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Contrary to public opinion, the real estate bubble didn’t burst – it has just been given a more impenetrable veneer.

Palm Beach, FL, July 1, 2009 – Where is the risk in listening to a man whose success is proven time and time again?  There is none.  Instead of listening to the so-called ‘experts’ who have a negative effect on real estate markets with their ‘bubble-bursting’ predictions, listen to a man who goes against all the rules, does things his way despite the odds, and comes out on top each and every time!  After all, isn’t this the kind of success we all dream about?

This man is Frank McKinney, NY Times best-selling author, with a proven twenty-five year history of success – never content with just surviving all economic conditions but actually making millions by doing things his way – and obviously his way works!  He has been dubbed ‘real estate rock czar’ by the Wall Street Journal, and has appeared on 20/20, CBS Evening News, USA Today and Oprah. 

The media keep trying but they cannot quite figure him out because what he does (in their experience) should not work – and yet Frank just keeps proving them wrong each and every time.  He has all the answers to what he does (differently) versus what everyone else does (the same) in his latest book, Burst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies (Health Communications, Inc.)

“The book cover shows me holding a sphere, not a bubble,” explains McKinney. “In Burst This! I show how to shake that impulse to run for the exits when the market dips.  By recognizing cycles, you replace the fear and greed-driven bubble mentality with a crystal ball to predict coming market trends, and you turn that bubble mentality inside out to create a force field that surrounds and protects your investments.”

This famous entrepreneur knows no fear when it comes to following his own financial strategies because he has proven himself time and time again by doing what everyone  thinks is impossible – creating multimillion-dollar oceanfront estate homes on speculation and shattering price records with every sale!  His latest venture is no exception – a stunning $29 million, 15,000 square-foot mansion called Acqua Liana (water flower) in Manalapan Beach, Florida ( It is the largest and most luxurious certified “green” home in the world, meeting the rigorous standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council, the Florida Green Building Coalition, and the EPA’S Energy Star for Homes.

This market is not just about pricing, it is about understanding the ‘cycles’ of real estate and Frank McKinney has done this with precision.  He has identified six distinct cycles over the last thirty-five years, sifting out recurring trends that highlight huge opportunities while signaling where history might repeat itself.  In Burst This!, Frank shares with readers how he has successfully ridden the ups and downs of this volatile market using his own financial and investment strategies, and explains how to avoid being caught up in the positive and negative excitement associated with boom and bust times that are nothing more than recurring market cycles.

Take a look at this one-of-a kind, rule-breaking, real estate artist’s website at: or 


Rich DeVos, co-Founder of Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic: “A true real estate artist, McKinney continues to make markets where others don’t dare to tread. Now this visionary contrarian shows you how to prosper in any real estate market.”

Thomas A. Griffith: “Classic Frank McKinney. Frank tells it like it is. Real estate runs in cycles, booms and busts…relevant information for the real estate investor or anybody interested in becoming a real estate investor, or just thinking about purchasing property. Frank uses real-life experiences in real estate strategies not Ivory Tower or Television B.S. Frank is definitely a maverick but a contrarian? How about a realist with an ability to see the future by studying the past. Great book!”

John Assaraf, bestselling author of The Answer and former RE/MAX of Indiana CEO: “Dismiss what the so-called experts tell you to do and listen to Frank McKinney, who has taken more risk and has made it big regardless of market conditions for nearly 25 years. McKinney has the goods to help any real estate investor thrive anytime, anywhere. Read Burst This! Now and stop the naysayers cold in their tracks.”


The endless journey of man to find immortality might just be found in the science of nanotechnology

Miami Beach, FL  – In this modern, scientific world we live in we deal with facts and theories that are often in conflict with spiritual and religious notions. That was before Jennifer Valoppi wrote Certain Cure (Murray Hill Press) – an outstanding medical/religious thriller that combines science and ancient prophecies, and was voted the #1 best-selling Techno-thriller on Amazon and the National Best Books 2008 Award-Winning Finalist in New Age Fiction.  This debut novel from the prolific imagination of this multi-talented journalist and award-winning author leaves the reader begging for a sequel. 

