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The End of Oil

Steve Alten’s, The Shell Game, is his eighth spectacular novel on the NY Times best-sellers list.  To the utter delight of his fans, Steve’s latest success poses the most essential question of the day: ‘What happens when the oil runs out?’  Written as fiction, this fast-paced and controversial political thriller shows how America, by a chain of lies and events, is being led into disaster.  By combining terrifyingly realistic plots with insider information, Steve instigates the biggest wake-up call this country’s ever had!  Watch this terrifying book-trailer:


American, Frank Romano, imprisoned by brainwashing militant Muslims, escapes and now tells his story!

Frank Romano was a young Californian living in Paris, studying philosophy during the 70’s and searching for the ideals of a universal religion that believed in peace, tolerance and freedom. He had no idea that his next trip would find him terrified and imprisoned by militant Muslims, and destined to be held captive.

Romano, now a free man, wrote his experiences in Storm Over Morocco, published by World Audience Publishers. This intriguing book begins with the story of how Romano met a group of young Moroccans who impressed him with their Islamic faith. Believing that the study of Islam would help him in his quest to gain spiritual discipline, and ignoring the advice of friends, he entered a mosque in Casablanca to study the Qur’an and Arabic. It doesn’t take him long to realize that his decision did not bring him closer to the religion he sought, but instead to a living nightmare of confinement and brain washing in a mosque ruled by militant Muslim fanatics. As a result of his daring to question the treatment of women, he was charged with being a Zionist spy out to sabotage the back to Islam movement. Although he was acquitted by an internal tribunal, he remained a prisoner in the mosque on the outskirts of Casablanca.

Storm Over Morocco is an autobiographical account of the author’s spiritual path, as well as the terror he experienced during his attempts to escape after he realized he would remain a hostage until his unconditional allegiance to Islam was complete. There follows a most disturbing account of the author’s missionary journey traveled with fellow monks in the southern Morocco desert, where a man who was to be his spiritual guide makes it abundantly clear that he is in control of Romano’s life and he will never allow his disciple to leave the brotherhood. This is a gripping true account of Frank Romano’s terrifying escape and his fearsome struggle to avoid being recaptured.


Psychological Screening of Virus-Handling Scientists Might Not be a Bad Idea

Standing in a league of its own in novels dealing with the frightening subject of bioterrorism, is The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow, the premiere novel of Dr. Paul Boor that takes place in the highest-level research facility for infectious agents in the United States – the Bio-safety Level-4 laboratory on the Island of Galveston, Texas.

This unique novel inspired James Mangum, author of Dead and Dying Angels, to say “…a nightmarish scenario, splicing bird flu and DNA manipulation with human despair. Unseen things are coming to your neighborhood. Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

In The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow, the plot unfolds in the lab of Dr. Mallow, a research scientist who is hot on the trail of an emerging bird-flu virus. At the peak of his academic career, Mallow begins making notes on the strange behavior of a brilliant but troubled student who has become obsessed with drowning
in one’s car. The student convinces Mallow to confront a board of auto-industry safety executives. When the senior scientist is ruthlessly dismissed, his notes take the reader into a downward spiral of a scientific career, the deadliest epidemic in history, and a horrific finale that won’t be forgotten.

In The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow, the most dangerous organisms in the bio-lab ARE the scientists themselves!

Dr. Boor’s novel has received top acclaim from world-renowned scientists, foremost among these being
Dr. C.J. Peters, the virus hunter who headed the U.S. Army unit that battled Ebola in The Hot Zone, and the acclaimed author of Virus Hunter.

Steve Alten, NY Times Best-selling author of The Shell Game, adds his praise: “The Blood Notes of Peter
Mallow unnerves the reader with its medical implications. How close are we to eradicating our own species? Should we be delving into Pandora’s Box? Dr. Boor pulls back the curtain on how we deal with pandemic…and the human side of the threat. A great read!”

Geoffrey Leavenworth, author of Isle of Misfortune, sums it up fittingly, “The plot is gripping, the writing elegant …. It had me praying for psychological screening of all scientists.”

