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Learn How to See the Good in the World, and Help Make America Sane Again

Learn How to See the Good in the World, and Help Make America Sane Again

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A mindset that embraces rational thinking, perspective taking, and optimism can help society fight back against the rising tide of pessimism, posits Dr. Michael Adamse in his new book, Make America Sane Again: A Mental Health Expert Weighs In.

“Unless we get a collective grip on what is truly happening to us on a deeper psychological level, the shift away from individual and collective optimism is at risk,” Adamse wrote in the book’s introduction.

In Make America Sane Again, Adamse uses his background in philosophy and clinical psychology to tackle the critical topic of America’s mental health from two important — and completely nonpolitical — perspectives.

First, Adamse explores the myriad nationally scaled issues such as addiction, violence, loneliness, the double-edged sword of technology and other concerns that continue to undermine America’s mental health.

Then, after taking readers on a deep dive into the factors influencing the current mental health crisis, Adamse emphasizes personal responsibility and offers readers practical suggestions on how to address these challenging sources of stress and what they, as individuals, can do to contribute to America’s welfare.

Written in a conversational style, Make America Sane Again uses well established psychological principles to evaluate what is happening in this country on a deeper level and what readers can do to improve their own well-being, which, in turn, helps everyone.

“I think we should be aware and concerned about America’s mental health, but not panicked,” Adamse added. “Panic subverts rational thinking and simplifies complex issues into a primitive state of fear … The path forward is clear if we intelligently learn to manage the influences that work to distract us.”

With over 300 interviews across all media platforms, Dr. Adamse is able to speak on a wide range of psychological issues. Most recently, he has been asked to comment on the stress individuals are experiencing around current events, including the upcoming elections and inflation fears.

About the Author

Dr. Michael Adamse specializes in relationship issues and has practiced for over 40 years. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami after completing a pre-doctoral fellowship at Yale University. He also served as a Captain in the Medical Corps, U.S. Army Reserve.

He is also the author of Affairs of the Net, which represented a cutting-edge online relationship study; the inspirational novel Anniversary; and God’s Shrink.

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Make America Sane Again: A Mental Health Expert Weighs In
Publisher: Inspired Forever Books
ISBN 13: 978-1-948903-67-7
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