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When your enemy is not the enemy you think –the chase becomes even more terrifying

They’re calling it the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11; hundreds are dead and thousands missing in the rubble, including well-known celebrities, of what was once the iconic Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.  Various terrorist groups have claimed responsibility and the LAPD doesn’t have a single lead – until, that is, Jake Chase enters the picture. 

This is the introduction to Robert Santoro’s debut thriller, Wrath (Sterlinghouse Publisher), where the action begins and doesn’t end until the very last page!  First in ‘The Deadly Sins Series’ featuring Jake Chase – derring-do, adrenaline junkie, who is part of the FBI’s anti-terrorism unit and whose boyish good looks seem at odds with his ferocious determination to solve a case.  On the fast track to success, Jake reports directly to the Deputy Director, his old friend and mentor, and has one-on-one conversations with the President of the United States.  Other than his job, only one thing is more important to Jake and that is Diana, his beautiful wife, and fitting into her world of wealth, inherited when her corporate raider father was murdered two years ago in his palatial Malibu beach home.

The producer at Paramount knew the bombing would be considered an act of terrorism – in fact, he was counting on it.  A born manipulator, he knows how to get what he wants from people, especially women, and believes nothing – including the FBI – can stop him.  What he doesn’t count on is Jack Chase who believes the evidence doesn’t add up and is going on his gut instincts that tell him no terrorist group was responsible for this tragedy. 

As Chase embarks on a manhunt that takes him from Los Angeles to New York, Dubai and the Cayman Islands, time is rapidly running out and he knows he has to work fast to thwart another attack.  Knowing it doesn’t always pay to be the best at what you do – what he doesn’t know is how the outcome will implicate high ranking members of the FBI and could cost him his family, job, and yes – even his life! 

Santoro’s debut novel was premiered at BookExpo America in New York City, and readers’ confirm that they can’t wait for the next book in the series.  Visit this thrilling new author’s web site at or his Facebook Page: Rob Santoro’s Deadly Sins Series and don’t miss the exciting video trailer on Wrath at:



Publishers Weekly Review: “…Wrath is a fast-paced FBI terrorist thriller …In a movie-ready opening scene, replete with taunting one-liners and over-the-top derring-do…Chase pursues Al Qaeda through the streets of Manhattan…in a hunt for a Dubai terrorist determined to avenge his family’s death.  Santoro delights in old-school espionage clichés: fast cars, giant houses, cool brand name technology, a wife described as “the perfect chick,” and preternatural intuition regarding the enemy.  Though Jake’s seeming invulnerability can short-circuit the suspense, Santoro tackles his material with obvious energy and affection, hitting all the bases-and then some- in record time.”

Receiving rave reader reviews:

Cris Rodriguez: “…fun, sexy and fast-paced – was perfect poolside read…it’s a keeper for my library.”

Steven Solomon: “Best read in a long time!  Action packed, good story and hard to put down.  I connected with the characters and followed the ‘roller coaster’ with each eagerly anticipated chapter.  Can’t wait for the next one…”

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Finally, answers to the question of whether mankind really is destroying the earth’s climate

December, 2009 was a month for contrasts in the climate change debate. Delegates from more than one hundred nations gathered in Copenhagen to discuss an international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, at the same time, the world was rocked by “Climategate,” the story of released emails from the Climate Research Unit at U.K.’s East Anglia University, and accusations that global temperature data had been adjusted to support the theory of man-made global warming.  Also in December, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled that greenhouse gas emissions were a pollutant under the Clean Air Act, paving the way for costly regulation of American industry. In addition, the United States Congress is currently considering a ‘Cap & Trade’ energy legislation that will raise the cost of energy for all citizens.

Climatism! Science, Common Sense, and the 21st Century’s Hottest Topic (New Lenox Books) by Steve Goreham takes a complete common-sense look at the science, politics, and energy-policy aspects of global warming.  Throughout the 400 pages and 130 figures, Goreham demonstrates that climate change is due to natural causes, not man-made emissions of greenhouse gases.  Therefore, humanity is engaged in a futile effort to control the Earth’s temperature, imposing severe policies that will limit our freedoms and radically transform our way of life.

But Goreham’s book goes deeper, introducing the concept of Climatism, a new global ideology, the driver of this man-made global warming delusion.  Led by the United Nations and adopted by governments of the world, Climatism is bent on transforming Western lifestyles for the worse and halting economic progress in the developing world.  Readable and down-to-earth, yet packed with the latest scientific and economic date, Climatism! is a must read for anyone wishing to know the real story about climate change.

