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Uncle Al Capone…The Untold Story From Inside His Family – By The Last Of The Capones…

Bonita Springs, FL,  – Deirdre Marie Capone lived in the house of the infamous Al Capone, her uncle. He taught her to swim, ride a bike, and play the mandolin. In her tell-all memoir, Uncle Al Capone…The Untold Story From Inside His Family (Recap Publishing LLC), Deirdre, the last member of the family born with the name Capone, shares what it was really like growing up a Capone – definitely not the way most people would have imagined it to be. It is the only book ever written about America’s most notorious mobster by someone who knew him well.

Already a best-seller on Amazon, Deirdre’s fascinating memoir tells what really happened in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, what the ‘outfit’ was really all about, and what the ‘family’ were really like, especially the one person she confided in more than anyone – her Aunt Maffie (short for Mafalda – the Italian princess she was named after); a strong woman with whom she shared a close bond as one of the only two girls in the Capone family.

Uncle Al Capone is packed with absorbing stories about Al and his family, along with never-before-published photos and authentic Capone family recipes for the food that Al and his family enjoyed. Simply stated, there is no one else left who could ever share this piece of history with the world.

Deirdre relates what life was like growing up the grand niece of Public Enemy #1, Al Capone. Her own life had been saddened by the fact that her father, who had tried to live a more legitimate lifestyle than the rest of the family, couldn’t shake the shame of the Capone name and ended up taking his own life when Deirdre was just ten years-old. For most of her life she too had made every effort to hide the fact that she was a Capone and in 1972, in her early thirties, she left Chicago and her family history behind to reinvent herself in Minnesota, making sure that no one other than her husband knew her ancestry. She succeeded.

That is, until her past caught up with her on the day her nine year-old son came home from school and announced they were studying Al Capone in a class project. She and her husband agreed it was time to tell the kids but she was afraid for them – she had not wanted them growing up shunned by others or not having other kids to play with once they knew her name. She need not have worried – her kids thought it was totally ‘cool.’ So, at age 34, she finally accepted herself as Deirdre Marie Capone and today her 14 grandchildren are proud to tell the story of their ancestry.

Uncle Al Capone grabs the reader’s attention right from the start with its true life dialogue of the Capone family – from their ancestral roots in Angri, Italy to Brooklyn, New York, and later to Chicago. Deirdre offers a true portrait of an American family and gives a decidedly different look at her favorite uncle, endlessly depicted as the iconic mastermind behind some of the century’s most brutal killings.

For all the dissension, for all the pain, there comes a moment in our lives where we have to stand up and say: This – the good and the bad – is who I am, says Deirdre Marie Capone. For more information on this intriguing book, please visit:



Jonathon Eig, author of Get Capone: The Secret Plot That Captured America’s Most Wanted Gangster: “A lot of people think Al Capone was a psychopath. A lot of people think Robert De Niro captured the true nature of America’s most notorious gangster. A lot of people seem hell bent on clinging to a bunch of mythology that plain and simple makes no sense. A lot of people are fools. Deirdre Marie Capone is not one of them. With this lovely, personal, heartfelt story, she takes a stand. She’s not nominating Capone for sainthood. She’s not asking you to pardon him his crimes. She’s simply and honestly telling the story she knows best–the story of her family. Do yourself a favor: read it. You’ll be glad you did. And when you’re done, you can judge Al Capone for yourself.”

Katerie Prior, ForeWord Reviews: “…Throughout the book, Capone tries to reconcile what she knows about her family with recorded history. Early in the book she writes, “I will not pretend to be able to paint a rosy picture of my uncle Al. I cannot make him out to be a perfect man, or even a good man. But what I want people to know is that he was a complex man. He was human and he had a heart.” Capone succeeds, balancing both the public history of Al, from the Valentine’s Day Massacre to his incarceration at Alcatraz, with personal photos, family recipes, and her own memories…It’s not always an easy task as the author recounts losing friends, jobs, and other opportunities, once people learned she was a descendant of the notorious Al Capone… (it is) a memoir that is as complex and human as the man that it’s about. It brings a fresh perspective to the other Al Capone biographies, and finally gives the larger-than-life gangster the one thing that may have eluded him in life: to be seen as simply a human being.”



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Attorney Victim Exposes The Spiritual Side Of Identity Theft From A Natural Perspective

Houston, TX, – Many victims of identity theft don’t realize what has happened until the damage is done. Similar to the natural crime, most people may not even be aware that their spiritual identity has been stolen until it’s too late. This type of theft can go unnoticed or unaddressed for many years until the victims face a difficult situation and suddenly discover that their spiritual identity has been stolen in the process.

In Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You (New Horizon Publishers), readers will see the parallels between having their “natural” identity and “spiritual” identity stolen. DeMonica D. Gladney provides an inspiring, real-life account of her personal encounter with identity theft in both ways. She describes a time when someone stole her money, credit and good name, while simultaneously there was a spiritual attack on her God-given purpose and destiny. Through these challenging and life-altering experiences that occurred years after a near fatal car accident, Gladney learned the keys to discovering and reclaiming her “full” stolen identity. In her book, she shares these findings and also brings readers a fresh perspective on how to discover the person God created them to be.

In our busy, high-stress world, it’s easy to get side-tracked and forget who we are spiritually. It took the author’s first-hand experience with identity theft to help her realize that other factors in her life, such as her career and relationships, were defining her. In her faith-affirming book, she provides an eye-opening analysis on how to recognize the signs of spiritual identity theft by first assessing what is missing in the reader’s life and moving forward through the steps to a full recovery. Once the spiritual identity theft is exposed, the reader is encouraged to overcome the theft by using scripture, prayer, and other spiritual tools. This inspiring, practical guide will walk the reader step-by-step through their personal journey toward discovering who they each really are.

DeMonica D. Gladney, Esq., is a corporate attorney in the Houston, Texas area. She is an inspirational speaker, poet and bestselling author of Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You; Willing to Wait: From Revelation to Manifestation, and Reflections from God. She has been featured on the Daystar Television Network, various radio talk shows, and in print media around the country. She was selected for the 2010 Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals and the Who’s Who in Black Houston.

Please visit this accomplished author’s website at:



To see DeMonica in a KUCI Radio Interview on her latest book, go to her website at and click on the ‘Listen to Interview’ button.

Black Christian Book Review: “…We highly recommend this book.”

Mari J. Frank, Esq. CIPP, Radio Host & Author: “… Identity Theft inspires victims of identity theft to know the truth of their essence – that although a thief can steal your material identity, your spiritual identity given to you by God belongs only to you.  Ms. Gladney gracefully and lovingly guides you through the journey of stolen identity to attain trust that God will restore all that you have lost.”

Willie Jolley, bestselling author: “…Gladney is a dynamite young lady who has a powerful new book that shares strategies and ideas that give you a new perspective on discovering the real you and not letting the real you be stolen away!  Read this book, then re-read it, and then share it with your friends!  She shows you how the best you, is within you!”

Norma Jarrett-York, bestselling author: “…Gladney has provided a divinely inspired path to our true identity.  For those willing to take an honest journey, she helps uncover areas of “spiritual identity theft” while providing guidance toward God intended authenticity.  Her true light and spiritual wisdom shine; blessing those who are willing to receive her literary gifts.”

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Soon After This Author’s Book Hit The Bestsellers List He Offered Electronic Copies To Anyone For Free – Why?

Santa Ynez, CA, – When Renewable Energy – Facts and Fantasies (Clean Energy Press) was published, it skyrocketed to the top of’s charts in both the energy and engineering categories – a clear hit as a #1 best-seller. Now, just a few months later, author Craig Shields is offering an electronic copy of the book at no charge to anyone who wants it because, “(Writing the book) was a great project. I had fun doing it, readers loved it, and a whole bunch of people bought it within the first week or so,” he said. “Now it’s time to move along – but before I do that, why not put it in as many people’s hands as possible?”

For an author to offer his published work for free is an admirable quality; obviously to him educating the public is more important than making money. His book is based on interviews with 25 of the world’s top researchers, authors, analysts and energy experts in a wide range of disciplines – yet it’s an easy read that is set in a question and answer type format with the author posing the questions.

There is no doubt that the migration to clean energy is among the most pressing issues of our time. Whether our worries are global warming, peak oil, national security, America’s competitiveness in world markets, or our siphoning off another $1 billion in our wealth to foreign entities every day – there is definitely room for concern. In fact, it would be difficult to find anyone who thinks that our addiction to oil and coal is a good thing. But, looking at the problem in practical, realistic terms – how can we “get there from here?” 

We live in a civilization with an ever-increasing hunger for energy and its fixation on fossil fuels to provide that energy is in the process of imploding on itself as our population grows and its demographics change. Yet we live in a world of tough realities – where an elegant solution simply does not exist. We are constantly told that renewable energy is too expensive but, all things considered, it is actually cheaper than traditional energy sources!

