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Benjamin Franklin’s comeback – founding father gives financial advice

Today’s recession economy has made most people pessimistic about their financial prospects.  With daily offers of get-rich-quick schemes and big pay for little work, people don’t know what to believe.  But Americans have always believed in the founding fathers, which is why Jack Vincent’s rewrite of Benjamin Franklin’s 1758 Way to Wealth (Helpful Info Publishing) is a relevant and welcomed addition to anyone’s collection.  This timeless guide to financial prosperity has been rewritten and adapted for modern readers and today’s economy.  In these uncertain times, readers can apply Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom to their lives and financially prosper.

Jack Vincent is a loving father of four who married at 17 and quickly learned responsibility.  He read Way to Wealth, and its message transformed him.  His lifelong application of its principles has made him a multiple award-winning successful business, real estate, and insurance entrepreneur for a quarter of a century.  He is now passing the keys to success to readers.  Young people and adults ready to change their lives can benefit from this book’s transformative message of hope.

Each copy purchased provides the reader opportunities to directly ask Jack Vincent questions online; he handles his own email.  His goal is to get a million copies of this life-changing book to the public.  Just because Vincent rewrote a book about financial prosperity does not mean he is selfish; on the contrary, he has offered to donate copies to religious organizations, libraries, schools, and individuals unable to afford it.  Those in need can click on “Request for Donation” on his website for more information.

Jack Vincent is living proof the wisdom in this book changes lives and leads to financial success.  Fans can find and follow Jack Vincent on Facebook by his name and on Twitter as “AskBenFranklin.”  The book is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or upon request from local bookstores.  Readers can even buy a limited number of signed copies for $12.95 and find other interesting information at Jack Vincent’s website at:



Mariusz Skonieczny, president of Classic Value Investors, LLC, and author of Why Are We So Clueless about the Stock Market?: “This short and simple book is amazing. I do not know of any other book that has so much wisdom packed into so few pages, and this special edition ‘translates’ Franklin’s Old English into a language that is comprehensible to today’s readers. Even though Franklin wrote this book in the 1700s, almost everything still applies. At that time, people had the same complaints: making ends meet, a weak economy, heavy taxes, and foreigners ‘stealing our jobs.’ Fast forward to 2010 – we are still talking about the exact same things. The majority of us still have not learned the lessons contained in this book. … The lessons in this book give us the power to take control of our destiny, build wealth, and lead happier lives. Franklin’s quotes are timeless and his lessons are straightforward. The choice is ours: we can read this book, forget about the lessons, and return to our old habits, or we can take this information to heart, apply it religiously, and make our lives as fulfilling as we have always dreamed for them to be.”


Tour Guide shares thousands of stories on Hollywood legends – the good, the bad and the oh, so funny…

After collecting literally hundreds of vintage tales of Hollywood legends over the years, Stephen Schochet not only wrote a book that everyone could enjoy on the glamorous, and not so glamorous, stories of Hollywood icons, but also created audiobooks.  As explained in an interview with Reuters, this entrepreneur told two kinds of stories on his tour bus; origin stories – telling how things we take for granted came to be, and funny anecdotes.  He not only read a lot of books to find his material, but also tried to meet people who were connected to the famous – like housekeepers – that he could garner some tidbits from!  His book is a special blend of biography, history and legends and covers scandalous yarns on some of Hollywood’s greatest characters – from Shirley Temple and Lucille Ball to Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney and Michael Jackson.

Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! (Hollywood Publishing) is packed with wild and wonderful short tales on many famous stars, movies and directors – anyone who has been a part of the world’s most fascinating and unpredictable industry! 

Schochet is also the author and narrator of two audiobooks. The first is Tales of Hollywood which started as a way to highlight the origins of how famous things in Hollywood began, combined with humorous tales about the stars – for which he masterfully provided background music and sound effects to add realism.  The second project, Fascinating Walt Disney, was a huge hit – telling stories of how Walt created Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, Snow White and all his endearing characters, causing the host of one radio show to dub Schochet ‘The best storyteller about Hollywood we have ever heard.’ 

