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American, Frank Romano, imprisoned by brainwashing militant Muslims, escapes and now tells his story!

Frank Romano was a young Californian living in Paris, studying philosophy during the 70’s and searching for the ideals of a universal religion that believed in peace, tolerance and freedom. He had no idea that his next trip would find him terrified and imprisoned by militant Muslims, and destined to be held captive.

Romano, now a free man, wrote his experiences in Storm Over Morocco, published by World Audience Publishers. This intriguing book begins with the story of how Romano met a group of young Moroccans who impressed him with their Islamic faith. Believing that the study of Islam would help him in his quest to gain spiritual discipline, and ignoring the advice of friends, he entered a mosque in Casablanca to study the Qur’an and Arabic. It doesn’t take him long to realize that his decision did not bring him closer to the religion he sought, but instead to a living nightmare of confinement and brain washing in a mosque ruled by militant Muslim fanatics. As a result of his daring to question the treatment of women, he was charged with being a Zionist spy out to sabotage the back to Islam movement. Although he was acquitted by an internal tribunal, he remained a prisoner in the mosque on the outskirts of Casablanca.

Storm Over Morocco is an autobiographical account of the author’s spiritual path, as well as the terror he experienced during his attempts to escape after he realized he would remain a hostage until his unconditional allegiance to Islam was complete. There follows a most disturbing account of the author’s missionary journey traveled with fellow monks in the southern Morocco desert, where a man who was to be his spiritual guide makes it abundantly clear that he is in control of Romano’s life and he will never allow his disciple to leave the brotherhood. This is a gripping true account of Frank Romano’s terrifying escape and his fearsome struggle to avoid being recaptured.

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