Steve Goreham is an author, researcher, and public speaker on the topic of climate change.   He’s a former engineer and business executive with over thirty years of experience at Fortune 100 public companies and also private firms.  A whitewater kayaker and father of three, Steve holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  Climatism! is his first book.  For more information about Goreham and his climate observations, visit

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Chasing the White Line from Hell to Heaven – Suffering a little for those who are suffering a lot!

Frank McKinney has often been acknowledged for his architectural artistry that bears his own special brand of style and elegance; in fact, Donald Trump refers to his ‘groundbreaking deals and rock star looks,’ but nothing equals the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing the Badwater Ultramarathon, described by National Geographic as ‘the toughest race in the world.’  McKinney believes we all have our own life’s Badwaters in the form of challenges and opportunities, but it is how we handle them that defines us.  Visit

Frank’s latest venture in luxury real estate proves he never does the ‘ordinary’ or chooses ‘safe.’  It is a stunning $23.4 million, 15,000+ sq-ft mansion named Acqua Liana (Water Flower) that sits on over 1.6 acres of tranquil oceanfront property in Manalapan Beach, Florida.  Acqua Liana was built entirely on speculation – yes – even in this market! Acqua Liana and Frank McKinney were recently featured on the Travel Channel and HGTV.

From its unique glass water floors and water walls, to its serene gardens, waterfalls, pools and reflecting ponds, Acqua Liana has understandably earned the title of ‘The Greenest Mansion in America.’  Please visit this piece of paradise that must be seen to be believed at:

Equally exciting to McKinney is his non-profit Caring House Project Foundation (CHPF) – an organization that provides a self-sustaining existence for desperately poor and homeless families around the world.  ‘Compassion Without Action is a Waste of Emotion’ was the mantra for McKinney and his crew when they recently organized, searched, and performed rescue and relief efforts in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in January.  McKinney’s charity was already in Haiti seven years before the earthquake, and had built eleven villages providing shelter for over 5,000 desperately poor and homeless, and it will remain there as CHPF continues with its massive relief efforts. 

McKinney acknowledges that participating in the Badwater Ultramarathon, and choosing to selectively suffer in the desert this summer for those who are suffering so much in Haiti, offers him yet another opportunity to raise much-needed funds for CHPF.  For more information, please visit:

McKinney’s public appeal is evidenced by his recent appearances on prominent shows, such as 20/20, Oprah, CBS Evening News, USA Today, Weather Channel, HGTV and Travel Channel.  Please visit to learn more about the amazing challenge ahead for Frank McKinney in his fifth attempt to finish the toughest race in the world, the Badwater Ultramarathon!

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To the man who started out in Florida with just $50 in his pocket – you’ve come a long way baby

Frank McKinney has never followed standard predictions; only his own contrarian strategies that go against all the ‘normal’ rules of real estate, so it stands to reason we should listen to him for one very good reason – he is a huge success story!  In his latest business book, Burst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies (Health Communications, Inc.), McKinney has done a superb job of guiding readers through the pitfalls of the real estate market without missing any of the opportunities.  By studying six distinct real estate cycles over the past thirty-five years and applying his own successful strategies learned in his twenty-five year career, he shows that anyone can thrive even in today’s turbulent real estate market.  Please visit for more information on this remarkable book.

Frank McKinney has been ‘tapped’ by God many times in his life.  He believes we all receive life’s great ‘tap moments’’ but it’s how we respond that defines us.  In The Tap (Health Communications, Inc.), McKinney shows how to recognize life-changing opportunities that are presented to us by God and how to respond so that we may receive the rewards of a blessed life.  He believes with absolute conviction that our level of success in the business of life is determined by what type of steward we are with God’s blessings.  An incredibly insightful book that will motivate even non-believers!  Visit to read more.

McKinney is already enjoying profound success with his first children’s book, Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle (Health Communications, Inc.).  Inspired by stories shared on over 1,200 daily walks to school with his young daughter, this magical tale of a young girl who has a chance meeting with a dead shiner fish that comes to life in her hands and whom she appropriately names ‘Dead Fred,’  will touch the hearts of young and old alike.  She helps Dead Fred in his battle to regain his Kingdom of High Voltage from Megalodon, a vicious and evil 50-foot prehistoric shark who threatens to drain the joy and imagination of children everywhere.  Its non-stop adventure will have children anxiously turning the pages as Dead Fred and his young heroes lure the shark and his rogue army into the fight of their lives – all while battling a fierce and deadly Category 5 hurricane!  See more on the escapades of Dead Fred at:

McKinney’s vibrant and energetic personality has charmed viewers on 20/20, Oprah, HGTV, CBS Evening News, USA Today, Travel Channel and many more.  For more information on ‘everything McKinney,’ please visit:

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Motivation through laughter by focusing on what not to do

Nobody has ever taken the serious topic of employment, jobs and career and presented them in quite the most entertaining way as Jeff Havens in his How to Get Fired!: The New Employee’s Guide to Perpetual Unemployment (Big Pow! Books).  Just like Jeff’s speeches, his book contains the most original, informative, hilarious and powerful messages that reach people on all levels and walks of life – from college students to corporate leaders. 

During his four years as a full-time business speaker, he often heard other speakers address employers about ‘Generation Y’ but noticed that nobody was talking to the college students themselves.  Out of the approximately 1.5 million students who enroll in college each year, roughly 725,000 will actually graduate and this number encouraged Jeff to bring much-needed humor to the subject of the workplace in his one-of-a-kind book.  In changing the standard, he combined his talents as a teacher and a comedian to create hilarious scenarios that demonstrate the difference between college life and the business world in a way that has quickly become one of the most popular and in-demand college lectures in the country!

With all the unpleasant news on the home front, Jeff’s approach is a breath of fresh air – he covers all the important issues but does it in an entertaining way.  With lines such as “Would you rather play video games and update your Facebook profile than suffer through a lifetime of stable employment?” and “Does paying your rent seem like too much of a hassle?” he demonstrates how to never become a productive member of society!  

Described as a satirical masterpiece, How to Get Fired! introduces the Four Pillars of Poverty – fake your resume, establish your incompetence, destroy your work ethic, and alienate your coworkers.  After humorously pointing out the top ten things that commonly cause employees to lose their jobs, he gets down to the real business of how to successfully transition into the working world in order to keep a job!  Fast-paced, entertaining and relevant, this book is completely unique in its approach and has transformed the way businesspeople and college students alike approach the idea of personal and professional growth.

Jeff has appeared on several radio and TV interviews, and his humorous and sardonic style will be enjoyed nationwide this year when he makes his first appearance on Comedy Central.  Please check out his website for more information at:



Bettie Corbin Tucker for Independent Professional Book Reviewers: “…I was captivated by the satirical work of an author with a mission. Wit, intellect, and humor are used to present the material in a way that kept me turning the pages from the beginning to the end …as someone who worked several years in Human Resources, as well as a former publisher and present-day book reviewer, I have read many books on how to achieve success in the workplace; but there were none that gave specific instructions on how to get fired and become a non-productive member of society.  I must add that the author does this provocatively in an entertaining and educational way.  I promise that it is a one-of-a-kind publication that you will want to be part of your permanent library. Most of us have heard of reverse psychology, and if you do the opposite of what the first four parts of the book recommends, you will, in all likelihood, get what you want out of life as far as the job arena is concerned.  If you ignore the writings of the last chapter, just the opposite is true.

It is my hope to see How to Get Fired! in every library throughout the country.  It should be presented to college graduates, purchased by anyone who is looking for a job or wants to hold on to the one he or she has, and definitely needs to be passed out with employees’ handbooks to new hires, regardless of company size.  I give this book my highest recommendation.”

Eric Jones: “…fresh out of college, I’ve turned to all the employee handbooks that I can scrounge up because the first thing college does once you’ve graduated is hit you with the bill… The first thing I did after graduating was hunker down in a calendar kiosk in the middle of a mall in Madison, Wisconsin and try to dodge customers.  This is precisely where Jeff Havens knew I’d be, and obviously why he wrote How to Get Fired! – a satire on workplace politics that’s both enlightening and funny… Havens takes the approach of a real self-help book which can be jarring if you haven’t already discovered the book’s subtext. After all, you don’t really need to know how to be fired. It’s a brash and refreshing approach to a market saturated with professed “experts” in job relations. Turns out, learning how to be fired might actually save your job. And in a world where that makes sense, Jeff Havens might just be the best guru there is.”

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Believing the world is better when we understand each other makes perfect sense… if you know a Pisces

Working as an Astrologer in a mystical shop in her home town of Bath, England, the author encountered an amazing number of Pisces – because Pisceans feel ‘at home’ in the world of the mystical, weird and wonderful.  How to Survive a Pisces (O-Books) by Mary English, first in a series of guidebooks for all twelve signs of the Zodiac, is a lighthearted but accurate guide to all the ‘wobbly messes’ that make up a Piscean, and she should know – she is one! 