Certain Cure bridges the gap between modern physics and ancient prophecies in a strong, character-driven story of a woman dying of cancer who allows a mysterious Chinese doctor to inject a nanochip into her spinal fluid that will direct her body to destroy the cancer.  This is done against the wishes of her daughter, a struggling TV talk show host, who later recants when she selfishly realizes this cure might possibly save her ailing career.  The woman’s doting grandson is concerned when a strange mark forms on her hand that he believes to be the ‘mark of the beast,’ at the same time as he experiences troubling visions – clues that involve a medical necklace, the only thing found at the brutal murder of a Park Avenue physician.  It becomes evident that the mysterious Chinese doctor may have discovered immortality – the eternal fountain of youth.  Will the search for God now become irrelevant?  Visit the author’s intriguing website at

Adding another level of excitement and authenticity to the non-stop action in this novel is that scientists at Weizmann Institute have recently developed nano-technology for detecting cancer, and earlier this year the Financial Times ran an article about futurist Ray Kurzwell’s prediction that technology could enable this generation to live forever!



Gotham Magazine: “Valoppi tackles the conflict between science and religion in a riveting read that recalls The Da Vinci Code.  Merging nanotechnology with ancient Judeo-Christian prophesies, Valoppi sends readers on a fictional chase through our beloved-and ever mysterious-Manhattan.”

Comments from Amazon readers include:

“Loved this book… such a great read and fast, a real page turner.  If you like Harlan Coben, Michael Connelly, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham – jump on the band wagon.  Let’s get Ms. Valoppi to write another book ASAP….can’t wait for the movie!!”

“Ordered, opened and finished, from the first page to the end could not find a place to take a break.  I strongly recommend this book to all.  Hopefully, Ms. Valoppi has another book in the works.”

“About fifty pages into this book, I thought, this is going to make a great movie…fast moving thriller that is tough to put down….read the whole thing in a weekend.  Characters are likeable and well-developed…plot was Da Vinci Code like but little more fun…had me thinking how much we rely on various technological and medical breakthroughs to make our lives better, but what happens if they go too far?  Where does the line between progress and ethics begin to blur?  An impressive book…would recommend it to anyone!”

“Adventurous, engaging and enjoyable – didn’t want to put it down!”

“It is an exciting, edge of seat, page turner.  Amount of background work done on this topic must have been immense.  Jennifer’s experience in the world of investigative reporting and her news media suave comes through in the book…found it similar to Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code – primarily for the style, not necessarily the topic…comes together like a Guy Richie movie.  The underlying plot draws you in and the short chapters make it a fun and easy read.  Look forward to her next book.”


Best-Selling Author Believes 70-Foot Prehistoric Great White Shark is Still Alive!

Imagine you’re out in a fishing boat a few miles off shore, when a seven-foot dorsal fin cuts the surface of the ocean like a sail! The creature, a 70-foot, 50-ton Great White Shark, is so big its current actually drags your boat as it passes by.  And God help you if it’s hungry.

Meet Carcharodon megalodon, or MEG for short, the most fearsome creature ever to live.  The shark dominated our oceans over the last 35 million years, and only disappeared recently…or maybe it’s still out there!

Best-selling author Steve Alten has written four books about these real-life monstrous sharks and he believes the creatures may still exist in the deepest, most unexplored realms of the ocean. “Over 70% of the planet is covered by water,” says Alten, who earned his doctorate degree from Temple University. “Man has only explored 3% of our oceans and less than 1% of the abyss, so we have no idea what is really out there, waiting to be discovered. Megalodon was the apex predator of all time. It hunted whales. It could live in tropical seas or cold water. To assume it simply died off because we haven’t documented a sighting is simply not good science.