Craig acknowledges that there are people who don’t believe in global warming. But are there people who doubt that gas and diesel emissions cause cancer?  That enriching certain governments in the Middle East endangers every one of us? That the scarcity brought about by a declining supply of oil causes wars? That the damage to fragile ocean ecosystems, which are becoming more acidified each year, is devastating the larger biosphere? 

Craig Shields is the founder of 2GreenEnergy – a company that is focused on providing breakthroughs in renewable energy science and technology – and he recognizes that renewable energy will soon become the third largest industry on Earth, after healthcare and technology, and a lot of folks are going to want to be a part of this multi-trillion dollar revenue stream. For more information, please visit:



Paul Scott, Plug-In America: “It would be hard to find more stimulating ideas — and more compelling reasons to move to clean energy, all stuffed into one small place. Readers will walk away with a greatly expanded understanding of the subject.”

Mike Austin, Reporter/Producer for Blue Planet Almanac: “Shields renders the landscape of renewables with brush strokes that only a master can deliver. Craig’s uncommon gift is powering past political obfuscations while leaving the truth intact.”

David Schwartz: “If you are wondering what some of the brightest minds in the Renewable Energy field are thinking, you need this on your bookshelf. Craig Shields does a wonderful job.”

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You Should Be Very Afraid When You Read This Visionary’s Novels – They Have A Way Of Coming True…

Overland Park, KS, November 10, 2011 – Visionary-political novelist Bill Douglas has an obvious gift for writing novels that seem to foresee what is going to happen – before it happens!  His latest spellbinding novel is no exception. A Conspiracy of Spirits – Wall Street vs. The 99% (Illumination Corporation Publishing) was years in the making, yet the release of this environmental thriller couldn’t be more timely in today’s world climate where its visionary tales are coming true.

This fascinating story is about two people living in different parts of the country who are besieged by visions of the Arctic; one a corporate ladder-climber in southern California who wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself naked in his backyard, compelled to write down the feelings that are tearing his heart and mind apart. The other is fifteen hundred miles away – the nine year-old daughter of illegal Mexican immigrants who is plagued by cataclysmic visions of polar bears.

Simultaneously, an elderly Chinese woman living in Kansas is shocked by violent visions of a young girl and a man connected in the vast web of life and this web has been disturbed by a crime of such proportion that its perpetrators have the blood of nations on their hands. She is powerless to do anything but watch as the chaos from the crime tears at life’s fabric, leaving the two strangers’ lives shattered in its wake. Their survival is entwined with the fate of us all. The question is – will they make it? Will we?

The breakneck pacing of this latest thriller proves to be yet another white-knuckle ride, taking readers deep into our political system and environmental and economic justice issues, with characters who struggle to do what is right rather than what is habit.

So begins . . . a conspiracy of spirits.

Douglas’s first fast-paced thriller 2012: The Awakening received rave reviews, including one from Deepak Chopra, and was named Best Fiction of the Year by Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine.

When a global human awakening shakes the very foundations of powers that have ruled the world for eons, unlikely heroes struggle to find a new way to survive.

The lives of a bookish heroine, a burned-out Naval Intelligence Officer, and a deadly covert operations’ professional become entwined in a riveting thriller that unravels threads of the ancient beginnings of human consciousness. Their struggle parallels that of everyone on the planet today. Douglas expertly weaves current global issues in an ageless story that blends history, science, socio-politics and spirituality; thrusting the reader into pulse-pounding excitement on a roller-coaster ride of twists, turns and intrigue that leaves readers breathless, riveted and reeling!

In Bill’s soon-to-be-released autobiography; A Call to Duty – Miracles DO Happen!, he’ll discuss this ability of prescient thought being common to his entire family. They are descendants of a clan from the highest of the Scottish Highlands – a people known throughout Scotland for having “the second sight,” the involuntary ability to glimpse future events. Bill describes how his grandfather, Isaac Douglas, predicted JFK’s assassination days before it occurred.

The absorbing, visionary plots in this author’s novels have all the makings of incredible movies. For more information on this creative writer, please visit:



Deepak Chopra: “What a gift!”

Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine: “2012 The Awakening chosen Best Novel of The Year – With a thought-provoking, gripping and engaging storyline, no other fiction that came out this year even came close.”

