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Don’t let Frank McKinney’s rock star appearance fool you – this high-flying real estate daredevil’s bubble-proof strategies get it right every time

People prefer to hear from those who have actually ‘walked the talk’ and proven themselves to represent long-standing success. It’s apparent that Frank McKinney fits this prerequisite; having just sold his majestic masterpiece, Acqua Liana; a $23 million, 15,000 square-foot beachfront mansion in Florida that was built on speculation at a time when most “experts” said it couldn’t and wouldn’t be done. 

Guess what? Frank McKinney did ‘walk the talk’ (again) and he put his money where his mouth is by selling this artistic triumph during one of the worst economic times in American history! 

No small achievement by anyone’s standards. Obviously McKinney knows what he is doing – not a fluke, not luck, but a real system utilizing his own strategies that have brought him immeasurable success in his twenty-five years as a real estate artist. 

McKinney’s innate business savvy and proven methods are outlined in his timely best-seller Burst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies (Health Communications, Inc.).  He has done all the legwork for readers and shares priceless information on how to avoid problems and recognize opportunities in a simple process that literally goes against all the negative assumptions of the predictors of real estate bubbles. 

It gives everyone, from first-time home buyers to seasoned real estate deal-makers, their best chance ever of succeeding by showing what he does versus what everyone else does.  By riding the ups and downs of this highly volatile market and using his own financial and investment strategies, he shows how to avoid getting caught up in the roller-coaster of boom and bust times that are nothing more than recurring market cycles.

McKinney has been hailed by Donald Trump for his ‘groundbreaking deals and rock star look’ and dubbed the ‘real estate rock czar’ by the Wall Street Journal – marks of a personal style that continues to mystify the media who can’t quite figure out how this man constantly comes out on top by doing things that most believe should not work! 

It’s all part of the magic and it’s shared in Burst This! – a must-have for anyone wanting to experience the same phenomenal success that McKinney has enjoyed for many years.

This one-of-a kind, real estate frontman has appeared on Oprah, 20/20, CBS Evening News and USA Today.  Check out this amazingly intuitive and contrary businessman at: or Note: Book sale proceeds go to his Caring House Project Foundation.



Rich DeVos, co-Founder of Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic: “A true real estate artist, McKinney continues to make markets where others don’t dare to tread.  Now this visionary contrarian shows you how to prosper in any real estate market.”

Thomas A. Griffith:  “Classic Frank McKinney.  Frank tells it like it is.  Real estate runs in cycles, booms and busts…relevant information for the real estate investor or anybody interested in becoming a real estate investor, or just thinking about purchasing property.  Frank uses real-life experiences in real estate strategies not Ivory Tower or Television B.S.  Frank is definitely a maverick but a contrarian?  How about a realist with an ability to see the future by studying the past.  Great book!”

John Assaraf, bestselling author of The Answer and former RE/MAX of Indiana CEO: “Dismiss what the so-called experts tell you to do and listen to Frank McKinney, who has taken more risk and has made it big regardless of market conditions for nearly 25 years. McKinney has the goods to help any real estate investor thrive anytime, anywhere. Read Burst This! now and stop the naysayers cold in their tracks.”