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True Tale Of Not-So-Ordinary Upbringing Will Inspire Others To Live Life Courageously

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True Tale Of Not-So-Ordinary Upbringing Will Inspire Others
To Live Life Courageously

Meet Michaela: She’s the girl next door, except that “next door” happens to be a rickety 27-foot Fifth-Wheel Trailer with no electricity or running water parked in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It all went south — or north, technically — in the summer of 1992 following an economic collapse that left her family on the brink of broke.

Teetering on Disaster from Michaela Renee Johnson is the often humorous, always brutally honest, true story of a family of five that must give up any reality they’ve ever known to carve out a new one they’ve never imagined. Caught in the middle is pre-teen Michaela, and for her, the timing couldn’t be worse. As she navigates her way through adolescence — shaving her legs for the first time in the frigid water of an irrigation ditch — she gains profound wisdom about her family, the world around her and her own ability to thrive in the face of life’s inconveniences.

But the effects of her unorthodox upbringing don’t end at adulthood, and Teetering takes readers along as a grown Michaela stumbles upon a few “Mr. Right Nows,” gets divorced in her twenties, and ends up right back where she started: a small mountain town in the middle of nowhere.

Teetering on Disaster is a candid, authentic tale that will make readers laugh out loud and cry — sometimes at the same time.

Award-winning author Michaela Renee Johnson is a licensed psychotherapist and small business owner who hosts the weekly podcast, Be You Find Happy, which features real conversations about life and happiness. She lives in Northern California with her husband and son. Her homestead includes fish, chickens, ducks, a Golden Retriever (Dennis), an Australian Shepherd (Walter) and a rescue cat named Stilly.

She enjoys traveling and has visited 19 countries; she loves the ocean and everything in it. She rarely finds herself without an activity, whether it be hiking, yoga, tinkering in the gar-den, golfing, reading or spending time outside. She loves poetic quotes and all things meta-physical. To learn more about the author, visit or connect with her on Instagram at

Teetering on Disaster
Publisher: MJ Innovations
Release Date: January 2019
ISBN-13: 978-0578430805
ISBN-10: 0578430800
Available from

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