Midwest Book Review: “Riveting … a must”

Enlightenment Dudes Book Review: “Mind blowing – Ten out of ten stars!”

Coleen Rowley, TIME Magazine Woman of the Year/FBI whistleblower: “Visionary!”
Holmes Osborne, Actor: The Box; The Quiet American; ER; Boston Legal; The X Files:
“RIVETING!  With the suspense of a Da Vinci Code, the spiritual awareness of The Secret, and the fearsome aspect of Orwell’s 1984, what a terrific film this book will make!”


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How To Bring Sex And Intimacy Back Into A Woman’s Relationship After Cancer

Potomac, MD,  – Intimacy and sexuality are often damaged by cancer treatment. The Lovin’ Ain’t Over for Women with Cancer (CIACT, Inc. Publishing) by Barbara and Ralph Alterowitz, is a practical guide to help a woman overcome sexual difficulties after treatment, bringing hope to couples that they can reclaim intimacy.

The authors discuss the effects that cancer therapies have on a woman’s body and sexual function and offer information on aids and medications, practical suggestions and examples from more than 100 women who have experienced female cancer, with recommendations from top sexual health professionals.

The Lovin’ Ain’t Over for Women with Cancer starts a woman off with the four-step AIDA system for reviving her sense of self after breast and other cancers. The book goes on to provide a roadmap that includes how to communicate, getting emotionally and sexually reacquainted with the partner, and having sensual sex. It breaks down the problems and describes solutions so that every woman can tailor her approach.

Clear cut and straightforward in its style and easy to read, this book encourages readers to take the action to make their sex lives as vibrant, vital and fulfilling as they want it to be. The Lovin’ Ain’t Over is helpful for patients, but also for their partners and for medical and mental health professionals working with cancer patients.

The book is written by an internationally-recognized, husband and wife sex counselor team that works with cancer patients and their partners to strengthen their intimacy and sexuality, and has experienced cancer in their own marriage. Barbara and Ralph Alterowitz are certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). They are the founders of The Center for Intimacy After Cancer Therapy – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping couples renew intimacy after treatment. They have written Intimacy with Impotence and other books and articles about cancer and sexuality, contributed to the professional reference guide “Sexual Health”, and are sought-after speakers at cancer support groups and conferences to educate patients and the medical community on dealing with the sexual effects of cancer treatments.

Please check out their informative website at:



Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former U.S. Surgeon General, wrote the foreword for the book: “A cancer diagnosis may be received by a woman of any age, in and out of a relationship, and in any sort of relationship. Whoever you are and no matter what your situation may be, you will be able to find yourself in this book…can be viewed as a guide to better living through making informed choices regarding your relationships as well as by maneuvering some of the choices during treatment.”

Reviews from Amazon readers:

Kansas: “Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz …have authored yet another outstanding book recognizing the intimacy issues experienced by women dealing with cancer…I have recommended this book to several cancer support lists as well as a multitude of Medical Oncologists, Urologists, and Radiation Oncologists, and most certainly recommend it to women dealing with such issues as well as organizations who provide support to women with cancer.”

Florida: “…an inspiring resource for anyone who has experienced a serious illness in a relationship. Lovemaking tends to be a delicate issue for most couples, even when they are healthy. For a woman with cancer, physiological changes and psychological shifts add an extra challenge. Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz offer wise council and practical solutions to shows that of course there can be sex after illness!”

California: “This book has something for everyone—from psychological to pharmacological and most everything in between. Whether you are a cancer survivor or a friend or relative of one, you will find solid advice in this comprehensive book. The authors write with knowledge and compassion based on inputs from many women who have successfully survived the disease and gone on to live fulfilling lives.”

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Tell-all memoir of former hedge fund manager’s reboot in Saint-Tropez

Houston, TX, – Mr. Asim Khan had a successful career in New York and London as an investment banker and hedge fund manager. He was blown out during the global financial crisis but rather than soldiering on in finance until things got better, Mr. Khan threw caution to the wind and resettled in Saint-Tropez. At the time, he did not speak French or know anyone in Saint-Tropez and had no plan other than to live by the teachings of a yogi he met in India who instructed him to follow his heart and intuition.

Mr. Khan quickly fell in with the crowd of luminaries who regularly visit Saint-Tropez and call it their home from Easter until the end of September. The list includes European aristocracy, Russian oligarchs, Arab Spring revolutionaries, artists and the lively gay community that is truly the soul of Saint-Tropez. From these associations emerged colorful, very far-from-everyday experiences which bore re-telling. Mr. Khan’s purpose was to expose the excesses of a famous playground for the wealthy and notorious by simply narrating his experiences as they happened. The stories are revealing, humorous, informative and, for some of their powerful subjects, potentially embarrassing.

