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The First Man of the White House – Make No Mistake – He is Not Somebody’s Patsy

Joseph Flynn really goes to town with an abundance of excitement and suspense in his latest novel, The President’s Henchman.  At a time when America is used to the idea of a woman running for president, this novel makes for a very interesting read.  From reviews received so far, it appears to be a NY Times best-seller in the wings for this prolific and imaginative writer.

Henchman is the story of Jim McGill, America’s First Man of the White House, who is strong-willed and with a mind of his own – with a whole different persona than one would expect.  McGill is a former Chicago cop who met Patricia Darden Grant before she became president when he solved her first husband’s murder.  He turns down the job of heading up the FBI, and instead gets his license and becomes the first private investigator to live in the White House.  As McGill’s first case gets underway, the reader joins him on an action-packed journey of unpredictable twists and turns as he tries to uncover who is stalking a member of the White House press corp before that stalker turns the tables on him or, worse still, the president.  While working this case he assists an investigator on an alleged adultery charge against a female colonel at the Pentagon – which has the potential of derailing the new president’s administration before it even has a chance to begin.

Joseph Flynn will once again thrill his readers with his latest novel.  The President’s Henchman has all the makings of a NY Times best-seller, surpassing even his other great novels, The Next President, Digger, and The Concrete Inquisition, just to name a few.  Check out Flynn’s website at:


A self-induced fall to the bottom with more sex, drugs and booze than a soul can handle

Author Michael Sonbert’s debut novel, The Never Enders, is gritty, dark and deep—Catcher in the Rye meets Fight Club for a new generation. Due in stores November 2008 on iBooks / Brick Tower Press, The Never Enders is a gripping story from the mind of the ever enthralling Sonbert, a novelist whose dark expeditions into the world of sex, drugs, and violence, are at once shockingly real and fantastic.

In the tradition of Jim Carroll’s The Basketball Diaries comes a tale of a life spinning out of control and getting closer and closer to hitting bottom. Life is dark for Perry Patton, disaffected youth and angry artist, and escape is the name of his game. With his life savings in his pocket, he leaves the home he hates and heads to a city he’s ready to despise.  But his escape doesn’t stop there. Giving himself one week, he’s ready to live fast and die soon.  But that one week in the urban jungle gives him more than he bargained for.

Life becomes a non-stop rollercoaster when Perry falls in with a group of hard-partying misfits who take his own attitude on life and multiply it by drugs, booze, and violence. Perry is soon swept up in the wild ride of these Never Enders, but not without consequence.  The realities of a lifestyle outside the law set in and Perry finds himself with no one to trust and everything to lose. To engage in The Never Enders is to enter a world of self-destruction, vigilantism, and the worst of urban life.  Once you enter, there’s only one escape.

With a writing style reminiscent of legends such as Charles Bukowski and Jack Kerouac, Sonbert’s literature is the visceral, instinctual kind.  As he bleeds his beautifully violent brand of poetic prose onto the page, he creates riveting characters that traverse gripping plotlines that are equal parts lovely, disturbing, psychedelic and pulse pounding.  In addition, his distinctive writing style is evident in his music as he is also the vocalist and lyricist for the New York City based band, The Never Enders.
The Never Enders hits retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Borders and, November 2008.  For more information on Michael Sonbert or his work, please visit .


Finding Sunken Treasure with a Satellite – Tom Williams many reviews clearly displays an author to watch

Lost and Found (published by Arche Books) is a captivating story about a modern-day treasure hunt – minus the pirates!  Just released on September 1st, this clever tale covers one of man’s favorite pastimes – searching for gold, but with the distinct advantage of today’s technology.

Lost and Found, an exotic escape from reality, begins with two English expatriates who are hired by an oil consulting firm to track oil reserves around the globe using a geological survey satellite.  When they realize it will not find oil, they reconfigure it to find gold, resulting in accusations of sabotage and their termination from the company.  A co-worker is murdered after she smuggles out data that would prove their innocence, but their corrupt boss has given them only thirty days to find gold or be arrested.  After meeting up with a beautiful salvage captain in Florida, the three travel to Turkey and there follows a quest for the riches that is fun, intriguing and non-stop action, filled with unpredictable twists and turns.  In the exciting race for the treasure, the cast of characters battle a treacherous storm, an earthquake, a tsunami, and each other.