The author knew that if a client’s life or relationship was a tangled mess they either had to be a Pisces or it was a sure bet a Pisces was lurking somewhere in the picture!  Her entertaining and humorous book is for anyone who has ever been in a friendship or relationship with a Pisces, whose life has been challenged by one, or who is at their wits end trying to get one to understand them (that pretty much covers the whole planet)!  It is not a self-help book – it is a gentle guide filled with copious suggestions to better understand this unusual water creature. 

As an enlightened Pisces who had decided to mend her Pisces ways, the author decided it would be a good idea to tell her suffering clients, and those further afield, how to make the best of the Pisces in their lives, be it child, lover, employee, boss or sibling.  By using real-life examples from her extensive client files, English offers insider information to guide readers through making a birth chart. This helps identify the three Key Points to understand and survive the Pisces in their life, and avoid the common mishaps relating to their association with the last sign of the Zodiac!

Mary English was born in London into a family of authors and was educated at an American school in Switzerland.  She is a professional Astrologer with over thirty years of experience and is the resident Astrologer for the Green Parent Magazine and a member of The Astrological Association of Great Britain.  Please visit  or her interactive website at where visitors can sign up for her bi-monthly newsletter, and also check out for all kinds of up-to-the-minute information.



Donna Cunningham, US Astrological Author: “How to Survive a Pisces is the first in a planned series of ‘How to Survive’ guidebooks to all twelve zodiac signs…this book is full of vivid and accurate observations of Piscean natives from lovers to bosses, friends and family members.  Herself a Pisces, she presents wise counsel for dealing with them in each of those situations…both day-to-day life and in crisis as well as strategies to cope when the going gets rough.”

Judy Hall, author of The Astrology Bible, Patterns of the Past, Karmic Connections and The Crystal Zodiac:  “This is a wonderful book for anyone who is confused about how to deal with the twists and turns of the slippery fish.  I wish it had been around when I was gasping for air in my Pisces parents’ watery world, it would have been so enlightening…as an astrologer of many years standing, I have learned from Mary’s insightful guide which I recommend wholeheartedly.”

Melissa Corkhill, editor of The Green Parent Magazine: “…an insightful and practical look at how to enjoy life with a Pisces.  It is accessible so offers lots to a beginner interested in astrology but is detailed enough to appeal to seasoned experts.  As an Aquarius living with a Pisces, I get treated to a good dose of watery Piscean energy daily and I love it…this offered me insight into some areas which I hadn’t thought about before…had to laugh reading about problems with water manifesting around this sign as we always have issues with water flow, be it a dripping tap, blocked drains, etc.  Very interesting and informative read…am already looking forward to the other books in the series.”

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The Joe DiMaggio’s are no more – just like America’s culture

Baseball has always been indicative of America, where once anything was possible by anyone thanks to its free enterprise system that was open to all.  Life, however, has greatly changed since the dawn of the ‘Synthetic Era’ in the 80’s – right and wrong have now become fake concepts, where winning is now redefined as right and losing as wrong.  Worse still, where once we considered the ‘good ole boy’ network immoral that has now been replaced by a whole culture of corruption!

Baseball is America: A Child of Baseball (AuthorHouse) by Victor Baltov, Jr., starts out on the author’s life as an amateur baseball player from the Glory Days through the Synthetic Era, but manages to continually interweave various topics ranging from corporate America to American politics and culture war issues.  The son of two patriots (a Daughter of the American Revolution and a son of the Bolshevik Revolution), Baltov became disenchanted when he witnessed our current culture not only accepting, but actually embracing, sports stars who commit felonies – anything ranging from drug abuse to domestic violence – realizing that no longer is baseball a standard-bearer for merit founded on Christian principles in America today!

Baseball is America is well-written, thought-provoking, and laced with just the right blend of satirical humor aimed at getting readers to reclaim the American strike zone based upon its founding principles as a noble country by electing officials who still believe in the Constitution as it was written by our Founding Fathers.  It takes courage to write the truth about what is happening in our great country today, in spite of the fact it has become socially illegal to do so under the pretense of ‘political correctness.’  Bring back meritocracy – rewards and advancement based upon talents, skills and work ethics – not based on celebrity status or illicit behavior!

Baltov’s book, the first in a Baseball is America trilogy, outlines Baltov’s desire to get readers to reclaim the American strike zone based upon its founding principles as a noble country by electing public service officials who represent the Spirit of ’76 instead of the spirit of secularism.  Please visit his website at for more information.

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