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Outrageous Tales of the Human Experience Provide Perfect Escape

Outrageous Tales of the Human Experience Provide Perfect Escape

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From a high-speed chase to winning the lottery to marrying a psychopath, TC Blackwell holds nothing back in Hypothetically The Craziest Sh%T I’ve Ever Done!?!, her bumpy ride down a memory lane pockmarked by unexpected — and often extraordinary — circumstances.

“Imagine if you compiled every story that made your friends say, ‘No way,’ or, ‘I’d have to see it to believe it,’” Blackwell said.

Hypothetically is for anyone with embarrassing stories locked away in a dark closet who just wants to laugh at someone else’s misfortune for a change, she added.

“This laugh out loud memoir is for everyone who wished life came with an instruction manual. If you come across one, will you share it?” Blackwell joked.

Stranger than fiction but seemingly too outrageous to be real, Hypothetically immerses readers in Blackwell’s entertaining (if sometimes highly stressful) life. Along the way, she offers words of wisdom to help others dodge similar unfortunate circumstances. Ultimately, her tales serve as potent reminders that everyone has skeletons in their closets.

“Are you too self-conscious to share your past humiliations? Even … hypothetically?” Blackwell asked. “If so, this book is for you!”

About the Author

TC Blackwell specializes in crafting funny adventures with a heaping dose of romance. She holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice and shares an incredibly unique passion for helping young adults bridge the literacy gap.

She is a fitness guru and lives in Minnesota. In theory she is working on her next novel. In reality she is possibly at the local gym or watching a comedy movie.

For more information, please visit, or connect with the author on Instagram (t.c.blackwell), Facebook (tcblackwellauthor) and Twitter (@tcblackwell1).

Hypothetically The Craziest Sh%t I’ve Ever Done!?!
Publisher: Black Gravity Press
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8697391525
Available from, and many other online retailers

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