The author covers the gamut when it comes to situational stories; from the one about a bus full of tourists at Universal Studies who were viewing the famous motel from the movie Psycho and who screamed in terror as a tall man, dressed in drag, carrying a large knife and looking remarkably like Norman Bates, charged the tram with a convincing maniacal expression– only to find out it was actor Jim Carrey having some fun – to the story of how Walt Disney overprotected his two daughters from the limelight in fear of their being kidnapped, to the point that when one daughter found out from a classmate that her father was THE Walt Disney, she went home and asked for his autograph!

Hollywood Stories truly has something for everyone.  It is a thoroughly entertaining book that features a remarkable cast of Hollywood’s legendary characters and icons and is jam-packed with surprising and funny tales with often unpredictable endings.  No matter which page the book is opened on, there will be some fascinating part of Hollywood history to be savored!

Schochet has appeared on television talk shows – please view one here at:, as well as on numerous radio interviews.

Please read the LA Times article at:,0,3645826.story and check out his website:: to read the many reviews on his book.

Stephen Schochet is willing to do in-studio interviews as well as on location at famous Hollywood sights, such as Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Chateau Marmont Hotel, etc.; places that will serve as the perfect backdrop to some of his best stories.



Jan Wahl, KRON TV San Francisco: “A wild, fun ride through Tinsel Town, past and present!”

The Midwest Book Review: “Hollywood Stories is packed from cover to cover with fascinating tales.”

Tim Sika, Host of the radio show Celluloid dreams on KSJS in San Jose: “The best storyteller about Hollywood we have ever heard.”


Versatile leaders optimize organizations with positive changes – persistence, realism, and transparency

No one is immune to these rocky economic times.  Innovative businesspeople all over the country are adapting their organizational structures to survive, profit, and compete in today’s unreliable market.  The practical and relevant advice in Transformational Leadership: A Blueprint for Real Organizational Change (Parkhurst Brothers) by Randy Dobbs can be applied to major corporations and small businesses alike, as well as to non-profits, universities, hospitals, and other institutions.

Transformational Leadership differs from often dry and notoriously boring business books – it reads like a novel.  In it, Dobbs provides a step-by-step guide to improving the internal structure of any organization.  Effective and common sense how-to advice is supported with concrete examples of the principles at work.  His leadership insights will help sharpen the skills of beginning entrepreneurs as well as veteran moguls.

His twenty-five years in leadership positions and extensive CEO experience at three companies makes Randy Dobbs a true leadership expert.  As CEO of GE Capital, IT Solutions, he was awarded General Electric’s Turnaround Business of the Year Award.  Now the secrets of a successful executive are compiled into a readable, practical guide for all types of leaders.  Transformational Leadership is available at local bookstores, Amazon, and other online bookstores.



Several of All 5-Star Reviews at Amazon:

Michael W. John: “I was working at USIS during much of Randy Dobbs’ time as CEO. AFTER reading the book, I can say that I learned a great deal more about the processes and procedures that Randy used to help move our corporation forward. I found his key points punctuated by real-world examples an excellent method to clarify his lessons and advice to leaders. And no doubt about it — anyone tapped to lead an organization, from the church council to the major corporation, will take away ideas from Randy’s book. From my perspective, I have seldom seen the critical role of communication in driving change explained in such a clear/concise way… along with plenty of examples from the real world to explain his points. I highly recommend this straight forward and well written guide to creating organizational success and lasting change.”

William ‘Bill’ Mixon: “Randy Dobbs’ book translates the challenging job of creating lasting, meaningful, focused change in organizations–transformational change that will drive positive results–in a way can be understood and replicated by readers at other organizations. His examples, drawn from a successful career at several major corporations, illuminate his main points and also makes the book a very interesting read. Nothing easy in Randy’s prescriptions for success–he tells us that it is a tough job for the strong at heart. But, he also tells us and shows us how we can succeed if we follow proven formulas and prescribed processes.”

John E. Moore: “Superior earnings results, the financial blood of all enterprise. Real life stories of total business transformations and leading by example…pure drive, determination and developing a matrix of success which the author learned through the ups and downs of developing and honing the components of transforming not only top global corporations, but himself along the way. An exciting read and a journey I was privileged to be along for much of the ride on 3 different occasions over 25 years. Once I opened the book, I could not put it down until suddenly I ran out of pages to read. Hopefully there will be a sequel.”


