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In A World Of “Fast” – Does Anyone Have Patience To Wait On Anything?


Brick, NJ —
WestBow Press There Are No McDonald’s in Heaven: Waiting On God, by R.
L. Keller, discusses how the average person in this day and age of
speed, has lost their patience to wait on even the smallest need.

food restaurants, instant dinners, banking “quick-pay”, microwave
ovens, Email – the list can go on and on. In his book, There Are No
McDonald’s In Heaven, Keller agrees that waiting in general can be a
chore at best and waiting for an answer to a prayer from a God you
cannot see can be excruciating.
If the wait is longer than
we anticipated we just may end up questioning His very existence if we
aren’t careful. This book is designed to make believers aware what the
Bible says about waiting.  It is a characteristic that must be
cultivated just like our own relationship with God Himself. It shines a
light on the attributes necessary to more effectively wait for God’s
answers. They can take more time to come than we may like, but since
time is irrelevant to the creator of all things, in the end we find that
our answers have come just exactly when they were needed the most.

Are No McDonald’s In Heaven starts with the basics; faith and trust.
Without them we won’t get very far in our quest to wait more
effectively. The Christian belief system asks us to place our unyielding
faith in an unseen deity who claims to have created us. Since we were
made with a free will to choose our own path, we must decide whether or
not we will place our faith and trust in this deity. The book delves
into whether God is worthy of our trust. Next it tackles the biggest
problem most folks have in life; having patience. In addition to
patience we must have perseverance, for if we don’t have the
perseverance to push through to the end we will rob ourselves of many a

In waiting we must develop a sense of consistency. We
mustn’t waver in our resolve to hold on until God reveals that which He
wants us to know. In the midst of all the character building, there is a
portion that looks at the price that was paid for our sins. The
crucifixion is described by a medical doctor so we know clearly and
concisely just what Jesus physically endured for us all.  

In the
end, There Are No McDonald’s In Heaven is an excellent handbook to help
the believer understand all that is entailed in waiting. It is a book
that will encourage, edify and instruct any follower of Christ so that
while the wait may not be any shorter, you will not lose your mind in
the process.

R. L. Keller is an author, speaker and founder of Bread of Life Ministries in Brick, NJ.

There Are No McDonald’s in Heaven: Waiting on God
By R.L. Keller
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1449756689


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