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Teen Heroes Show That By Working Together They Become More Than Their Disabilities

Trish Stevens
Kathleen Timberlake
Marketing Coordinator
Turner Publishing
4507 Charlotte Ave, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37209

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Teen Heroes Show That By Working Together They
Become More Than Their Disabilities

Philip Sallinger was 12 years old when his father had “the talk” with him, and it was the single greatest moment of his life. What Philip thought was going to be a cringe-worthy discussion about the birds and the bees turned out to be the revelation that not only were superheroes real, but that Philip was the latest in a long line of “custodians” — those who use their superpowers to protect others.

Philip was used to dealing with his blindness—he’d been blind from birth, but he wasn’t prepared to hear that he’s also telekinetic. He had a superpower? Really? Thrilled by the prospect of attending a special high school for emerging superheroes, Phillip’s enthusiasm is dashed when he gets placed in a “special ed” class for disabled empowered kids.

Now Philip and his fellow outsiders, who call themselves The Ables, must overcome more than villains. Bullied, threatened, and betrayed, these underestimated kids must find ways to maximize their powers to overcome their disabilities and fight together as the ultimate enemy is poised to strike.

The Ables is a fast-paced, entertaining debut novel from Jeremy Scott, a bold new voice in fantasy and sci-fi, and already a widely popular storyteller as co-creator and narrator of CinemaSins, a YouTube channel that has amassed more than 8 million subscribers. A former online marketing consultant, Scott spends his time writing, being sarcastic and generally hoping to find a good laugh once a day. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Ables readers who upload a proof of purchase at will receive bonus content plus access to a 30-page digital comic book written by Jeremy Scott with art by renowned storyboard artist Jeremy Simser, who worked on Deadpool 2. Plus, they’ll be entered to win one of three virtual meet-and-greets with Jeremy Scott and one of 10 personalized, signed copies of The Ables.

The Ables
Publisher: Turner Publishing
Release date: June 11, 2019
ISBN-10: 1684423368
ISBN-13: 978-1684423361
Available from, and

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