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Groundbreaking Information Helps Diagnose Silent Seizures Early And Could Change The Lives of Thousands Of Children Diagnosed With Autism

Ascot Media Group (Press Release) – Houston, TX, May 28, 2011 – We know that autism is a physical condition that is linked to abnormal biology and chemistry in the brain and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills.  Silently Seizing: Autism’s Hidden Syndrome (CJL Publishing) by Caren Haines, RN, is a breakthrough book that explores what most doctors won’t tell you – that in some cases the symptoms of autism are caused by seizures undetectable with standard diagnostic tools. 

This is a first-of-its-kind book that explores this little-known but crucial relationship between autism and seizures that has been hidden until recently, resulting in a heartrending outcome for children who are not receiving effective treatment because the seizure element is not addressed. That is, until now. Thankfully, because of innovative clinicians and researchers who acknowledge that in order to accurately diagnose autism it is imperative to look for seizure activity in the brain, there is help.

Many doctors have seen first-hand that children show measurable gains when treated early on for seizures and many of these children actually end up having their autism diagnosis replaced with a diagnosis of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE), which is easily manageable with the right medications.  As the doctors who have generously shared their wisdom in this book understand – if an unrecognized seizure disorder turns out to be the culprit then treating it can produce a miracle of healing for these children. 

Caren Haines, the author of Silently Seizing, is a registered nurse with extensive medical experience.  She has done exhaustive research for her notable book, together with input from parents of autistic children, as well as help from colleagues and medical experts.  Caren has already helped families coping with this strife to become free from the debilitating episodes of seizure and psychosis which can literally bring a family to its knees.  For more information, please visit her website at:


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Reformed Bad Boy Gives Women Great Dating Advice By Exposing Secrets Of Why Men Do The Things They Do


Shreveport, Louisiana, May 28, 2011- If you’ve ever been cheated on, wondered why the guy never calls when he said he would, or can’t seem to get past the bedroom when you start dating a guy, Rodney L. Demery’s candid book, Things My Daughters Need To Know: A Cop and Father’s View of Sex, Relationships and Happiness (The Demery Group Publishing) will help get you answers to these relationship dilemmas by examining the dating habits of this self-proclaimed serial dater.

After working for over two decades on homicide, sex crimes, narcotics and armed robbery investigations, there is little that could shock or surprise Detective Rodney Demery, and he shares both his professional and personal life experiences as an investigator and a dater as a way of helping women see their lives and loves in a different way so they can learn to read their own dating situations better and hopefully change the outcome.


Rodney Demery’s own life was shaped by murder when his mother was shot in the back nine times by her husband, and having his life framed by infidelity may be part of the reason he could not settle down. He admits he earned the title in the past of ‘bad boy’ where women were concerned, but is quick to express that he’s learned to be better and, as a result, his life is filled with hope as he looks for lasting love. Gritty and raw at times, his book is an honest portrayal of one man’s sexual escapades, troubled relationships, and journey to maturity.  

In Things My Daughters Need To Know, women will get honesty and a straightforward approach to relationships from a cop/father’s point of view, and learn valuable information such as why abstinence helps get you the man, why career women end up single, what men really think when you show up in a skimpy outfit, how technology is helping men juggle women, and whether a cheater will really leave his wife for you! 

This virtual guide to understanding men is the perfect legacy for Demery to leave his daughters – one they can put to good use and better prepare them in their choice of men and relationships. For more information on Rodney Demery and his fascinating memoir, please visit his website at:



To get an in-depth look at this talented ‘Dad at Work,’ please watch Demery at:

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