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The nature of this evil is arrogance – the kind that has a deadly outcome

Ernie Hunt’s primary intention when he wrote Paris Under Siege (Publish America) was to bring attention to the issue of human slavery; in particular, the plight of some Muslim women.  He accomplished this brilliantly in his spellbinding novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats all the way to the unpredictable end!

It is the story of a man living in Paris who appears outwardly to be a wealthy man helping poor North Africans living in the Paris suburbs; however, he turns out to be anything but that!  Penny, a reporter from New York, knows what he really is – an Islamic terrorist hell bent on destroying famous American institutions in Paris.  Penny’s friend Charles doesn’t believe her warnings until he gets captured by the terrorist after he discovers his arsenal of weapons hidden in the Sahara desert.

Charles suffers torture at the hands of Aboud and his men, but is then rescued by a Muslim Egyptian flight attendant who had her own run-in with this terrorist when she was enslaved by him after a 2001 Islamic riot against women in Algeria.  The excitement builds as the two flee across the desert on a camel, facing untold dangers at the hands of Aboud’s men that leaves Charles critically wounded.  When they finally make it to Paris, they recruit the help of an officer at the American Embassy and the unlikely four set out on a mission filled with thrills and suspense in an attempt to thwart the terrorist’s plans.

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Rave reviews are coming in from readers:

Reader in Florida: “…Paris comes alive in this book as we see through the eyes of Mr. Hunt who lived and worked in France. This is a book for the times in which we are now living; it enables us to see the many faces of the terrorists walking among us.  Enjoy this book – it will lead you on quite an adventure!!”

Reader in Chicago, IL: “This is a must-read that is so relative to today’s world climate. A great story … takes the reader on a suspense-filled, cat and mouse chase across a desert and later on an unforgettable roller-coaster ride through the streets of Paris. I feel as though I’ve visited the City of Lights myself now, having seen it through the vivid descriptions of the author… Make sure you have a lot of time to read when you start this book as I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down until it’s finished!”

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