the rules and obeying American laws instead of the exact opposite.

There is a sense of urgency exhibited in Baltov’s writing that reflects the cultural and economic crisis our great country is in.  By trying to awaken the sleeping giant out of its complacency, he hopes people will be ready to respond if and when disaster strikes. 

As a tidbit to this book, Baltov will, in his third book in the series, step into a New Age of Enlightenment where he will fearlessly express his cure for our cultural woes.  In fact, he attempts to accomplish what Karl Marx tried in the 1840’s – to change an unfair and unjust system – but that is where the similarity ends!  Baltov’s vision is the complete opposite of Marx; where Marx once viewed religious beliefs as an obstacle to wealth redistribution and social status, the author views the practice of religious values and principles as imperative in alleviating injustice and unfairness naturally, through voluntary behavior, instead of forced government action.  Since baseball incorporates four sub-systems (family, youth activities, education and the entertainment industry), reflecting the larger American cultural superstructure, it means that those playing by the rules should be rewarded, and those not playing by the rules and laws should be subjected to impartial justice and no longer hailed as role models!

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