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Preparing for the End-Time Event: Bible Scholar Reassures Faithful that Tribulation will be Brief

Preparing for the End-Time Event: Bible Scholar Reassures Faithful that Tribulation will be Brief

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For those who believe in end-time prophecy, it’s important to prepare for the Day of the Lord and to share the gospel with nonbelievers. In his compelling new book, The High Sign, Bible scholar David S. Heeren reveals his unconventional interpretation of what the sign of Jesus’ Second Coming will be and shares the promises Jesus made to the faithful.

“Jesus specifically said we [believers] are not to fear, not even worry,” Heeren said. “Jesus said in addition to shortening the tribulation, he would turn it back onto the heads of the treacherous people who are destroying their nations. Additionally, the prophet Isaiah says this: The destroyers will be destroyed, and the traitors betrayed.”

In his book, Heeren shares more than 200 points of evidence involving 24 scriptural events that support what he says will be the sign of Jesus’ Second Coming. His findings are the result of 16 years of research involving Scriptures as well as independent sources. Today, he is more convinced than ever that he has identified the celestial event that will signal Jesus’ return.

His investigation began after reading the book of Isaiah, which describes great visions given supernaturally to the prophet, including many about the Day of the Lord. It was after reading Isaiah and praying Isaiah’s prayer: “Here am I, send me,” when the meaning of many biblical passages began to crystalize for Heeren, and the message of The High Sign started taking shape.

Heeren found 54 prophetic images, and the evidence mounted concerning the identity of the celestial sign of Jesus’ Second Coming, until there were more than 200 individual points leading him to arrive at unconventional interpretation that few, if any, theologians have reached as yet.

“There is not a single contradictory point of evidence, at least none that I found, and I have studied this specific subject now for 16 years,” he adds.

Heeren also explores in detail the Flood of Noah, the demolition of Sodom, the plagues of the Exodus, and the arrival and Second Coming of Christ — and how astronomical events are tied to each. To help readers recall his main ideas, Heeren provides summarization points at the end of each chapter, and concludes his book with a list of seven things for Christians to do to prepare for the Day of the Lord.

David S. Heeren is an award-winning journalist and author of 17 books. He used his background in mathematics and logic to create Tendex, the first internationally used statistical system for rating professional and college basketball players. Nine of his books have Christian themes, including the Online Book Club Book of the Day The High Sign, Day of the Lord, What the Bible has to Say about the U.S.A., The Sign of His Coming and God…or not? To learn more, please visit:

The High Sign
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