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NY Times Bestselling Author William R. Forstchen Releases 48 Hours – How Would You Prepare For A Major Solar Storm?

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NY Times Bestselling Author William R. Forstchen Releases 48 Hours – How Would You Prepare For A Major Solar Storm?

As the New York Times bestselling author of the One Second After Series, in William R. Forstchen’s newest book, 48 Hours, the countdown is on. In less than 48 hours, the Earth will be struck by two, back-to-back, catastrophic solar storms. The second is a Coronal Proton Ejection (CPE) that threatens to kill all life on earth. These explosions will also severely damage the world’s electrical/electronic infrastructure. In a preemptive move to avoid permanent damage, global communications are shut down; hospital emergency generators are disconnected; the entire internet, media broadcasting, and cell phone systems are turned off.

A plan is implemented to ensure the survival of at least some people. But if the solar storm, a CPE, does hit, the question is: who will be granted access to government- controlled shelters and who will be left behind to face almost certain death? Each citizen will be asking ‘why is someone else being let into a deep shelter but not my family and me?’ The clock is ticking down with only 48 hours left to make those decisions and to prevent all social order from collapsing into anarchy.

Author William R. Forstchen paints a chillingly realistic picture of the frantic final days before a cataclysmic event in his realistic thriller, 48 Hours.

Forstchen holds a Ph.D. in history from Purdue University, with specializations in military history and the history of technology. He is currently a faculty fellow and professor of history at Montreat College, near Asheville, North Carolina.

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48 Hours
Publisher: Forge
Released: January 8, 2019
ISBN-10: 0765397919
ISBN-13: 978-0765397911
Available from, and other online retailers