Using facts and experience to help two entirely different viewpoints endeavor to reach a mutual understanding of each other’s differences

Religion versus Science: Where Both Sides go Wrong in The Great Evolution Debate (O-Books), by Ron Frost, is a comprehensive, unbiased view of evolution that bridges the apparently unbridgeable gap between creationism (an Intelligent Design) and the scientific view of evolution. Having studied and practiced Shambhala Buddhism for over twenty-five years, Frost became aware there were aspects of his mind that occurred from outside his ego. He realized that if one posits a transcendent aspect of consciousness it has a major implication on how one interprets the scientific evidence for evolution.

Ron Frost wrote his in-depth and well-researched book on the premise that the great debate over evolution is driven more by misconceptions held by proponents on both sides of the debate than by the actual facts of evolution itself. The basic facts of evolution – that the Earth is immensely old, that all life can be traced to one ancient progenitor, and that natural selection causes species to change – are indisputable. The error that materialistic scientists make is to assume that evolution is a random, pointless process and that the only value to human life is to act as a carrier for all-important genes. It is this interpretation of evolution, more than the actual facts themselves, which has long irritated Evangelical Christians.

Frost believes the mistake that Creationists and advocates of Intelligent Design make is in attacking the facts of evolution rather than the materialistic manner in which the facts are presented. Frost’s goal in writing Religion Versus Science is to present a view of evolution that is compatible with both the scientific evidence for evolution and with the core teachings of all but the most fundamentalist of the world’s religions. Science deals with the objective, material aspects of reality and religion deals with the subjective way we relate to the outer world – two different yet complementary ways of viewing the world.

Knowing that many Christians disagree with the atheistic lens through which evolution is presented yet also have misgivings about a solely Creationist’s view, the idea that evolution and Darwinism can be compatible with faith in a transcendent reality will be very appealing. For the secular, technical population this book will provide answers to why Creationists hate science. Because Frost’s book is not written from a purely Christian point of view, he can discuss the role of consciousness in evolution without having to worry about the problem of a Creator – resulting in a theory of evolution that is applicable to both theistic and non-theistic religious traditions.

Ron Frost has been an editor for two major scientific journals and a professor of Geology at the University of Wyoming for many years, and has studied the chemical composition of rocks, the minerals they contain, and what they tell us about ancient geologic processes. This, together with his twenty-five years as a practicing Buddhist, makes the perfect combination in a writer to find a common ground between science and religion.

For information on this fascinating subject, please visit Ron’s website at: and watch him on a live interview: .



Karl Giberson, Ph.D., author of Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution, and Oracles of Science: Celebrity Scientists Versus God and Religion with Mariano Artigas: “Frost’s remarkably wide-ranging volume offers the reader a helpful survey of the troubled road that led to the current controversy over scientific theories of origins. More than just another book on creation versus evolution, Science vs. Spirituality locates the controversy in the inability of science to deal effectively with the realm of consciousness and mind, where our deepest needs and most profound experiences reside. Writing from an eastern, Buddhist perspective, Frost offers a fresh perspective on one of the deepest questions of our time.”


Finding the Fountain of Youth may be a lot easier thanks to three talented professionals

The idea for Executive Medicine of Texas, when it opened its doors in 2005, came from a select group of physicians who wanted to spend more time with their patients, getting to know them and treating them as they would their family.  These physicians had spent decades on the HMO treadmill and wanted to do something that was professionally rewarding and good for the patient at the same time.  Executive Medicine has definitely accomplished this, and more, by providing excellent one-on-one care for their patients.  As an extension of that care, they wanted to do something that would benefit everyone, and Dr. Mark Anderson, Dr. Walter Gaman and Judith K. Gaman achieved that goal when they co-authored Stay Young: 10 Proven Steps to Ultimate Health (George House Publishing), a truly unique book that outlines a detailed plan for getting healthier and staying that way!  It is the first-ever health journal of its kind that helps people take control of their own health and wellness. 

