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Prolific Author Packs a Career’s Worth of Wisdom into Helpful Guide for Writers

Prolific author Hank Quense shares his wealth of knowledge regarding fiction and nonfiction writing, self-publishing and book marketing in his new, free, interactive e-book, My Stuff: A Comprehensive Guide for Today’s Authors. Quense been writing for over 20 years and has published 45 short stories, a dozen novels and more than a dozen nonfiction books on the process of creating stories, publishing and book marketing.

My Stuff is practically an entire library of material distilled into one source containing Quense’s best tips, strategies and practical wisdom for anyone hoping to write and publish a book. My Stuff is available in two versions: a pdf or an interactive e-pub edition. The e-book contains live audio clips and videos, and new information will be added over time. Both editions contain virtually everything that a writer needs to turn their original stories into books and get those books into the hands of their target audience.

“The book provides links to a wealth of relevant content that is written in plain English, not technobabble or the usual marketing gibberish,” Quense said.

In the e-book, users will find links to Quense’s helpful materials for writers, including:
• Articles
• Books
• YouTube channel
• Checklists
• Video classes
• Do-It-Yourself courses
• Personal coaching services
• Free e-books

Additionally, Quense walks readers through his process of creating a story, provides fiction writing exercises and shares his book publishing and marketing insights.

About the Author

Hank Quense has been self-publishing his books for over 12 years. His nonfiction books cover fiction writing (Creating Stories), self-publishing (How to Self-publish and Market a Book, Self-publish a Book in 10 Steps), marketing (Book Marketing Fundamentals) and author business (Business Basics for Authors). He also lectures on these subjects in schools, libraries and on webinars.

For his writers and authors resource center, visit Follow Quense on Facebook (StrangeWorldsOnline), Twitter (hanque99) or LinkedIn ( Sign up to receive his newsletter here:

My Stuff: A Comprehensive Guide for Today’s Authors is available free to download at


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‘Embedded Enemy’ Survivor Shares Gripping True Story of Deadly Terrorist Attack on 101stAirborne Division

Command Sgt. Maj. U.S. Army (retired) Bart E. Womack shares the gripping true story of the March 23, 2003, unprecedented deadly terrorist attack against the men and women of the 101st Airborne Division in his book, Embedded Enemy: The Insider Threat.

Told second by second in his firsthand account as a survivor, Embedded Enemy is a potent reminder of the need for situational awareness, no matter the circumstances.

“This event shocked the armed forces, America and people around the world,” Womack said. “It forced everyone to consider more carefully whom we really trust and to begin to digest the idea that threats to our personal safety might now come from the inside. Twenty years later, the entire country has no idea how this event actually took place.”

As the book details, shortly after deploying for the war in Iraq, the Bastogne Brigade was staged at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait where they prepared for combat against Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime.During the eerie, pitch-black, early morning hours of March 23, 2003, a fellow American soldier, Sergeant Hasan Akbar, executed the unthinkable and unlikeliest of scenarios by launching a terrorist attack against his chain of command as they slept in preparation for war.

The wicked aftermath killed two officers and wounded 13 others. Despite the tragic deaths in the most unfathomable way, the Bastogne Brigade received movement orders to cross the border into Iraq just 48 hours after the attack.

“This story is about how the soldiers bonded together to rescue, treat and evacuate their brothers in arms in the midst of darkness, massive explosions, gun fire, suffocating smoke, body ripping shrapnel, and complete and total chaos and confusion, while
simultaneously searching for a ruthless killer that had taken the same oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against foreign enemies,” Womack said. “Little did they realize they would meet the most improbable of adversaries — one of their very own — an ‘Embedded Enemy.’”

The soldiers and airmen killed and wounded in this attack never received the Purple Heart as casualties from an enemy of the United States. On January 9, 2023, the award was denied by the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Air Force.

“I remain steadfast in pursuit and will continue to fight until they are recognized by the award of the Purple Heart that they so truly deserve!” Womack said. “These medals
won’t bring back those killed or heal the bodies of those wounded. It will, however, serve as a testament that the United States of America recognizes their sacrifice and officially calls the attack a ‘terrorist attack.’”

