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Archive for July, 2008

Move over Einstein – make room for the whiz kid of Dark Energy

Just released, The Cults of Relativity – Finding Einstein, Twain and a Universe Beyond E = mc2, presents us with a whole new view of our universe and challenges everything we have learned in the past.  For anyone wishing to have the Theory of Relativity explained with a down-to-earth, honest approach – this could be the book for you.  As a warm-up for appreciating Relativity, the first chapter of Cults will show you why Mark Twain and Albert Einstein mistrusted statistics.  You will leave this chapter understanding the Twain and Einstein mindset, and why statistics cause havoc with government policies and medicine.  Under the guidance of Albert Einstein and with the help of Mark Twain, Cults goes on to explain parallel universes, the warping of time, and many other aspects of Relativity.  Finally, Cults jumps deep into the new discovery of dark energy, and explains why dark energy is so confounding for so many scientists.

The Cults of Relativity has appeal for teachers, professors, doctors, engineers, or college students studying math, physics or medicine. The author, Drake Larson, offers a unique guide for understanding how Einstein and Twain unraveled paradoxes.

Larson’s UCLA education in physics provided him the tools to transform discouraging contradictions into wonderful opportunities.  An Oakland Tribune science editor wrote a tongue and cheek article about Larson’s theories that predicted bizarre gravitational repulsions; a dark energy – this article was published in 1991 – a solid decade before dark energy was actually discovered by the experts.  Larson eloquently explains to you how dark energy envelopes our universe, while physics departments, who were sure his theories were impossible, are now busy rethinking their logic.  A direct quote from this captivating book seems to sum it up: “A novice might grasp what experts believe is unattainable.”


Told From The Inside – How A Scientest Could End This World

Dr. Paul Boor’s Harvard training as a pathologist and scientist is evident in The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow – a suspense-filled biomedical thriller that unfolds inside the highest-level research facility for infectious agents in the U.S.  Dr. Mallow’s lab notes record his involvement in the obsession of a brilliant but troubled student who uses his knowledge in a quest for revenge that could ultimately lead to the beginning of the end of the world.  Blood Notes encourages readers to advocate psychological screening for possibly the most dangerous organisms in the bio-lab – the scientists themselves!  See this guy’s media room at:


Nerve-Racking Treasure Hunt By Satellite

In the cleverly titled Lost and Found, author Tom Williams has written a modern-day adventure that combines an intriguing cast of bizarre yet plausible characters who search the globe for untold lost treasures using the high-tech possibilities of an orbiting satellite.  The writer’s vast background as a marine officer lends authenticity to the unpredictable dynamic energy of this fast-paced treasure-hunt that has the makings of becoming an equally exciting movie.  Reviews pouring in saying “would make a great movie!”


Helping The Youth Of America

Adopt-An-Author is a program of great interest to parents and teachers everywhere.  It is a non-profit, nationwide service whose mission is to make reading fun again for thousands of reluctant teenagers by using best-selling thrillers, heroic non-fiction, and motivational books.

Middle and high school teachers receive numerous FREE curriculum materials and enjoy classroom interaction with best-selling authors either via phone or personal appearances.  In just eight years, this successful program has received numerous credible endorsements and has registered over 8,000 teachers, representing over 100,000 students, proving that it has returned creativity to the classroom.


Modern Twist To The Old Style Country Music – What A Singer!

Texas native, Jerry Audley, is a rising star who made it to #1 on the Texas Music Chart in only twelve short weeks with his catchy number “Lucky Me, Lonely You.”  Audiences love the modern twist he adds to classic type country music, and Jerry credits his success to the many fans who relentlessly called radio stations across Texas in order to get his song heard.  “Lucky Me, Lonely You” was co-written by artists Ronnie Dunn, Terry McBride, and Shawn Camp, and is featured on his debut release “Audley Enough.”  There are high expectations for his latest release, “If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Your Mother.”  Hear Jerry sing; he is awesome!




The End of Oil

Steve Alten’s, The Shell Game, is his eighth spectacular novel on the NY Times best-sellers list.  To the utter delight of his fans, Steve’s latest success poses the most essential question of the day: ‘What happens when the oil runs out?’  Written as fiction, this fast-paced and controversial political thriller shows how America, by a chain of lies and events, is being led into disaster.  By combining terrifyingly realistic plots with insider information, Steve instigates the biggest wake-up call this country’s ever had!  Watch this terrifying book-trailer:


American, Frank Romano, imprisoned by brainwashing militant Muslims, escapes and now tells his story!

Frank Romano was a young Californian living in Paris, studying philosophy during the 70’s and searching for the ideals of a universal religion that believed in peace, tolerance and freedom. He had no idea that his next trip would find him terrified and imprisoned by militant Muslims, and destined to be held captive.

Romano, now a free man, wrote his experiences in Storm Over Morocco, published by World Audience Publishers. This intriguing book begins with the story of how Romano met a group of young Moroccans who impressed him with their Islamic faith. Believing that the study of Islam would help him in his quest to gain spiritual discipline, and ignoring the advice of friends, he entered a mosque in Casablanca to study the Qur’an and Arabic. It doesn’t take him long to realize that his decision did not bring him closer to the religion he sought, but instead to a living nightmare of confinement and brain washing in a mosque ruled by militant Muslim fanatics. As a result of his daring to question the treatment of women, he was charged with being a Zionist spy out to sabotage the back to Islam movement. Although he was acquitted by an internal tribunal, he remained a prisoner in the mosque on the outskirts of Casablanca.

Storm Over Morocco is an autobiographical account of the author’s spiritual path, as well as the terror he experienced during his attempts to escape after he realized he would remain a hostage until his unconditional allegiance to Islam was complete. There follows a most disturbing account of the author’s missionary journey traveled with fellow monks in the southern Morocco desert, where a man who was to be his spiritual guide makes it abundantly clear that he is in control of Romano’s life and he will never allow his disciple to leave the brotherhood. This is a gripping true account of Frank Romano’s terrifying escape and his fearsome struggle to avoid being recaptured.