Tom Williams resides on Marco Island, Florida, and is a master merchant marine officer licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard for twenty-three years, specializing in shipwrecks and salvage diving.  It is this vast background that enriches Lost and Found with true life experiences, providing the specialized environment necessary to make it a plausible maritime treasure hunt.  He lends credibility to an imaginative plot – Lost and Found truly is an epic vacation inside every page.  Williams’ web site displays the many reviews received, long before the release date, clearly showing that this is one author to keep a close eye on:




Digitex Corporation Named an Elite Dealer by OfficeDEALER Magazine

Digitex Corporation of League City, Texas, has been named one of the country’s Elite Dealers by OfficeDEALER magazine. The award is presented annually by the magazine to the top office equipment, office products, and office furniture dealers in the U.S. According to publisher Rick Kunkel, the 110 dealers presented with the prestigious 2008 Elite Dealer awards were selected from a record number of entries. “It takes something special to stand out as an Elite independent dealer in 2008,” Kunkel said. “Among Elite Dealers, success is not about surviving, it’s about thriving – even in tough economic times.” A profile of Digitex Corporation is included in the August 2008 issue of OfficeDEALER magazine.

Digitex Corporation was founded in 1996 by Mark Kinley. As the area’s leading provider of state-of-the-art office equipment, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past ten years and now has 31 employees. The dealership provides a wide range of copier, facsimile, and related supplies and service and it a major supplier of Ricoh, Canon, & Kyocera office equipment.

Mark Kinley, president of Digitex Corporation, stated, “This prestigious award from the industry’s leading publication underlines the importance that we place on serving our customers and being an important part of the community. This recognition is a real honor and tribute to the many dedicated employees of Digitex, and we’re proud to be a part of this elite group of dealers.”

OfficeDEALER magazine is a national publication that serves more than 13,000 subscribers involved in the reselling of office supplies, office furniture and office equipment. The Elite Dealer award is based on a company’s superior sales and marketing, dedication to customer service, community envolvement and the ability to provide customers with unique and innovative solutions. For additional information about the magazine, visit their Website at

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Move over Tom Clancy – A. J. Tata’s group of fearless freedom fighters are ready to take on the world

Sudden Threat is the premiere novel of A.J. Tata’s ‘Threat’ series, which has been called “Riveting entertainment at its best” by the Military Writers Society of America, and named, “One of my must read authors,” by New York Times bestselling writer, Brad Thor.

Tony Tata is a West Point and Harvard educated Brigadier General in the U.S. Army.  Master paratrooper, ranger qualified, Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star are just some of Tata’s bona fides that make Sudden Threat an authentic military thriller from an author who has personally “walked the talk.”  Sudden Threat is the prequel to Rogue Threat, the second book in the series, which was previously published on a limited basis under the pseudonym Aiden Rocke, and which received rave reviews and won runner-up honors in the Hollywood Book Festival.  Military Writers Society of America heaped high praise on Tata’s writing style as “packed with adrenaline and action.”  Sudden Threat is a riveting, suspense-filled, political-military thriller.

Sudden Threat is the story of two brothers, Matt and Zachary Garrett, CIA paramilitary operative and U.S. Army officer respectively, who get caught in the crossfire of competing Beltway conspiracies.  Matt is abruptly re-routed to an obscure assignment in China and the Philippines just as he was about to close in on al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan.  Later, sifting through the wreckage of a C-130 aircraft in the Philippine jungle and finding a dead Special Forces paratrooper, Matt is forced to question why he was placed on the edge of the global war on terror.  As he is pursued by Muslim insurgents, he stumbles upon a weapons factory guarded by Japanese soldiers in Mindanao’s uncharted rain forests.  At the same time, and unknown to Matt, his brother’s infantry company is deployed to guard an ammunition stockpile near Manila. As the two brothers fight their elusive enemies overseas, they do not realize they are pawns in a game of chess played by a powerful band of men inside the DC Beltway trying desperately to forestall the Iraq invasion while keeping the country focused on the fight against Islamic terrorism.  The beautiful Meredith Morris challenges the conspirators, but events take a lethal turn when a member of the Beltway group decides to go solo.

A. J. Tata’s novels, published by Variance Publishing, have already been compared by U.S. News and World Report with the works of Tom Clancy.  With top acclaim and praise as “A pulse-pounding, military thriller” coming from Brad Thor, NY Times #1 best-selling author of The Last Patriot, definitely makes A.J. Tata and his ‘Threat’ series an exciting addition to the Thriller genre.