Filmmaker Roger Corman says, “Scary, because it’s told from the inside. A great concept, full of drama – and what an ending!”

Dr. Boor’s book is character-driven, mainstream, and “real science” rather than science fiction. He adds personal and professional credibility to the book with his background as a Harvard-trained pathologist and scientist, and his current position as a professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

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Bush & McCain Playing Their Part In The Shell Game

The President of the United States advocates torture, predicting another 9/11 “that will make the last one pale in comparison.” A neoconservative Vice President continues to lobby for war against Iran. The GOP candidate pushes to end restrictions on off-shore drilling as oil prices continue to rise. And now the latest announcement – Western oil companies will be running Iraq’s oil fields on no-bid contracts. All part of this summer’s headlines…or excerpts from a startling new book tell-all written more than two years ago!

Best-selling author Steve Alten’s latest book, The SHELL GAME, is an explosive thriller that continues to startle readers by accurately detailing domestic and world events BEFORE they happen. The author’s sources include insiders in the military, special ops, the oil industry, and foreign affairs, all contributing in an attempt to stave off what could be coming down the road. . . an October surprise intended to launch the GOP candidate into office and the U.S. into a WMD attack on Iran.

Says Alten, “Scott McClellan’s book gave us a peek behind the White House curtain.
THE SHELL GAME exposes the rest of a very dirty iceberg, beginning with the truth
about world oil supplies.”
According to a growing list of industry experts, world oil levels peaked in 2005. Supplies are in a terminal decline that will lead to higher prices (and oil company profits), increased conflicts in the Middle East and other petroleum hotspots, accompanied by an economic tailspin, widespread blackouts, and famine.

The SHELL GAME is a tell-all that names names and takes no prisoners. Reviewers have called it “a must-read” and this generation’s 1984. Paul Craig Roberts, former editor for The Wall Street Journal and the Father of Reaganomics concurs. “Steve Alten was more alert than the media. Realizing that fantasy is one route by which Americans can be brought to face the facts, and hoping to preclude any such real world event, Alten wrote a thriller predictive of our future. I recommend it to everyone.”

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Jeffrey Stephens’ First Novel, The Portofino Deception, Consistently Draws Rave Reviews from NY Times Best-Selling Authors!

The Portofino Deception is the premiere novel of Jeffrey Stephens and has again received top reviews, the most recent being from Steve Alten, NY Times best-selling author of Meg and The Shell Game. “Jeffrey Stephens takes the reader on a fast-paced tale of international intrigue and suspense in this, his first novel, The Portofino Deception. With a terrific lead character in Jordon Sandor, and many plot twists, I look forward to watching Stephens develop as a topnotch author,” says Steve.

Another rave review from #1 NY Times best-selling author, Vince Flynn, who had this to say: “This is a ripping, good yarn of intrigue that will keep you turning the pages all the way to its explosive ending.”

The story is about Jordan Sandor – an ex-agent with the Central Intelligence Agency – who is drawn back into action when events land him in the middle of an operation to expose and prevent a new al-Qaeda conspiracy intended to launch deadly nerve gas attacks around the world. The tension escalates when
Sandor discovers that the rogue agent behind the plot is his former mentor and Jordan realizes he is the only man who can prevent the catastrophe. This journey takes him from Woodstock to New York City to Fort Lauderdale, then to Paris and ultimately to the beautiful Italian Riviera town of Portofino.  It is an edge-of-the-seat adventure with an energy that never stops.

The rave reviews go on. Mr. Robert Tanenbaum, best-selling author of Escape, Malice, and Counterplay, describes Mr. Stephens’ novel with gusto: “a writer to watch……a very solid, fast-paced thriller that carries the reader on a globetrotting adventure into the world of counter-terrorism.”

City Magazine’s review passionately sums it up: “Move over Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, and Jack Ryan – a new agent is locked, loaded, and ready to save the world from terrorism …..Deception will only leave you hoping for the inevitable sequels.”

Jeffrey Stephens has written a novel that many are saying would make the “movie of the decade” – it definitely sounds like a book to keep a close eye on. For additional information visit

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