So much of the current attention given to healthcare by the media focuses on cost rather than the inevitable rationing of care that will come with government-run programs – making it imperative that people become proactive in implementing lifestyle changes to live a healthier life.  Health and wellness, while a different journey for each of us, is enabled by the help of our doctor, yet in all the hype over healthcare, rarely does anyone mention prevention and how this is essential to a long life.  Instead, the authors of Stay Young often saw people who were trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible between their families and jobs and squeezing in attempts to stay healthy.  They realized that between society putting pressure on us to stay beautiful and our putting pressure on ourselves by ‘trying to be everything to everyone,’ the result was two conflicting messages tugging at the body, spirit and mind.   

In a straightforward and easy style, the authors provide clear and much-needed advice on how to get healthy – understanding that many of us feel overwhelmed because we just don’t know where to begin.   While their book clearly outlines the necessary first steps, they also provide long-term tools to help us fight disease and the effects of aging.  They help create a baseline that is determined by many factors, including family history, daily habits, and current health status, and make suggestions on how to modify eating habits, reduce stress, increase exercise and get enough sleep – all necessary for good health.  While there are a total of ten steps to a healthier life, one section that seems to get more than its share of attention is the one that offers tips to improve libido, and where readers are encouraged to increase the level of intimacy with their partner as another step toward better health! 

The credentials of these individuals read like a ‘who’s who’ in medicine and health science, authenticating their well-researched book.  Dr. Anderson is Board Certified in Family Medicine and often appears in the media as an expert on proactive health and wellness; Dr. Gaman is Board Certified in Family Practice, is also heard as an expert in the media, was named one of America’s Top Family Doctors by the Consumer Research Council of America, and was also named one of their ‘healthcare heroes’ by The Fort Worth Business Press.  Both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gaman have been named ‘Best Doctors in Dallas’ by D Magazine and ‘Best Doctors in Texas’ by Newsweek Magazine 2010.  Judy Gaman is an award-winning, published author and has been entertaining and educating audiences for years.  She has a degree in health sciences, with a concentration in clinical research administration, from the prestigious George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

For more information please visit these talented writers at: and learn more about their practice at


Larry North, Leading Health and Fitness Expert, author of Living Lean: “A must read!  If everyone followed these 10 steps, we would have a much healthier America.”

Craig (Junior) Miller, Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket: “Too many people take their health for granted, and this book is a great reminder not to do that.  These guys really know what they’re talking about – great advice throughout!”

Michael Landauer, Dallas Morning News:  “This book meets readers where they are.  The authors have a rare talent for connecting with people and helping them improve their lives by giving them the tools to do so.”
Ruthie Bram, Miss Harris County 2010, Entertainer:  “I believe in aspiring to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.  This book addresses them all.”

Lynne Palmeiro (spouse of former MLB Player): “These guys have been keeping me healthy for years.  I am thrilled about this book!”


Look out world – these Old Guys are unstoppable and you better move out of their way so nobody gets hurt

Unfortunately, our society can be shallow; it worships and rewards youth and beauty over accomplishment and character, and labels anyone over the age of 30 as old. Jim Rodgers believes this mindset contributes to his generation getting a raw deal (which he considers a real shame considering how much they have to offer), so he wrote his new book as a way of giving both men and women reasons to feel good to be alive and the confidence to never look at age again as anything but a number!

The Old Guy Rules (Small Dogma Publishing, Inc.), by Jim Rodgers, is an enlightening, inspiring and entertaining read that encourages everyone to take stock of their life and then make the first steps toward positive and healthy lifestyle changes. The Old Guy Rules (using ‘guy’ as a generic term for male or female), has something for everyone; both men and women will benefit from the diet and exercise regimens, time management tips, and a whole lot of encouragement to reinforce the belief that you don’t have to be in your 20’s to make a difference! This book actually celebrates the aging process as a time to show the rest of the world that you are still a force to contend with; which leads us to the bigger question: “Do you have what it takes to be an Old Guy?”

