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At the Heart of the Holidays: A Time for Spiritual Rebirth and Enlightenment

At the Heart of the Holidays: A Time for Spiritual Rebirth and Enlightenment
Writings emphasize positive impact of forming deep connection with the All Spirit

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If there is one thing we can all depend on through life’s ups and downs, it is the source of all existence, posits minister and licensed psychotherapist Dr. Pieter Noomen.

“Compare it with how a person functions with millions of different parts, including unseen activities like thinking and feeling. Certain parts may fail, yet the unit remains intact as one person during one’s lifetime. So it is with the totality of all. It is always there. It is forever,” he shared in his writings.

Dr. Noomen began to develop a deep connection with a spiritual presence more than 25 years ago while studying the work of Dr. Peter D. Francuch, who communicated with what he called “the Positive State.” Dr. Noomen would go on to significantly widen his own spiritual path and have extraordinary experiences on the spiritual plane.

He chronicles his journey and the insights he gained on his website, He writes about the 12 components of life: Oneness, Love, Life, Fire, Space, Connectedness, Progression, Effect, Freedom, Joy, Differentness and Harmony; shares 147 thought-provoking questions and the illuminating answers that came to him during his communications with the All Spirit; and details his extraordinary journeys in the spiritual dimension, including how the very first visit began: a strong light coming through a cracked door.

The message that forms the foundation of his writings on is that directly or indirectly, life stems from one common source, and to connect with that source is the highest level of existence we can achieve on earth.

“May all the sayings of this website touch a chord in you that lifts up your spirit,” Dr. Noomen wrote.

Born in the Netherlands, Pieter Noomen completed doctoral studies in theology and pastoral psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam and was senior minister of three protestant churches. Later, he worked as a psychotherapist and as a staff member of a Los Angeles metropolitan church. He was involved in mental health issues like suicide prevention and hospice. Sadly, Dr. Noomen passed away in 2019, but his wealth of wisdom and insights freely shared on will continue to inspire people throughout the world to broaden their spiritual paths.

An example from Dr. Noomen’s Wisdoms of the Week at

“Is regularly making room in our thinking for spiritual issues worthwhile? I think so! One, it will never be at the cost of the truth we have already hidden in us. To the contrary. Two, not just thinking of, but truly connecting with the One Spirit of Life, (Allah, God, Higher Power, etc.) as with a Person, immensely expands, inspires and consolidates our being on the right track during our time on earth and beyond that.”

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