Akbar was sentenced to death and currently awaits execution at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.“No profession, level of education, ideology or religion is above reproach,” Womack added. “There is no profile. The Insider Threat is closer than you think.”

About the Author

Command Sgt. Maj. retired Bart E. Womack served the United States Army with distinction for over 29 years and contributed immeasurably to the readiness of the armed forces and the security of our great nation. Highlights of his distinguished military career include Sergeant of the Guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, his career culminating in dual roles as Commandant and the 101st Airborne Division Command Sergeant Major. An Army Ranger combat veteran with two Bronze Stars, one for valor, he is also a Distinguished Member of the Regiment for the 3rd and 327th Infantry Regiments.

Post military, Womack helps veterans enhance their careers and excel. He sits on the Board of Directors for Veterans Media Corporation, is an Executive Producer for The Veterans Channel, and an actor and military technical adviser. In recognition of his selfless service and initiatives, Womack was invested as a Knight into The Order of St. George, Grand Priory of Canada & the Americas in October 2020.

For more information, visit, or follow the author on Twitter (@BartWomack) or LinkedIn (

Embedded Enemy: The Insider Threat
Publisher: Inspired Forever Books
ISBN-10: ‎ 1948903393
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1948903394
Available from


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Social Media Sensation and Author Promotes Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Matthew Kenslow has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram, nearly 70k on TikTok and over 65k YouTube subscribers by sharing his insights, real-world experiences and pearls of wisdom when it comes to navigating the world around him. At 6 years old, Kenslow was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome (now referred to as autism spectrum disorder).

“My autism awareness and acceptance videos should, hopefully, not just encourage the families of those on the spectrum, but also educate those who still need to learn about autism and then accept us for who we are, learning what we’re going through,” Kenslow said during an interview.

Today, Kenslow is a pianist, college graduate, substitute teacher and the author of the book Juggling the Issues: Living With Asperger’s Syndrome, in which he takes readers inside what it’s truly like for someone living with the disability.

“My main message that I tell hundreds of people is that I have not given up on my goals,” he writes in the book’s preface. “I persevere on my aspirations. If I can do that, certainly everybody else can too.”

Told through a series of stories about his personal experiences, Kenslow sheds light on the ways in which certain challenges have impacted his everyday life. The way his mind works is different, he says, and he has struggled with social and conversational skills, and poor eye contact. He explains that simple tasks take longer for him — like reading or organizing his thoughts — while remembering things like the president’s birth, term and death dates; the elements of the Periodic Table; and the books of the Bible come more easily.

Juggling the Issues: Living With Asperger’s Syndrome is an important read for anyone whose life has been touched by autism spectrum disorder. Kenslow’s insights aim to lend understanding, provide inspiration, and encourage readers to put aside differences and embrace the gifts that others have to share with the world.

“Behind the disability we have a heart and a mind; we have a calling and a purpose,” Kenslow added.

About the Author

Matthew Kenslow has grown up with a form of autism that was once referred to as Asperger’s syndrome. Life has been an adventure as he pieced together all of his surroundings amid both praises and taunts. His mission is to teach others from a firsthand perspective about how people with autism interpret things differently from the rest of the world. He feels he has been blessed with the gifts to juggle, play piano and recall facts about the American presidents, geography, science and mathematics. He juggles at elementary schools and encourages the students to never give up on their passions.

He has earned the Gold Medal of Achievement (which is equivalent to the rank of Eagle Scout) through Royal Rangers, a program he has been in since he was 5. Now, he is giving back to children and teenagers, teaching and mentoring them in a wide set of skills and knowledge. He graduated from Orange Coast College with an Associate of Science degree in Chemistry and with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry fromVanguard University of Southern California. He aspires to be a middle school math teacher. Recently, he earned a full math credential after student teaching Enhanced Mathematics at his former middle school, Ensign Intermediate School.Currently, he is going for a Master of Arts degree in Education at Vanguard University and is an employed substitute teacher for NMUSD, often being called by students as “the best sub” and begged by them to come back the next day or to sub for their class soon.

Follow Kenslow on Instagram (matthew_kenslow), Facebook (JugglingTheIssues), YouTube (@matthewkenslow722), Twitter (@matthewkenslow) and TikTok (@matthewkenslow).