So why would Rodgers want to call himself an ‘old guy?’ He lives by a code that he calls “The old Guy Rules” – rules that remind him daily to make the most of the rest of his life, never taking himself or the world around him too seriously. Believing that by middle-age most of us have at least gained wisdom, experience and resources (and yes, maybe a few extra pounds!), the author’s hope is that all the Old Guys (and Gals) will stand together and make the world a better place by utilizing their talents to help and serve others. What an incredible legacy to leave the next generation.

Jim Rodgers believes he has had a blessed life and wants to share with others the lessons he learned. That’s not to say Jim’s life has always been easy – far from it. Growing up poor in a small town in southern Illinois, he overcame numerous obstacles to get into college through sports, and lived his dream when he made it into the Eureka College Athletic Hall of Fame. At a point when Jim thought life was going well as a high school teacher and football coach, his marriage ended abruptly and he was left to raise two small children alone – a role, incidentally, that he counts as his greatest achievement. He believes this experience, and the near-loss of his son to spinal meningitis as a baby, shaped many of his attitudes and strengthened his resolve to make the very best of his life. Jim has now been a high school English teacher for twenty-four years and lives happily in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and three children.

Jim Rodgers is donating a portion of the proceeds from his book sales to one of his favorite charities, Feed the Children. To learn more about this fascinating man whose ‘glass is always half full,’ please visit: .


Creative artist brings passion, conviction and a unique voice to everything she undertakes

Understanding that all great artists never get the recognition or reward their craft deserves was the inspiration for Lisa A. Miles to write This Fantastic Struggle: The Life & Art of Esther Phillips. This biography but unique cultural essay creatively weaves together a fascinating, multi-faceted story from graphic long-hand letters, interviews with aging bohemians and from art work– giving readers an absorbing glimpse at just what it means to be an artist.

Raised in Pittsburgh by a family that could not appreciate her artistic identity, Esther Phillips headed to Greenwich Village in the 1930s and never looked back. Though she achieved early critical success, she would find herself institutionalized for over six years as a result of starvation and stress; fortunately, correspondence with close friends kept her art alive. When she returned to the Village, her struggles continued and she gradually fades into obscurity once again– but not before stating she lived the best possible life. This Fantastic Struggle is a remarkable story written to educate and captivate general audience.

Lisa A. Miles’ Resurrecting Allegheny City: The Land, Structures & People of Pittsburgh’s North Side was sponsored by the PA Historic & Museum Commission and tells the tale of Allegheny City, forcibly annexed by the City of Pittsburgh one hundred years ago. Allegheny’s identity remains indelible to land owners today, and Lisa paints a portrait of a place from earliest time through modern transformation– connecting the history of this lost city to the work of every current resident, employer and visitor. Resurrecting Allegheny City was written to educate and entertain general audience of ways to stimulate their communities via history.

Lisa Miles has been interviewed on NPR and East Coast radio, as well as television across Pennsylvania. Besides being a highly praised author, she is also sought-after as a teacher and keynote speaker on a variety of cross-disciplinary creative and entrepreneurial topics.

Especially unique is that Lisa Miles is also a musician and conceptual artist who writes original music with classical and punk influences. She composes and performs on acoustic/electric violin and mandolin, collaborating with film, theater and movement artists. Her music, as well as performance piece Presence (on ‘finding authentic self’) are heard and viewed on her site. Lisa has gotten funding from Meet the Composer and the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music and looks forward to her national upcoming release on the PARMA recording label.

Please visit Lisa’s website at  to learn more about her body of interconnected work. She is an extremely talented woman who would make for an engaging interview!


On This Fantastic Struggle:

Robert Henkes, author of American Women Painters of the 30’s and 40’s: “A remarkable book…both educational and provocative…(it) will arouse attention.”

On Resurrecting Allegheny:

Jerry Ellis, PA State Archives: “What is true of personal papers is equally true of those of a community…Miles has opened the trunk…like papers in the attic, (it) resurrects this partly forgotten city, progressive in its era, and deserved of remembrance.”

On Lisa’s Original Music:

Bill O’Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper: “Original compositions for solo electric violin and mandolin [that are] ‘intense, edgy and ethereal’… drawing on both indie-rock and classical influences…, [they’ll] send your night off on a different tack.”

Anne LeBaron: “Compositions inventive and richly textured… Lisa possesses the motivation and energy to continually realize her visions.”