Three years into his move to Saint-Tropez, Mr. Khan has published a collection of vignettes in the form of a memoir under the title Dispatches from Saint-Tropez, Reminiscences of La Vie en Rosé. Rosé wine is the drink of choice in Saint-Tropez and everything there happens under its influence.

Of the few books written of Saint-Tropez, to the author’s knowledge none have been memoirs. Dispatches from Saint-Tropez is a first-of-its-kind memoir of Saint-Tropez written by an insider.

Dispatches from Saint-Tropez is available in paperback and in ebook format for Kindle on For more information, please visit:

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Would You Publish A Story You Found? What If The Writer Returns, Or What If He Never Existed?

Las Vegas, NV – J.E. Rainey never knew Arthur Spevak, but it was Spevak’s manuscript that Rainey discovered in a trunk overgrown with blackberries behind his house. Believing himself to be the fortunate messenger for a man so unique, Rainey felt it an obligation to present Honor and Entropy (and calling it Lost Lobo Books) to the world.

Honor and Entropy is an epic adventure about the intertwining lives of two young men: one, Telly Brensen, a classic hero; the other, Arthur Spevak, an uproarious anti-hero, dragged into a quest so consuming it takes over his life.

Telly Brensen longs for his father, missing since WWII, and despises his mother’s suitors. When her priceless ring disappears, this ignites his long smoldering rage. He hunts down the ring, maiming the thug who has it, and even though this frees a man wrongfully imprisoned for taking it, he is prosecuted into choosing between the Marines or jail. His choice lands him in Vietnam where he carries out an act of extraordinary valor. Unfortunately, a gunfight with a jealous NCO turns a Medal of Honor nomination into a dishonorable discharge. Four years later, with reasons to live fading fast, Telly gets a tip concerning his father. He tracks down old friend Arthur Spevak, solicits him for backup, and sets off alone…for Borneo.

Unknown to Telly, Spevak is a tormented soul in his own right. Once orphaned, a sense of worthlessness sabotages his every attempt at romance and, in desperation, he too joins the Marines. But when sent to Vietnam, his anger at the world for driving him to such measures will not abate and he becomes a notorious rogue – until the death of a brave friend sends him home with new self-loathing. By the time Telly finds him, he is living on a Chinese mountainside; alone, aimless and broke. Since they never crossed paths in the war each is ignorant of the other’s disgrace, and they make an awkward pact. Then Telly vanishes, and Spevak reluctantly picks up the trail – unaware of how far the journey will one day take him.

Rainey hopes that readers will be moved by the same sense of wonder he was when uncovering this lost tale. He says he likes to think that Spevak will one day reappear and reintroduce himself. But what do we know of Rainey, other than he is a man who says he found the manuscript? What part does he really play in all of this? He says he believed the story to be an authentic memoir, but is now unsure, and that Spevak may have made the whole thing up. Does Spevak even exist? It is ultimately up to the reader to decide.

For more information on this extraordinary book, please visit:



Clayton Clifford Bye, Book Reviews: “…There really is a terrific, well thought-out, and expertly told mystery here. And some of it runs through the many sub-plots and the characters who people them…Arthur Spevak’s Honor & Entropy, with the exception of some Ayn Rand moments…has been the most enjoyable…in a very long time. Arthur Spevak claims he is not an author. This just isn’t so. I get the feeling his characters and settings are real to him. And so these things become real to me. That, dear reader, is the job description of an author.”

David Thirtyacre: “It’s about time. The first novel which effectively paints the picture of life’s struggle; that between what’s right, what we choose to do, and the unpredictable outcome. The hero’s epic journey, bouncing between hero and zero, effectively illustrates the strange web we weave called life. But what about the other side, those who always look for the way out? Honor and Entropy charges head long into the battle of life, the choices, and never-ending mosaic it creates.”

Norman D. Park: “Honor & Entropy is an adventure woven through with layers of myth, allusion, historical fact, philosophy, and humor – and all of that stretched across a canvas of first and third person writing that never lets up. The characters are unforgettable, and the sub-plots keep the pot boiling. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a story quite so much. Like a great meal, it’s one of those things the mind keeps savoring.”


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