Juggling the Issues: Living with Asperger’s Syndrome
Publisher: River Birch Press
ISBN-10: ‎1951561325
ISBN-13: ‎978-1951561321
Available from, and many other online retailers


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The Key to Success? Keep Promises, Especially Those to Yourself

Who better to write a self-help book than someone who struggled to get it right, then finally discovered a path that truly worked? James Rosseau admits it wasn’t easy, but his persistence resulted in dramatic personal and professional success. Then he felt a need to share what he learned, which led him to write Success on Your Own Terms: 6 Promises to Fire Up Your Passion, Ignite Your Career and Create an Amazing Life.

“What I learned in going through challenges and encountering roadblocks and obstacles,” Rosseau said, “is that I have to be true to myself. These six promises are commitments that I’ve made to myself and mindfully put into practice in every situation that I’ve been in. My advice, from someone who has been there, is to make these six promises and keep them.”

While the book can be helpful for everyone, Rosseau says his target audience is young people, especially those who come from humble beginnings and find it difficult to see a way out. That isn’t too different from his own background.

“I want to be able to show people from the ’hood that you don’t have to be a rapper, play basketball or sell drugs to make it,” he said. “I wanted to go back into the old

neighborhood driving a Lexus, showing them that I achieved success in a

different way. But more importantly, I wanted to show people that it was achievable for them as well. I wanted to help people see their way out of what they probably considered the destiny they were stuck with.” 

The six promises that helped propel Rosseau to success are (1) embrace your passion, (2) perform to progress versus perfection, (3) promote with purpose, (4) parlay your platform, (5) put it into action and (6) practice philanthropy.

The titles alone can only give you a glimpse at Rosseau’s path to success; he explains them all in detail in the book. Among the subjects he explores are how to dig up

long-buried dreams; why passion is essential for success (and how to find yours); what it means to “perform to progress,” rather than go for perfection; how helping others often equates to helping yourself; and why giving is so important.

James B. Rosseau, Sr., is the founder and CEO of The Corelink Solution, a nonprofit committed to empowering people to reach their potential. The organization delivers learning programs through that brand and faith-based media through the Holy Culture brand, through Holy Culture Radio on SiriusXM Channel 154. He brings 20-plus years of expertise in creating growth and driving transformation, leveraging his unique blend of revenue generation and business acumen with his ability to skillfully assemble and lead high-performing teams.

The link below is a TV interview with the author:

Success on Your Own Terms: 6 Promises to Fire Up Your Passion, Ignite Your Career and Create an Amazing Life.
Publisher: The Corelink Solution
ISBN-10: ‎ 0578445158
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0578445151
Available from and anywhere books are sold.


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Beyond the Classroom: Children in Traditional Societies Learn with Little or No Parental Involvement, Expert Says

What parent doesn’t want their children to willingly pitch in and complete routine household chores? In his eye-opening new book, How Other Children Learn: What Five Traditional Societies Tell Us about Parenting and Children’s Learning, Cornelius N. Grove, Ed.D., explores five “traditional” societies where children do just that on their way to becoming mature adults. Yet they spend little or no time in classrooms. How do those children learn? How do their parents parent?

Dr. Grove defines traditional societies as those unaffected by industrialization and urbanization and untouched by modern values. They still can be found in small villages and camps where people engage daily with their natural surroundings (including raising or finding their daily food) and have little or no experience of classroom instruction.

Why seek fresh insights from these societies?

“One reason is that doing so reveals that, in traditional societies, children very largely learn on their own how to become family- and community-minded adults,” Dr. Grove said. “A second reason is because it’s insightful for modern parents to find out how traditional parents deal with their children. You’ll be astounded by how uninvolved they are!”

Anchored in the published research of anthropologists of childhood, How Other Children Learn takes a close look at the following five societies: the Aka hunter-gatherers of Africa, the Quechua of highland Peru, the Navajo of the U.S. Southwest, the village Arabs of the Levant and the Hindu villagers of India. Each society has its own chapter, which overviews that society’s background and context, then probes adults’ mindsets and strategies regarding childhood learning and socialization for adulthood.