Alten’s new release, MEG: Hell’s Aquarium, introduces man to the most nightmarish prehistoric sea monsters ever to have existed, but Megalodon remains the ultimate alpha monster. “We’re talking about a massive shark with senses that could detect the vibrations of a beating heart a mile away, smell a drop of blood or urine in the water, or track the electrical impulses generated by a swimmer’s moving muscles. Meg could easily swallow six people whole, and it may still be out there.”

Cue the JAWS music:  Summer 2009 is here – just stay out of the water!



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You do not need to die to find Heaven. One man brilliantly shows you just how to find Heaven here, during your lifetime.

Fox Island, WA, 06-01-09 — The idea of Heaven on Earth may seem farfetched, but it isn’t. It is a vision shared by every religion and era, from famous saints to everyday mystics, and it is one that anyone can learn to see.

In Finding Heaven Here, John C. Robinson reviews the extensive mystical testimony for the existence of Heaven on Earth and shows us how we can reclaim this experience here and now.  Like a treasure map leading to a forgotten world untouched by time and human corruption — an actual Shangri-La — John invites the reader on an experiential journey through the lands of the religious psyche to a secret garden of Earthly paradise. Promised since the dawn of time and religion, envisioned in mythology and literature, the experience of Heaven on Earth is the crowning achievement of consciousness and the fulfillment of the spiritual life. It is why we are here.  And it’s right before our eyes.

How do you experience Heaven on Earth? How does the experience change your life? How will you feel and act if you begin to experience Heaven here and now?  These questions and more are explored in this book as the reader learns to transform everyday problems into experiences of Heaven.

An integration of modern psychology and universal spiritual wisdom, the insights and practices in Finding Heaven Here have been extensively tested in workshops, classes and spiritual counseling sessions.  Filled with user-friendly explanations and experiential exercises, its teachings are easily accessible to the average reader and readily applicable to everyday psychological and spiritual problems.  No other book presents the idea (and reality) of Heaven on Earth with such clarity, documentation, and potential for personal transformation.

Author Information: Dr. Robinson holds doctorates in clinical psychology and ministry and is an ordained interfaith minister.  Along with three decades of clinical practice, he has taught extensively at men’s gatherings, professional conferences, retreat centers, hospitals, and churches and is the author of three previous books on the interface of psychology and spirituality: Death of a Hero, Birth of the Soul; Ordinary Enlightenment, and But Where is God? Psychotherapy and the Religious Search.





Summer 2009: Creature Double Feature

NY Times best-selling author knows all about scary monsters, and this summer he treats readers to two of the nastiest creatures ever to have existed.

Steve Alten’s first offering is MEG: Hell’s Aquarium (Variance Publishing), the fourth book in the best-selling MEG series.  Meg is short for Carcharodon Megalodon, the 70-foot, 70,000 pound prehistoric cousin of the Great White shark.  These monsters, which were bigger than a tractor trailer, ruled the seven seas for the last 35 million years and their disappearance remained a mystery…until Alten revealed their deep water habitat in the Mariana Trench.  In MEG: Hell’s Aquarium, a Dubai Prince is building the world’s most unique aquarium-based park, and he means to stock it with the scariest sea monsters that ever evolved, recently discovered seven miles down, in an ancient sea located beneath the Philippine Sea Plate.

If you prefer more myth with your monster mayhem, you’ll love The LOCH (Tor Books), a page-turner about one man’s hunt for the “real” Loch Ness monster.  Be forewarned, this is not the smiling plesiosaur of Disney’s lore, but a very real sea creature that has been trapped since the 1930s.  And yes, she’s a bit agitated.

If you have a reluctant teen reader at home, you should know that both books are being used by thousands of high schools to encourage teens to read.  MEG and The LOCH are also poised to be major summer blockbusters…just don’t think about getting near the ocean or lake anytime soon.



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