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Move over Einstein – make room for the whiz kid of Dark Energy

Just released, The Cults of Relativity – Finding Einstein, Twain and a Universe Beyond E = mc2, presents us with a whole new view of our universe and challenges everything we have learned in the past.  For anyone wishing to have the Theory of Relativity explained with a down-to-earth, honest approach – this could be the book for you.  As a warm-up for appreciating Relativity, the first chapter of Cults will show you why Mark Twain and Albert Einstein mistrusted statistics.  You will leave this chapter understanding the Twain and Einstein mindset, and why statistics cause havoc with government policies and medicine.  Under the guidance of Albert Einstein and with the help of Mark Twain, Cults goes on to explain parallel universes, the warping of time, and many other aspects of Relativity.  Finally, Cults jumps deep into the new discovery of dark energy, and explains why dark energy is so confounding for so many scientists.

The Cults of Relativity has appeal for teachers, professors, doctors, engineers, or college students studying math, physics or medicine. The author, Drake Larson, offers a unique guide for understanding how Einstein and Twain unraveled paradoxes.

Larson’s UCLA education in physics provided him the tools to transform discouraging contradictions into wonderful opportunities.  An Oakland Tribune science editor wrote a tongue and cheek article about Larson’s theories that predicted bizarre gravitational repulsions; a dark energy – this article was published in 1991 – a solid decade before dark energy was actually discovered by the experts.  Larson eloquently explains to you how dark energy envelopes our universe, while physics departments, who were sure his theories were impossible, are now busy rethinking their logic.  A direct quote from this captivating book seems to sum it up: “A novice might grasp what experts believe is unattainable.”

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