The book concludes with two summary chapters that draw broadly on anthropologists’ findings about dozens of traditional societies and offer examples from the five societies featured in the book. The first summary chapter reveals how children in traditional societies learn to willingly carry out family responsibilities and suggests how American parents can attain similar outcomes. The second contrasts our middle-class patterns of child-rearing and school-attending with traditional societies’ ways of ensuring that their youngsters have opportunities to learn and develop into mature, responsible adults.

“Like their traditional peers, our children have a natural capacity to learn on their own and with other children by freely exploring, imitating adults and engaging in all sorts of activities serendipitously occurring in their community,” Dr. Grove added. “How do our children’s opportunities to freely explore and engage with others compare with those of traditional children? With school, extracurriculars and screen time, ours have very few.”

About the Author
After attaining a Master of Arts in Teaching at Johns Hopkins University, Cornelius Grove taught high school history, worked in educational publishing, traveled extensively in Europe and Africa, and completed a doctorate in education (Ed.D.) at Columbia University. He then served for 11 years as director of research for AFS, the student exchange organization, simultaneously holding adjunct teaching posts at Columbia and New School Universities. In 1986, he taught at Beijing Foreign Studies University, after which he co-authored Encountering the Chinese: A Modern Country, An Ancient Culture (3rd Ed., 2010). During the 2000s, Dr. Grove became curious about the belief of many Americans that inborn ability is the main determinant of a child’s academic performance. This led to The Aptitude Myth: How an Ancient Belief Came to Undermine Children’s Learning Today (2013). He then figured out why East Asian students always outperform U.S. students on international comparative tests and wrote two books on his findings. The first addresses differences in parenting: The Drive to Learn: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about RAISING Students Who Excel (2017). The second explores contrasting approaches to teaching in pre- and primary schools: A Mirror for Americans: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about TEACHING Students Who Excel (2020).

A charter fellow of the International Academy of Intercultural Research, Dr. Grove wrote lengthy entries on “pedagogy across cultures” for two encyclopedias. He retired in 2020 after 31 years as managing partner of Grovewell LLC, a global business consultancy. He and his wife have three sons. For more details, visit or connect with the author at

How Other Children Learn: What Five Traditional Societies Tell Us about Parenting and Children’s Learning
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
Release Date: March 1, 2023
ISBN-10: ‎ 147587118X
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1475871180
Available from and


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Lifestyle Psychiatrist Offers Strategies to Stem ‘Rising Tide of Despair’ in Teen Girls

The current mental health care system and its go-to protocol of diagnoses, drugs and hospitalization is falling short, and at least so far, has failed to meet the challenges posed by the current mental health crisis, says Dr. Cheryl L. Green, M.D., a lifestyle psychiatrist based in Southern California.

Moreover, a recent report from the CDC, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, broke the startling news that, among high school girls in the past year: 57% felt sad or hopeless; 30% considered suicide; 24% made a suicide plan; and 13% attempted suicide.

“Our teens have been experiencing grave problems in their mental health for over a decade, and the recent pandemic greatly deepened what was already a crisis,” Dr. Green said, adding that she has witnessed the rising tide of despair in teen girls firsthand at the medical university where she teaches and in her own private practice.

In her book, Heal Your Daughter: How Lifestyle Psychiatry Can Save Her from Depression, Cutting, and Suicidal Thoughts, Dr. Green presents a new paradigm for helping teenage girls with depression. She describes the new field of lifestyle psychiatry, and then walks parents or other caregivers through six concrete ways in which they can help their daughters develop health-promoting, depression-reversing habits. State of the art, evidence-based information and guidance is provided in six domains: nutrition, detoxification, exercise, sleep, emotional connectedness and stress reduction.

“The good news is that healing, even from the worst disasters of childhood and early adolescence, is possible,” Dr. Green writes in the book’s introduction. “The early traumas that life inflicts need not be ‘managed’ with ever-escalating doses of psychiatric medications; I believe that they actually can be healed — completely or almost completely healed. There is every reason for hope.”

Dr. Green explains that the method outlined in her book can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies or as a standalone treatment. The method doesn’t require a diagnosis. It is drug-free and affordable. And perhaps most importantly, it offers new hope to those who have given up on psychiatry and on the traditional mental health care system.

“Teen girls with depression are often overwhelmed, and are unable to help themselves,” Dr. Green added. “But you, the caregiver, can help them take tiny steps in the six domains described in the book. The more tiny steps taken, the closer teen girls can come to reclaiming the foundations of their physical and mental health.”

Ultimately, Heal Your Daughter and its companion book, The Heal Your Daughter Workbook, aim to make important new contributions to society’s collective understanding and support of today’s girls.

About the Author
Dr. Cheryl L. Green is a lifestyle psychiatrist based in Southern California. She works part time at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, and part time in her own private practice based in the greater Los Angeles area. She holds degrees from Harvard University (A.B.), Princeton University (Ph.D.) and Stanford University School of Medicine (M.D.). She is board certified in Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Lifestyle Medicine. Her passion is inspiring others to achieve vibrant physical and mental health. She can be found online on her website,

Heal Your Daughter: How Lifestyle Psychiatry Can Save Her from Depression, Cutting, and Suicidal Thoughts
Publisher: BookBaby Press
Release Date: April 21, 2023
ISBN-10: ‎ 1667871242
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1667871240
Available from, and other retailers

The Heal Your Daughter Workbook: Six Weeks to Feeling Good with Lifestyle Psychiatry
Publisher: BookBaby Press
Release Date: April 21, 2023
ISBN-10: ‎ 1667871269
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1667871264
Available from, and other retailers


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Zen Rohatsu Invites Readers to Follow Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment

Zen Rohatsu Invites Readers to Follow Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment

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Could an ancient practice hold the key to dealing with today’s stressors? Zen meditation practitioner Nora D’Ecclesis opens her new book, Zen Rohatsu, with a guided visualization that places readers at the time of the Buddha, under the sacred fig tree, as he sought to obtain enlightenment.

“Buddha was a man who found his enlightenment and set his path, avoiding suffering by controlling his thoughts and desires,” wrote D’Ecclesis. “He was not and is not considered a deity.”

And with this historical perspective into how the concept of Buddhist enlightenment emerged, D’Ecclesis sets the stage for Zen Rohatsu, which provides thoroughly researched insights into the origins of meditation, its rituals and the ways in which living mindfully can be transformative. Included are simple meditation techniques, such as postures, breathing exercises and the use of mala beads.

Written for anyone wanting to cultivate a deeper sense of mindfulness and spirituality — from beginners to advanced meditation practitioners — Zen Rohatsu guides readers down the proverbial path of enlightenment.

“Zen Rohatsu is a microcosm of Zen meditation which best explains why we meditate and why most should consider this spiritual practice,” D’Ecclesis said. “I sat to outline a story about my spiritual practice, which I wrote from the memory of my own experiences as a lay meditator. The result is this book.”

The book explains that Rohatsu is a spiritual practice of meditative zazen that occurs on the eighth day of the twelfth month on the Gregorian calendar. The meditation sessions, which focus on Zazen Meditation rather than scriptures or rituals, are celebrated for seven days in advance of December 8 by Zen practitioners all over the world. Zen Rohatsu will help readers understand this type of meditation and how it might help them.

D’Ecclesis also added: “Zazen, a Japanese style dating back to the Buddha, is a meditation that keeps us in the present with focus, equanimity and stress management by clearing our thoughts from the various anxieties that permeate them. We turn off the chatter in our own heads and establish a place of compassion. We all experience interoceptive responses to the stressors and suffering and even the great joys in life, as all sentient beings do, so the balance of meditation and concept of equanimity are a welcome alternative.”

Nora D’Ecclesis is an American bestselling nonfiction author and Haiku poet. Her international No.1 bestseller The Retro Budget Prescription held the top spot in Kindle book downloads for the business/self-help category for over a year. She is a graduate of Kean University of New Jersey with post graduate degrees in administration and education. Her other published nonfiction includes Amazon No. 1 bestseller Haiku: Natures Meditation and paperbacks/eBooks on such topics as time management, guided visualizations, gratitude/equanimity, journaling and Zen meditation.

For more information about the author, visit, or follow her on Twitter at @DECCLESIS or on Facebook at NoraDEcclesis.

Zen Rohatsu
Publisher: Renaissance Presentations, LLC
ISBN-10: ‎1733020136
ISBN-13: ‎978-1733020138 ‎
Available from

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